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Francesco di Medici
Personal information
Residence: Vatican City, Rome
Status: Alive
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: - Duke of Florence and Tuscany
- Minister of the Inquisition
- Secretary of Vatican Papal Doctrine
- Commander of the Vatican Army
Relative(s): - Pope Gregorio XXX (father)
- Cardinal Caterina Sforza (half-Sister)
- Pope Alessandro XVIII (half-brother)
- Alfonso d'Este (uncle)
Affiliation(s): Catholic Church

Vatican Papal State

Other information
Novel debut: RAM: I. Flight Night
Manga debut: Act. 37 The Gloomy Sunday
Anime debut: Flight Night
Japanese seiyū: Jūrōta Kosugi

Katsumi Naga (drama CD)

English V.A.: John Gremillion

Francesco di Medici, Duke of Florence and Tuscany, is the secretary of the Ministry of Vatican Papal Doctrine, head of the Department of Inquisition, a leading member of the College of Cardinals and older half-brother of the young Pope Alessandro XVIII.

As the illegitimate son of Pope Gregory XXX and a lower-class knight's wife, he could not be elected pope, and harbors bitterness over it. Francesco was appointed head of the Doctrine branch in March 3055 when he was twenty-six years old, after the death of the former Pope.

Cardinal di Medici frequently uses intimidation and loud vocal displays to pressure his younger brother to agree with him. His strong hatred of vampires causes him to constantly clash with Cardinal Caterina Sforza (Francesco's half-sister) in her pursuits for negotiation and diplomacy.

Francesco prefers violence and force as opposed to compromise. Believing his actions are are done "in the name of God" (though in reality it is own of his own gain and desires), Cardinal di Medici does not hesitate to make decisions that would result in the death of innocent and righteous people, including his own brother (most likely as a means to become pope) seeing that the afterlife excuses this. His arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Emperor.



Manga and Reborn on the Mars[]

Many of the events involving Francesco are omitted from the manga.

The Star of Sorrow Arc[]

Francesco only appears in the novel in this arc.

The Iblis/ Angel of the Burning Sands Arc[]

Francesco only appears in the novel in this arc. Under the suspicion that Caterina is consipiring with The Empire, Francesco suggests that she return to the Vatican because of a vampire assassination threat. Cardinal Antonio Borgia steps in and suggests di Medici send some of his Inquisitors for protection. Francesco sends Brother Petros.

Mark of a Lady Saint / Imitation Star Arc[]

The day after Esther is kidnapped by a vampire,Archbishop D'Annunzio reports to Cardinal Medici for the previous day's failings. The Archbishop blames Petros' presence for causing him to let his guard down, and athough initially stunned, the inquisitor relents and takes responsibility for his role in  the previous day's events. Caterina Sforza steps in and defends Petros, arguing that his original mission was to guard the Pope, and puts the blame back on the police.

Brother Matthew shows up and explains that the weapon the vampire used last night. Archbishop D'annunzio asserts such a sophisticated weapon must be an indication that she was an assassin sent from the Empire, which she claimed. Caterina Sforza urges that he should not jump to conclusions as their nemesis has been diplomatic for over a century, but Cardinal Antonio Borgia points out the Empire may feel threatened after they lost Istvan to the Vatican. D'Annunzio tells everyone that all of his troops are already searching for Sister Esther as they speak. Unsatisfied at the lack of experience and proper equipment, Matthew proposes that the Inquisition should help this investigation as well. Although initially reluctant one man could do much, the Archbishop is graciously accepts the help as Brother Matthew explains that he will have three battle ships and five-hundred men within the afternoon. Caterina and Antonio both point out that it is almost as if he had planned an impending war beforehand. Petros pleads to help in order to redeem for his failings from the night before, but Cardinal Medici simply tells him to guard the Pope. Petros reluctantly agrees. Cardinal Francesco ends the meeting with a warning that with the news of a Saint kidnapped by a vampire could spark a catastrophic crusade, and to be prepared.


Francesco di Medici.jpg

Francesco appears in the anime and it is similar to his novel counterpart.


Francesco was written as "Franchesco" in the novels. Francesco I di Medici (25 March 1541 – 17 October 1587) was the second Grand Duke of Tuscany. Like his father, he continued the heavy taxation of his subjects in order to pay large sums to the Holy Roman Empire.



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