Humans ("Terrans"); 31st century AD.

Humans (Latin: Homo sapiens; wise man) are a sentient species native to Earth. Following the Armageddon of 2124 AD and the Mars colonists' subsequent return to Earth in the early 2200s, the human race was divided between the colonists and the people who never lived on Mars. Infected by the Kudlak Bacillus, which had been discovered along with the Ark in 2122 AD, the "returners" were ultimately transformed into the Methuselah—a new race similar to their human counterparts in appearance, but different in strength, stamina and other physical characteristics. Due to their inherent thirst for blood and a fatal sensitivity to sunlight, the Methuselah were generally referred to as "vampires" by the non-infected humans. Likewise, the Methuselah referred to all non-vampire humans as "Terrans" (テラン,Teran / 短生種, 'short life species').


Humans and Methuselah are actually both humans. Unknown to the people of the main events of the series, including the Methuselah themselves, Methuselah are descendants of the colonizers who had been infected with the Kudlak Bacillus during the Red Mars Project prior to their return to Earth. Humans, on the other hand, were the descendants of the humans who did not leave Earth.[1]

Following the events of Armageddon, the colonizers returned to their homeworld where they began showing symptoms of vampirism due to Earth's closer proximity to the sun than Mars. War eventually broke out between the "returners" and the humans on Earth, leading to a time period called the Dark Ages. Millions of Humans died at the hands of the Night Lords: Cain, Abel, and Seth.


A group composed of male and female humans.

Eventually, with the help of lost technologies and peace-seeking returners led by Lilith Sahl, humanity won the war and drove the Methuselah to Eastern Europe—later established into the New Human Empire—while the humans remained in the west.

Although the Empire is primarily a Methuselah nation, it also has a human population, most of which serve the Methuselah as servants. Seth explains to Esther that the Empress holds Terrans in high regard, and so Methuselah dare not harm them. Seth elaborates that many Humans are highly valued for their skills within the Empire, as opposed to money and influence everywhere else. Esther remarks that the delicate racial balance can only be sustained as long as the Empress remains alive and does not change her mind, to which Seth agrees. Ion also informs Esther that many Humans sell their blood for money as a kind of welfare system in the Empire.

Humans are able to become Methuselah if infected by the Kudlak Bacillus. However, not all humans infected with the bacillus are guaranteed to become Methuselah, as the bacillus may just function as a normal red blood cell. In some cases, they may die from brain damage.

Normal Humans are unable integrate with Crusnik nanomachines. The only person who was injected with it died, but unlike genetically-enhanced human Cain Knightlord, did not come back to life.[2]


  • Witches are descendants of people who gained powers through a series of experiments carried out pre-Armageddon. These witches were capable of telepathy, ESP, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis. During The Dark Ages, witches were hunted down by both Methuselah and humans. Notable witches in the series include Monica Argento, Noelle Bor, and Elise Wasmayer.


The term most likely derives from the "terra", meaning "earth" in Latin.

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