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High Noon is the 9th chapter of the Trinity Blood Manga. The title is based on the 1952 American Western film of the same name.


Esther stares at Rome in awe as she descends down on the Iron Maiden II.

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Abel with Cardinal Caterina Sforza

Fast forward five months, Esther has finally officially become a full nun. As she walks in the grounds of AX-Division's HQ, she encounters a cat. She talks with it and, despite Abel's words that Rome is beautiful, cannot seem to be at ease. The nun wonders if she can find her answers and is saddened that she has not seen Abel since she had arrived. Suddenly, Tres appears and startles her and reminds her that pets is not allowed. The nun thinks Tres is as "surgically proper" as ever and wonders aloud if Abel is the same, unintentionally saying her thoughts out loud. Tres points out that Abel is nearby. Esther sees him talking with Cardinal Caterina Sforza. They watch for a moment as the two banter, and the nun quickly runs off feigning a stomach ache.

Having heard a the nun, Abel turns around and remarks he heard a familiar voice. Caterina informs him that it was Sister Esther Blanchett, who topped her training course class. Abel praises her skill, but the Cardinal asks Abel if she was acquainted Dietrich. She informs Abel, that the Rozenkreuch Orden is stubborn, but she is even more stubborn than them. The Cardinal reveals a deep secret: she is planing to make contact with the New Human Empire. Suddenly Sister Loretta runs over to them, distressed about a vampire on the loose. Abel orders Loretta to head inside with Caterina.

Esther plays with the cat while venting out her frustration and jealousy of Caterina Sforza. Suddenly a wounded nun stumbles over to her, telling to Esther that a vampire is on loose and is after the Cardinal, then asks for where Caterina is. Esther asks from the nun if there was more victims, when the nun reveals that she was alone when she was attacked. Esther becomes suspicious of this fact, knowing a human would never outrun a vampire. A priest runs over to the girls, informing the two that a vampire is on a loose with UV-gel. The nun turns around and kills the priest, revealing that she was the vampire. She compliments Esther for being such a clever Terran and proceeds to drown her in the fountain.

Esther is about to drown when she realizes she is in a fountain. She flips the vampire into the water, infuriating her. The vampire proceeds to kill her, but is suddenly burnt to death by the sun. Esther is about to faint from exhaustion when she is suddenly lifted up by none other than Abel. He greets her and welcomes her to the "nearly drowned club". Tres hand Esther's rosary back to her and comments that her robes have ripped down the bust in front of Abel, to her embarrassment. After Abel gives her his cassock, he informs her that they will be working together.

The chapter ends with Sister Kate informing Caterina about the vampire's intentions to assassinate her and compliments Esther. The Cardinal downplays Esther's actions by sternly telling the nun that "sheer luck does not equate to talent". The Cardinal then tells Kate that she has told Abel that they are in negotiations with the Empire again, and that she will meet the Empire's envoys at the city of Carthage.


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