Ion Fortuna
Personal information
Aliases: Count of Memphis
Earl of Memphis
Residence: New Human Empire
Birth: 3045 AD
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Methuselah
Occupation: Chief Imperial Sword Bearer
Relative(s): Mirka Fortuna (grandmother)
Radu Barvon (foster brother in the novels)
Weapon(s): Sword
Affiliation(s): The New Human Empire
Other information
Novel debut: ROM II: The visitor´s evening
Manga debut: Act. 9 High Noon
Anime debut: The Ibles I. Evening Visitors
Japanese seiyū: Minagawa Junko
English V.A.: Aaron Dismuke

Ion Fortuna (イオン・フォルトゥナ) is the Earl of Memphis who is a Methuselah of a high-ranking Imperial noble family and a favorite of the Empress. In the novels, it was stated that he has been appointed Chief Imperial Sword Bearer, and has been promised a future post in the State Secrets Institution.

In the series, he was first introduced as a secret envoy sent by Empress Augusta Vradica to Cardinal Caterina Sforza. He is rather young and feminine in appearance, but he is actually about the same age as Radu Barvon (Ion's "tovarisch" and distant relative) [1].

It is stated in the novel that Ion's mother died in his infancy, he was raised by several relatives but his primary caregiver was Mirka Fortuna (Ion's grandmother) [2].

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Trinity blood 6 by dom90.jpg

Ion has short, bobbed blond hair and red eyes. He also has a rather slim, boyish physique. He is the same age as Radu Barvon, but his younger appearance is due to the fact that he "awakened" at a much younger age.

In the series, he is often mistaken for a girl.

In his first appearance, Ion is shown in an Arabian-style loose robes. He wears commoner Terran robes when he sneaks back into the Empire. According to the manga illustrator, it was intended that Ion wore stockings like his novel counterpart, but was changed under the advice of her assistant. Ion's formal boyar (nobility) robes are light-colored aristocratic-styled clothing. 

Ion's manga cover portrait features him holding Radu's tattered blue scarf, blue flames and stained-glass symbols of the New Human Empire. In his smaller manga portrait, he is shown with the moon-star symbol of the New Human Empire, a unicorn, and dame’s rocket flowers. The unicorn is symbolic of power, purification, and healing, and the Unicorn Rampant is also stated to be the Moldova family crest in the novel.[3] His arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Wheel of Fortune.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ion is a short-tempered, somewhat patronizing Methuselah noble who dislikes Terrans from outside the Empire. After losing his best friend to betrayal, he gradually becomes more mature, working alongside Terrans to protect the Empress and stop the Rosenkreuz Orden from starting a new Human-Terran war.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

The Iblis / Angel of the Desert Arc[edit | edit source]

Ion surprises Caterina Sforza

Ion heads to Cathargo with his comrade, Radu Barvon, as a secret envoy for Augusta Vradica. Ion sneaks into the embassy alone speak with Cardinal Caterina Sforza, but frightens her with his sudden appearance. He tightens his grip on her when he became offended after she calls him a "vampire" instead of a "Methuselah." His anger causes the Cardinal to panic, and just at this moment, Father Tres barges in and shoots Ion, believing he was an assassin. Ion escapes quickly, leaving the baffled Caterina to ponder if he was meant to be the messenger sent from The Empire


Ion meets Radu on the way back to their hotel room, where he treats his wounds and leaves to get some aqua vitae (blood pills) for Ion. Ion lies on his stomach and soon hears the door opening. To his surprise, it is an equally surprised Vatican nun with a gun aimed at him. Ion quickly jumps from his bed and tackles her, demanding to know why she was here. Frightened for her life, Esther hits Ion's wounded shoulder with her gun, and manages to incapacitate him. Just at that moment, Radu then walks in on the scene and threatens Esther with a knife. Father Nightroad arrives just in time to save Esther, but reprimands her for disobeying his order to leave the vampires alone. He apologizes and explains that before Ion arrived to speak with Lady Caterina, another vampire attacked the embassy. Radu suspects that it is the work of extremists. There is a sudden explosion from a tank, which turns out to be the work of the Inquisition, determined to destroy the vampires. Ion refuses to go as he does not trust them, but Radu tells him to place his trust in him and convinces Ion to leave. Ion and Esther escape to an underground waterway, to their motorboat.

Petros interrupts them

While the escape is underway, Ion is slowed down because of his wounded shoulder, which is bleeding again because of Esther's attack. Esther kindly asks if she should inspect the wound, but Ion yells at her that someone as "lowly" as her should not "soil" his skin. Esther loses her temper and yells at him in a rage, calling Ion childish. Ion is surprised by her sudden fury, and allows her take care of his wound. The Department of Inquisition arrives, letting slip that an "informant" told them of the location of Ion and Esther. Just as they plan to take the pair hostage for questioning, Radu appears and burns the Inquisition members. Their rescue is short lived, however: remembering the attack from earlier at the Vatican, Esther makes the connection that Radu was the extremist.

Ion and Radu, nearly grasping each other.

Esther takes out her gun, and questions if her deduction was correct. Ion is appalled by this accusation, and tells Esther to put her gun down. To Ion's horror, Radu confirms the accusation, and that he is working with the Rosenkreuz Orden. This shocks Ion, who could not believe his friend would do such a thing. Radu moves behind Esther and takes control of her gun, so that it would seem like a Vatican nun killed the Earl of Memphis, which would start a war between the Empire and Vatican. Brother Petros appears, and is perplexed to see a vampire threatening another vampire. Petros starts a fight with Radu to avenge his men, and Esther uses this opportunity to escape with Ion, who is attacked by Radu again. Esther, Abel, and Ion board the boat while Radu uses Petros as a stepping stone to follow them. Using his Ifrit powers, Radu ignites the boat but accidentally burns the rope holding the said sail up, causing it to fall onto him and fling him overboard. Ion screams his name as he falls, calling out to him and nearly grasping him. Abel stops the boy from going overboard, as Ion weeps devastated at his friend's betrayal, as he recalls his last words to trust him.

Ion thanking Esther

After resting to heal his wounds, Ion's remembers a brief part of his childhood with Radu. Ion is upset that he has awakened and can no longer walk under the sun or go to the beach with Radu. Radu laughs and replies that he will not walk under the sun either, as preparation for his own awakening, even if it is several years from now. Ion is shocked that Radu would do that for him. Radu replies that Ion always says he will be with him forever, and he is just saying the same thing back to him.

Ion wakes to to find Esther wiping his forehead. The nun confirms that she bandaged him, and that the bullet was so close that it could have easily pierced his heart. Ion says that Radu told him the same thing, but had he died, he would not have to live through this betrayal. Esther empathizes with Ion, as she was also betrayed by someone she thought was a friend. The Count says Radu was his only friend, and he had known him since birth. The boy suddenly becomes angry and says that he would have died for his friend if he wanted his life, but blames himself for not knowing Radu wanted him dead in the first place. Esther tries to cheer up the crying boy, holds his hand and tells him that she is by his side, and although the comment is followed by awkwardness and does not make much of an impact, Ion thanks her for her kindness.

Ion, Esther and Abel escape from the Institution after being caught by them again. Esther drives a car erratically, much to the horror of Ion. She has no choice in the matter though, as the Inquisition closes in on them, commanding them stop and surrender. Esther turns the car to some small alley and finally stops. Ion sighs from relief and asks if all the Terrans from outside world drive like this. Esther slows down and slips into her own worries about Abel' injuries. Abel suddenly warns her of the obstacle before them. Brother Petros is there in the middle of the road and attacks them with his Screamer. Esther manages to dodge the attack, but the whole car flips to it's roof. Ion falls unconscious from the hit, while Esther who is caught by Petros. Abel tries to save her, but is quickly defeated due to his injuries sustained earlier from Petros. At that moment, Radu arrives with Goliath, a tank from The Inquisition, claiming he wants Ion's life. Petros is knocked out by a shot from the Goliath, but is still alive. Radu is about to kill Esther, but is stopped when a lightning bolt strikes him. Abel, in his Crusnik form, telepathically draws Ion's blood to him. The tank fires a shot at Abel and rips through his entire right side, but he still stands as his blood and intestines fall onto the floor. The priest's blood begins to consume the chunks of flesh from the floor and then fuse and repair Abel's body. The Krusnik talks though Abel and announce they will eat the terrified Radu. Abel almost kills him but is stopped by the screams of a horrified Esther, clutching Ion in her grasp. Abel tries explain himself, but Esther faints as he wipes a tear from her cheek. Tres Iqus and Iron Maiden arrive to help the trio out, and Abel shields Ion and Esther from the airship's attack with his wings.

Ion trying his wounded shoulder

The Iron Maiden picks the trio up, and they continue their journey back to the Empire in an airship. Ion is glad that his wounds are healing. Tres apologizes for shooting him, while Ion just shrugs it off, knowing it was a misunderstanding. Ion then apologizes for Radu, who had damaged Tres' eyes. Tres says that there is no need to apologize for something like that, and Ion realizes he is a very forgiving man. Abel asks Sister Kate how Esther is doing, to which she replies the girl was still in a state of shock after what had witnessed, however nothing physically wrong with her.

Everyone wondering about the mummy

Ion wants to go with Abel to see how Esther is doing, however are stopped by an unknown person in bandages on their way back. It turns out this was Brother Petros, who Kate had also picked up. Petros is thrilled to find that he has finally uncovered that Caterina Sforza has been conspiring with vampires. Tres tries to shoot Brother Petros, who is shocked when the priest would do that. Abel tries to stop Tres from shooting Petros, but Tres insist Petros knows too much and needs to be eliminated, and then shoots at him again. Annoyed, Petros attacks the two. The fight is stopped when the airship starts to shake.

A huge sandstorm is seen outside the airship

Petros and Ion yelling at Tres.

. Abel realizes that it is heading towards northeast, and asks Kate to look for what is in that direction. Kate finds that there is the city of Carthago, where the embassy is and where the Cardinal Caterina Sforza is staying. She also realizes they do not have enough time to evacuate the whole city, to which Tres replies they should only save the Cardinal herself. Petros and Ion are both outraged that Tres did not consider the civilians, and both look away in embarrassment when they realized the two of them agreed on the same thing.

Ion asking help from Petros

The airship receives a transmission from the Inquisition ship Raguel. Radu shows up on the screen, still alive after the last fight. He is glad to hear that Ion is doing fine, but he tells them he cannot receive any pictures on his airship. Radu informs Ion to give up his life, and in exchange, he would stop the Iblis. Ion is outraged of at what Radu is prepared to do to just for his life. Radu tells them not to bother shooting down his ship, as he is right above the embassy. Ion requests the help of Petros, who is not too keen in helping a vampire. Ion, however, proves his determination by promising that after this all is over, he will allow Petros to kill him. The Knight of Destruction thinks about this and finally accepts, much to the embarrassment of both of them.

Ion fighting with Radu

Ion, Petros and Tres head down to Carthago to save the civilians, while Abel heads off to stop the to stop Iblis. Ion leaves the two to fight the autojägers and goes and confront Radu. He questions when Radu started hating him, and Radu replies that he has always had. Ion calls him a liar and proclaims he will save him. The two remember a time when they were children as they fight.

Ion noticing the sun illuminating Radu's hair.

The two young Methuselah were in a boat in the ocean when Ion admires the blue light of day, but sadly comments that he will not be able to see the light again after he awakens. Radu informs Ion his mother told him how much the sun hates them is how much they are loved by the moon. It allowed them to live so much longer than the Terrans, meaning they can be around that much longer around the people they cherish. The memory ends with Ion commenting how the sun illuminated Radu's hair, and how Ion believed they would be friends forever.

Back in the current time, Radu questions where they went wrong and why he is remembering all of this. Ion demands to know why Radu would hate him, to which he replies it is because of Ion's noble heritage, favored by the Empress, overshadowing his existence. Ion sees right through this and rebuffs that Radu can fool any other person, but not him. The Count tearfully confesses that if Radu was honest, he would not have saved him from the Inquisition, and it would have been easy for him to kill him during that time. Ion begs his friend to reconsider, pleading with him that he can keep everything a secret, all he wanted was for him to stop The Iblis, and that he did not want to fight anymore. Despite all of this, Radu confesses he cannot turn back as there is no where to turn back to. Ion screams at him, grabs Radu's heart in his hand, and demand him to stop The Iblis. In pain, the Baron admits he cannot stop it, as it was set on motion by someone else.

Radu and Ion's last moments.

At that moment they are interrupted by the rising sun. Ion is momentarily captivated by the sunlight as it illuminates Radu's hair the same way it did when they were younger. Alarmed at the revelation that they are exposed, Radu begs for Ion to run. The two start to burn and Radu is shot by Tres and Petros. Petros wraps his coat around Ion to shield the boy from the sun. Distraught at the dying boy, Petros angrily demands Kate to quickly bring the airship closer to them. Petros places Ion down onto the floor and remarks that the truce has ended, now that he has avenged his men, and that he is back to destroying vampires and hunting heretics. He points his screamer at Ion, but does not kill him. Petros turns around and remarks it is a pity that Abel could not stop the Iblis, and that his main priority was to evacuate the civilians of the city. He leaves with a warning that he has saved a comfortable cell for all of them in the Inquisition hall, and one day, he will see every one of them burnt at the stake. Meanwhile, Esther has been able to catch up with Abel. The two of them stop The Iblis and save the entire city.

The Very Center of the Blue Storm[edit | edit source]

Father Hugue De Watteu scaring Ion

Ion, Esther and Abel continue their journey towards the Empire by boat. In the novels, it is only mentioned later that their boat was attacked by pirates. This was expanded the manga.

Ion, dressed into Terran's commoner clothes used in the Empire to conceal his identity, leans against a railing while speaking to Esther, when someone suddenly grabs his hand. Ion pulls the unconscious man onto the ship. Abel shows up and recognizes the man as Hugue de Watteau. Ion is hides behind a door when the priest wakes up, calling him Agnes. Hugue explains that he was out on the sea while pursuing pirates, reminding Abel that he had run into one of them too, Miss Mermaid. Father de Watteu tells them that the ship that the pirates sail is surrounded by a blue ball that repels sunlight, the same thing that surrounds The Empire, indicating that the crew is made up of Methuselah. Ion doesn't like the sound of this and wishes Father Hugue de Watteu good luck in catching them. Suddenly, someone knocks over a bomb, blowing the ship up.

The pirates kidnap Esther and Abel while Ion and Hugue fall into the ocean. Ion tries to go after them, but Hugue stops him, telling him that the Methuselah are not going to use Esther's blood after she had inhaled in so much of the smoke. He also mentions that Abel was there, feigning his loss of consciousness. Hugue de Watteu then grabs a hold of Ion's leg to inspect his wound. Ion wonders where his strength came from, which Hugue reveals that it is a mechanical arm, having lost his real arm to Methuselah.

Ion defeats the pirate.

The two make it to the pirate ship and take down the crew. Ion yells out loud for Abel to hear that he is to protect Esther and will not allow anything bad to happen to her, or he would kill him. Hugue is challenged by the ship's captain, who stabs Hugue, almost killing him until Ion rushes over to rescue him. Ion demeans the Captain for using a hook during a sword fight, calling him a "worthless scum" that was "truely [befitting] the label 'vampire.'" The captain is surprised Ion would side with the Terrans, mentioning his own childhood friend - a Terran - had sold him out to the Vatican. The boy is briefly reminded of Radu and decapitates the Captain, calling Hugue his comrade. As he dies, the pirate admires the way Ion had worded it, but reminds him not all Methuselah agreed with him. Ion acknowledges this, and is about to collapse from exhaustion while muttering Radu's name, when Hugue catches him.

The two set Esther and Abel free. Father Hugue de Watteu leaves soon without saying bye, and Abel remarks that he is always like that. Ion asks who this Agnes is, and Esther says that he called her that as well. Abel explains that it was is the name of his sister, and that he calls every girl he meets that. Ion is in shock. The three of them continue the rest of the way to the Empire on the pirate ship.

Empress of the Night / The Night Lords Arc[edit | edit source]

Ion asks Esther if she would stay with him in the Empire.

As the trio arrive to the Empire on boat, Ion asks from Esther if she would like to stay at the Empire with him. He tells her to take her time in thinking about it, and in the manga, confesses that he likes her. Mimal, a Terran friend of his family, comes to welcome them. Ion thanks him and asks Mimal to look after Esther and Abel while he headed to see his grandmother. On the way, he becomes flustered that he confessed and then plans out how he would take care of Esther if she agrees.

Abel saving Esther and Ion

He is joy is short-lived, however, when he returns home to be greeted with the horrific sight blood everywhere. Ions to upstairs where a scream rang though, and is greeted by the sight of an autojäger next to her body. Enraged, the boy attacks them, but is no match for the autojäger. The count is thrown against a wall and about to be killed when Esther and Abel show up. Esther shoots the autojäger, killing it. Abel soon realizes that this was all just a trap, grabs the two, and jumps out through the window. The whole mansion explodes. Ion watches his home burn down, confused at what happened. The three are suddenly surrounded by Yeniceri, the palace guards. Abel wonders why they were there, for the Yeniceri hardly ever leave the palace. The leader of the troops, Baybars announces that he is there to arrest Ion for killing his grandmother, the Duchess of Moldova. Ion does not understand how they can suspect him for killing his own grandmother, but Baybars is convinced. Abel uses the flashbombs he had taken from the autojäger and the three of them escape.

Asthe yelling to Ion

The three find shelter from the Countess of Kiev, Astharoshe Asran, who was ordered by the Empress to watch over for the messenger from the Vatican. Ion is depressed after what he had to witness back at his mansion. Esther and Astharoshe try to convince the boy to eat, but he rejects the offer. Astharoshe becomes frustrated by this and yells at him for being inconsiderate towards her hospitality. Astharoshe questions how he could show such weakness in front of Terrans, and how the Duchess of Moldova raised him. Infuriated that his at the insult of his grandmother, which causes an amused Astharoshe to comment that the boy should use that energy to reflect on himself, rather than directing it at her. She points out he had not been considerate of a worried Esther. Embarrassed, the Count resolves to stop sulking and starts to eat. Astharoshe tells them that she is going to report to the Empress tomorrow about their safe arrival.

Esther, Ion and Seth

The next day, while Astharoshe and Abel are in the Dewan (court), Ion and Esther visit the terran side of the Empire. Ion wants to meet Mimal. They get lost on their way, however. At that moment, they run into a young girl named Seth, decides to help them out to find Mimal after they buy some tea from her. When they arrive, Ion lifts Esther onto his arms and jumps into Mimal's office is. To their surprise, Mimal is fatally wounded by an autojäger. Ion disposes of the autojäger and runs over to Mimal, who is confirmed to be still alive by Esther. Mimal apologizes to Ion and states he did not mean to betray him, but he had told the Baron of Luxor about his arrival. Ion is shocked as he had thought Radu was dead. The autojäger, apparently not yet dead yet, attacks the two. Esther jumps to shield Ion from the blow. Ion finally finishes the autojäger, and finds out that Esther had been badly injured. Seth suddenly shows up, asking if they need her help.

Later when Esther wakes up, she finds herself in Seth's apartment with Ion and Seth. Seth brings some tea and food to Esther and asks her how she has been doing. Seth teases Ion by talking about how worried he was to Esther, before reminding him that Methuselah/ Terran marriages are forbidden in the Empire. Seth reveals that she is a medical student, and that Esther is not from the Empire as she had been speaking in Latin and Hungarian in her sleep. Ion tells Esther that Seth is now under the impression that Ion fell in love with Esther and brought her back to his home. Seth assures the two that their Esther's identity as a Terran from the ‘outside’ is safe with her, if they would promise not to tell anyone that she is really a student. Ion tells Seth to start focusing more on her studies as it is forbidden to work a side job as a student. Seth, not caring much about what Ion has said, asks the boy to go buy some groceries for Esther, or watch as she bandages Esther. Ion finally agrees to go, leaving the two girls alone.


Infuriated that he is doing errands on Seth's orders, Ion makes his way back when when he stops. He tells Abel, Seth's pet squirrel, to go ahead of him, and then he is suddenly attacked by someone. Ion dodges the attack and then retaliates his attacker is much faster than he is. The Count is caught by none other than Radu. Radu reveals his goal is to assassinate the Empress. Ion is shocked that someone would do this to their loving mother who has ruled the New Human Empire for eternity, to which Radu reminds him that if that were true, she is neither Methuselah nor Terran. The Orden is going to renew whole planet after killing Augusta Vradica. Radu notices how Ion was worried for Esther, and he reveals to Ion that her family was killed by vampires. Surprised to learn that she had not told this to him, Ion refuses to believe him. Radu is about to kill him when Astharoshe and Abel, with Seth’s squirrel, saves him. Radu escapes into the night while Ion tells to Astharoshe and Abel what Radu is planning.

Everyone returns back to Astharoshe’s mansion to plan their next move. Abel is out trying to find Radu while Esther, Ion and Astharoshe talk. Both women notice Ion acting strange, and Ion keeps asking if they have found Radu. Esther is sceptical that Radu to appear tonight at  his grandmother’s funeral, as there were so many nobles present. Ion argues that this is the only chance for Radu, as now he is certain where the Empress will be. Abel and Astharoshe’s Kethuda show up, apologizing for being unable to find Radu. Asthe thinks he might be somewhere they haven’t searched, and so she decides to go and see Süleyman, who was in charge of arranging the funeral. Astharoshe takes Abel with her and orders Ion and Esther to stay behind, as Esther had not recovered and Ion is a wanted man. Esther tries to stop Ion as he is about to search for Radu, but he confronts her past. He asks her why she would care and why she hasn't told to him about Bishop Vitez. He leaves before Esther can reply.

Ion on the Island of Beloved Children

Ion arrives at The Island of Beloved Children, where all the funeral is being held, to look for Radu. Ion is shocked to see the Baron escorting the Empress. Ion tries to think of something, but Radu provokes him by mouthing that he will kill the Empress. Ion panics and attacks Radu. Baybars tries to intervene, but Ion quickly dodges and charges at Radu. Radu surprises him by stopping him with his own blow, revealing to Ion that he had planned for Ion to look like the culprit behind the Empress’ death. Radu is about to kill the boy when his body freezes, the voice of the real Radu come through and tells Ion to quickly escape and to save Empress from imminent death. Radu is soon taken back under control, however, and poised to kill Ion. The blade is suddenly shattered by Esther's bullet, but Baybars knocks her out. Radu resumes his task to Ion, but then he is interrupted by Empress Augusta Vradica herself, who says that she has many things she wants to ask Ion. Radu having no other choice but to allow Ion and Esther to be incarcerated. 

Ion entering into "Hunger"

While the two are in prison, Ion apologises for getting the them into this mess. He still thinks that Esther must hate him for it being Methuselah. Esther tells to the Earl, however, that she doesn't hate him, he wasn't the one who killed her family. Their discussion is interrupted by Radu, who Ion finally recognises as someone else. Radu íntroduces himself as Dietrich, who Esther knows. Esther is shocked and she warns Ion about his wires, but it is too late. Dietrich cuts a vein from Ion's neck, sending him in the state of uncontrollable hunger. Ion grabs Esther's and is about to drain her dry. For his own amusement, Dietrich throws a silver knife towards Esther for her to use to kill him. He leaves the two of them with a sadistic smile.

Ion momentarily comes back to his senses and begs Esther to kill him, refusing to drink her blood. Esther hugs him, offers her blood so that he will not to cry. Ion stabs himself in his own leg to stop himself from drinking her blood. Ion apologizes and is about to kill himself to save Esther, but the blade suddenly disappears. It turns out Abel has appeared to save the two.

Radu dies.

Ion and Esther make their way to the meeting hall. Süleyman orders the Yenceri to capture them, but they are stopped by Augusta Vradica, who is alive and survived the explosion. It turns out the Empress used a double: Mirka Fortuna, Ion's grandmother. The Empress reveals it was all just a set up to root out the extremists inside the Empire. The real Empress reveals herself to be Seth, the tea seller Ion and Esther met earlier. Ion is speechless.

Süleyman does not take this well and aims with the ring at Seth to kill her, but purpously misses her, and is quickly killed by Astharoshe. Seth asks where Abel is, and they realize that the priest has headed after Radu. Everyone leaves, but Ion is left behind on his own because of his injured leg. He does senses Radu's death but does not make it to there in time to see his friend for one last time .


Later on, Esther finds Ion is sitting on a ledge while looking at the sea. Relieved that he was not crying, Esther brings him a blanket and the two talk. Esther manages again to cheer up the Earl, who has found new motivation and is planning to become stronger. He says that when that time comes, he will ask her again if she wants to stay with him in the Empire. Esther says that she will be waiting for that then. After she leaves, Ion stands up and holds out a pile of ash, the remains of his friend, Radu. He welcomes Radu home, and scatters his tovarish's ashes into the sky towards the sea, tells him he love him and apologizes. Radu's spirit is seen replying that he loves him as well, and forgives his tovarisch. Ion cries, unable to comprehend why his tovarisch had to die.


One week later, Mirka gleefully explains to her grandson that they had known about the extremists for a long time, but had no evidence to trap them. Ion clarfies whether she meant she had used her own grandson as bait, to which the Duchess replies she did, and then asks if anything is wrong. Ion is comedically vexed at all of this, but instantly backs down when Mirka questions if he was unhappy about her plan. Mirka hugs him and says he just missed an opportunity to let her tease him. Baybars explains to Astharoshe that that was how the Duchess expresses her love. Esther interrupts and informs them that she is about to take her leave, and just as the other Methuselah bid farewell to her, Astharoshe notices Ion's sadness. Ion had forgotten that time flowed differently because Esther was a terran, and worries that he may never see her again. The boy is about to say something but stops himself because of his doubts, but then at that moment, the Duchess encourages the Count to tell her how he feels. He runs to her just as he is about to leave, and knowing he will need to become stronger, tells her that he will see her one day for sure. Esther smiles back at him and leaves.

Mark of a Lady Saint / Imitation Star Arc[edit | edit source]

Ion appears in a manga-only side story. He is training with Baybars while his grandmother watches. Ion says to Esther, in his mind, that he has heard The Countess of Babylon has died at the hands of "The Lady Saint", and that he knows it is not true. Ion flips from Baybar's attack like a cat. The story ends with Mirka putting cat-eared headbands on Ion and Baybars.

The Crown of Thorns Arc[edit | edit source]

Ion replies to Esther that he really likes her as well.

Ion appears in Esther's flashbacks as one of the people who changed her.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Ion is a masculine given name, which could beἼων, Iōn in Greek, after the mythical founder of the Ionians; the modern (demotic) Greek equivalent of the name is Ionas. It could also be Ion in Romanian, which is equivalent to the English name John and has the same etymology as "Jon", tracing back the Hebrew name Johanan.

"Fortuna" was the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Radu Barvon) Stop speaking like a slave! And... my name is Ion. Call me Ion, my tovarich.
  • Since Radu is my companion, therefore, my companion's mistake is my mistake... Please forgive us, Father Tres.

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