Dominic Pharmaceuticals




31st century AD[1]


Dr. Jaime Dominic (Director)[1]


c. 3060 AD[2]


Barcelona, Duchy of Catalonia[1]

Dominic Pharmaceuticals, also referred to as the Dominic Company or Dominic Pharmacy, was a pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in Barcelona, the capital of the Duchy of Catalonia. The company was named after its founder, Dr. Jaime Dominic, whose real identity was Professor James Barrie—an Albion aristocrat and criminal wanted for murder, abduction and human experimentation.

History[edit | edit source]

After escaping Barrieland Island during the revolt of the orphans, Professor James Barrie fled to the Duchy of Catalonia in Western Europe. With plastic surgery and a new identity, the former Londinium University professor altered his appearance and changed his name to "Dr. Jaime Dominic." During his residency in Catalonia, Barrie established a pharmaceutical company and named it after his new persona. He then became known as the founder, owner and director of Dominic Pharmaceuticals.[1]

Dr. Jaime Dominic (James Barrie), Director of Dominic Pharmaceuticals.

Shortly after the creation of Dominic Pharmaceuticals, Barrie formed a business partnership with Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer, a high-ranking member of the Rosencreutz Orden. As a result, the Rosencreutz provided Barrie with the necessary resources and information to eliminate his rivals and other potential threats to Dominic Pharmaceuticals. With the Rosencreutz' financial support, Barrie used the Rosencreutz's knowledge of lost technology to create the Silent Noise System—a powerful weapon with the ability to cause ground tremors. Located in the central tower of the abandoned Sagrada Familia Cathedral, which Dominic Pharmaceuticals purchased through a dummy company, Barrie used the Silent Noise System to destroy five particular areas in Barcelona, all of which were connected to the professor's company in various ways.[1]

In 3060 AD, a few months after the Never Land Incident, Barrie chose to sever his connections with the Rosencreutz Orden. Barrie, unwilling to remain in Catalonia until Kämpfer was eliminated by his associates in the Barcelona underworld, opted to hide in Avignon for the time being. By then, however, his company had aroused the Vatican's suspicions. As such, the AX department of the Ministry of Holy Affairs assigned Noélle Bor to investigate Dominic Pharmaceuticals by posing as the director's secretary. With the assistance of Abel Nightroad, Bor attempted to arrest Barrie at the Sants Estacio train station. However, Kämpfer used the AX agents' confrontation with Barrieas an opportunity to eliminate the wayward scientist by destroying the train station, killing Barrie and hundreds of civilians in the process.[1]

The abandoned headquarters of the defunct Dominic Pharmaceuticals.

Without Barrie's leadership, Dominic Pharmaceuticals ultimately collapsed and the company headquarters became an abandoned building.[2] While investigating the late director's office, Bor discovered blueprints for the Silent Noise System in addition to evidence of the Rosencreutz's plan to use the weapon in Rome.[1] Although she was killed during the activation of the Silent Noise System in Barcelona, the incident and Bor's discovery enabled the AX to prevent the terrorist attack on Rome and the Vatican headquarters.[3]

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