Elise Wasmayer
Elise Wasmeyer
Personal information
Age: 17-18 (novel, according to herself)
c. 8-9 (anime)
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Witch)
Relative(s): Father (deceased)
Mother (deceased)
Ability: Telepath
Other information
Novel debut: RAM I: Witch Hunt
Anime debut: Witch Hunt
Japanese seiyū: Tomoko Kawakami
English V.A.: Brina Palencia

Elise Wasmayer is a young girl found by father Abel Nightroad and Tres Iqus, Elise is the descendant of people who gained powers through a series of experiments carried out pre-Armageddon. These witches were capable of telepathy, ESP, telekinesis, and psychokinesis. Although seemingly normal, Elise is a contact telepathic whose touch can affect a victim's mind.



Elise Wasmeyer is a witch, sought after by the Inquisition. Her power is called Touch Telepathy (power to make people revisit their dreams), and she's a product of genetic engineering, which was much practiced before the Armageddon. William Walter Wordsworth explains by just touching someone she can control the mind and even compel one to kill.

After being found by the Vatican, Elise tries to escape. Father Tres was ordered to terminate her for her attempted escape, but she was rescued by Abel, only to end up in the hands of a group of rogue vampires known as the Fleur du Mal, who planned to hand her over to the Rosenkreuz Order. Father Abel and Tres were then sent to eliminate the vampires and bring her back.

A reactivated Tres locates the vampire lair and manages to dispatch a group of vampires while Abel deals with the ringleader of the kidnapping group with his Crusnik form. Tres finds Abel and Elise after the fighting and claims that he cannot kill them and complete his orders as he has run out of ammunition. When the trio is then ambushed by the ringleader who was thought to be dead, Tres shoots her, revealing that he had in fact never run out of ammunition.


RAM II: Witch HuntEdit

In the novels, it is explained that during Armageddon, both humans and vampires hated the witches and hunted them down ruthlessly. The global genocide of the witches left few alive, some traits lay dormant, and skipped generations, appearing randomly in their descendants.

Eris claims to be a seventeen-year-old, but is noted to have the appearance of a fourteen-year old. 


"Elise" is a French name closely related to "Elisa", meaning "My God is an oath".

"Eris" is the Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord.


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