Ion Fortuna
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Personal information
Aliases: Count of Memphis
Residence: New Human Empire
Birth: 3045 AD
Gender: Male
Species: Methuselah
Occupation: Count

Chief Imperial Sword Bearer

Relative(s): Mirka Fortuna (grandmother)

Unamed Mother (Deceased) Unamed aunt
Unamed cousins

Team: Radu Barvon
Other information
Novel debut: The Visitor's Evening

Ion Fortuna is a Methuselah of a high-ranking Imperial noble family and a favorite of the Empress. Despite his youth, he is the Count of Memphis, has been appointed Chief Imperial Sword Bearer, and has been promised a future post in the State Secrets Institution.


His foster brother was Radu Barvon. He has been around ever since Ion's birth. Ion saw in him his only friend and was devestated when Radu betrayed him.

After getting off on the wrong foot with Esther, he slowly begins to trust her.


The IblisEdit

Empress of the NightEdit

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