"We came, we saw, we conquered."
―Major General Umberto Barbarigo, Eastern Army Sixth Brigade, quoting Julius Caesar[src]

The Eastern Army Sixth Brigade (nicknamed "Justinians") is an infantry brigade unit of the Vatican Army. Its nickname is derived from the name "Justinian" (Latin: "Justinianus"), a name shared by a few Byzantine emperors including Justinian I (527–565 AD). During its existence, the Sixth Brigade was regarded as one of the Vatican Military's strongest units—a distinction it shared with the Fifth Brigade, also of the Vatican Eastern Army.


The Sixth Brigade, also known as the "Justinians," was a military detachment of the Vatican Eastern Army Twenty-Seventh Regiment. The brigade's commanding officer was Captain Umberto Barbarigo, who assumed command of the unit sometime prior to the Neue Vatican uprising of 3060 AD. Despite Barbarigo's distinguished service record, he was ultimately court-martialed due to his excessively brutal tactics, which included the execution of civilians and prisoners of war. In the end he was spared from public disgrace as a result of the intervention of then-Cardinal Alfonso d'Este.[1]

During the siege of Brno, Barbarigo apparently instigated a mutiny in the Eastern Army, causing his regiment to defect from the legitimate Vatican Papal State to the Neue Vatican heretics. When the Department of Inquisition attacked the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, disrupting d'Este's "Papal coronation" in the process, the self-proclaimed Pope of the Neue Vatican ordered Barbarigo and his troops to kill the "enemy of God." Instead, they fired on the rebellious church workers and nobles who supported the heresy. Neither Barbarigo or the Eastern Army truly defected from the Vatican Army; their "treachery" had been masterminded by Cardinal Francesco di Medici, who promised to promote Barbarigo to the rank of major general, as a reward for his loyalty against the true enemies of God and the Catholic Church.[1]

In 3062 AD the Sixth Brigade participated in the Vatican invasion of the Maquisate of Hungary. Utilizing superior technology, including mechanized units, the Eastern Army's Fifth and Sixth Brigades overwhelmed the Hungarian forces swiftly and with ease. After dominating the battlefield, the Vatican authorized the Sixth Brigade to commence urban operations in István, the capital of Hungary. By then Gyula Kádár, Maquis of Hungary, targeted the Star of Sorrow's satellite weapons system on the Vatican invasion force, killing Major General Barbarigo and destroying Sixth Brigade as well as the remaining soldiers of the István City Military Police. However, shortly afterward the Maquis was killed and the Star of Sorrow destroyed through the efforts of the AX agent Abel Nightroad and the nun Esther Blanchett.[2]


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