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The Four-City Alliance (四都市同盟), also known as the 4 City-State Alliance or the Four Cities Alliance, is a sovereign state consisting of four city-states: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels. Although the Alliance is part of the Terran realm, a fraction of the local aristocracy is composed of the Methuselah. The Count Four—a criminal conglomerate controlled by the counts of each of the four city-states—is the governing body of the vampires who secretly reside in the Alliance.


The Four-City Alliance was founded after the Armageddon of 2124 AD. It was established as an alliance between four Western European cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels. By the mid-31st century AD, the Alliance's criminal underworld was controlled by members of the local Methuselah aristocracy, which consisted of a regional count per each city-state member of the Alliance. The four counts formed a conglomerate known as the Count Four.[4]

In spite of the counts' disdain for the Terran race, the counts officially adopted a policy of appeasement in regards to the Alliance government and especially the Vatican Papal State—the latter being the strongest Terran nation and the primary defender of human civilization. Fearing the power of the Vatican, the Count Four forbade the local Methuselah from taking any action that would incite the wrath of the Catholic Church, the state religious organization of the Vatican.[1]

In 3060 AD, the relationship between the Alliance and the Vatican was damaged after a group of Methuselah slaughtered members of the clergy in the Oude Kerk of Amsterdam.[1] The Vatican regarded the massacre of its people as an outrage, causing the Count Four to fear the potential reprisals from both the Alliance's Terran government and the Vatican—the latter having the option to use the incident as a justification for the extermination of all vampires living in the Alliance. Therefore, the Count Four resolved to discover the identities of the murderers before the Terrans could retaliate.[4]

Count Four meeting

The Count Four, a Methuselah conglomerate that controlled the criminal underworld of the Alliance.

As the count of Amsterdam, Carrel van der Verf was responsible for investigating the murders of the clergymen. By the time news of the massacre reached the Vatican, the AX—a subdivision of the Ministry of Holy Affairs—deployed one of its operatives, Father Hugue de Watteau, with orders to conduct a separate investigation on behalf of the Church. Both investigations led Count Amsterdam and Watteau to Sister Agnes de Watteau, the sole survivor of the massacre in the Oude Kerk. After capturing the nun and the priest, the count used a device to probe Agnes' recent memories, enabling him to discover the identity of the murderer: Hans Memlink, Count of Antwerp, one of the members of the Count Four, killed the clergymen in an attempt to frame the Count Amsterdam.[4]

Having completed his mission, the count forced Hugue to fight for the amusement of the vampires of Amsterdam. With Sister Agnes' help, Hugue regained his weapon and proceeded to purge Amsterdam of its small vampire population.[4] The incident in Amsterdam ultimately resulted in the deaths of Count Amsterdam and Count Antwerp. Hugue vowed to kill the last two members of the Count Four, Gie de Grandville, Count of Bruges and Thierry Darsus, Count of Brussels.[2]



A map of the known world; 31st century AD.

The Four-City Alliance is located in Western Europe. It shares borders with the Kingdom of Franc to the west, and the Kingdom of Germanicus to the east. To the north, the English Channel separates the Alliance from the Kingdom of Albion. The Alliance's territorial extent covers the combined area of two Pre-Armageddon states: Belgium (Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).[5]




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