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Dietrich von Lohengrin
Personal information
Aliases: Marionettenspieler
Birth: 3042 AD
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation(s): Rosenkreuz Orden (Rank 8=3)
Other information
Anime debut: The Star of Sorrow I. City of Blood
Japanese seiyū: Suzumura Kenichi
English V.A.: Justin Cook

Dietrich von Lohengrin, codename Marionettenspieler (Puppeteer), is part of the Rosenkreuz Orden and who lives with Esther Blanchett (Dietrich's good friend) in an orphanage run by a church, until he betrays her at the beginning of the series and he used Radu Barvon after his death to achieve his mission's goal, but he failed when Radu's body was destroyed by Seth Nightlord.

Appearance and Symbolism[]


Dietrich is an extremely beautiful young man who is said to have "the face of an angel but the heart of the devil" with shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes and he is shown to have a small build (despite being 22 years old). After he has betrayed Esther Blanchett, he is seen usually wearing his Rosenkreuz uniform.

His portrait in the manga attributes many symbols to him. His half-eaten apple and serpent is a reference to the Original Sin. His operating cross is a reference to his ability to control people as puppets. The carnivorous plants around him (a type of pitcher plant and Venus flytrap) is a reference to his deceptive nature and eventual betrayal. The entrapped green butterflies are a reference to Seth's eventual demise by his hand. The bat wing and horn symbolizes he is the Devil.

His arcana in as shown in his Thores' tarot cards is The Devil.


Dietrich is a mischievous guy who likes to manipulate people to get to his goal and also to play with them. Known and feared for his extreme sadism, Dietrich seems to view the world and people in it as his personal toys for use to relieve his constant boredom. After meeting Esther Blanchett, he seems to develop a mild obsession with her, delighting in taunting her and calling her name whenever he is around her. That does not stop him from sending Ion into a blood thirst while he's locked up with Esther in the dungeons below the palace. He then gives Esther the option of dying at Ion's hands or killing Ion Fortuna to save herself.


Born in 3042 AD, Dietrich joined the Orden at the age of 7, and by the age of 10 he had earned a high ranking position. Before joining the Orden, he was the son of the Duke of Germanicus. As a child, he was avoided for his unusual intelligence, and his evil nature. It was for this reason that his father tried to kill him. He failed, and Dietrich killed him along with the rest of his family. After slaughtering his family, Dietrich took over as ruler, and continued living in his home. He continued terrorizing the villagers, until the day he met Cain Knightlord and Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer where Dietrich joined the Rosencreutz Orden. He believes that his involvement has a great purpose for the world.

Dietrich, also known as the Marionettenspieler (Puppeteer), is the creator of the Order's foot soldiers, which he affectionately refers to as Death Hunters.

In the anime these puppets are vampire corpses that are controlled using a lost technology that utilizes thin string-like living fibers transplanted on the skin. Once fused into the nervous system, the fibers sends out electrical impulses which allows the "puppeteer" to control his victim's nervous system and senses.

In the novels, they are undead cyborgs resurrected using lost technology. However his living fibers' ability to be used on living beings as well is found in both versions; this power forces the person under his control to perform tasks against their will and feel sensations such as pain and sexual stimulation. The manga simply mentions they are Methuselah with their frontal lobes removed.

Dietrich's power can be used on both the living and dead. In the Star of Sorrow arc in the manga and the novels, he controls Esther Blanchett, forcing her to shoot Abel Nightroad when she aimed at Gyula Kádár. Despite his skills with Lost Technology, it is said that his most fearsome trait is his ability to play with the hearts of other people.

In the anime, Dietrich fails to gain control of a rocket during a mission in Albion and Cain kills him for his failure. However, this does not happen in the novels and manga, Dietrich simply faints but survives.

In the manga, he is threatened with torture after his failure to activate a nuclear weapon underneath Byzantium; evidently not due to said failure but because he mouthed-off to Isaak.


The Star of Sorrow Arc[]

Dietrich first appears when he tries to apprehend Abel Nightroad after he accidentally ran into Esther Blanchett. The young man sets the priest free when he realizes he was a priest.

In the kitchen of the church Esther makes some sandwiches for Abel, when Dietrich shows up after cleaning the cathedral. Dietrich mentions that Abel is not like the normal priests, and then informs Esther that his informants have notified him that Gyula Kádár is in town again, and that the rebellion forces ready were to fight against the vampire. The two suddenly hear something from the hall, and they rush to find a vampire, along with the people he had killed. The vampire proclaims he is seeking information about the new priest, and is interrupted as Dietrich shoots him with silver bullets. The vampire steals Dietrich gun, before the two could even notice. The vampire knocks out Dietrich, with the intention of capturing the two to present to Gyula. Esther stands her ground and calls him a monster, infuriating him. The vampire grabs Esther by her throat and suffocates her, but at that moment, Abel suddenly falls through the ceiling, landing behind the vampire. Esther then passes out.

Esther wakes up on a bed with Dietrich sitting next to her, crying and apologizing, but happy that she survived. Esther says it is fine, but then she remembers the vampire and Abel. Dietrich takes her to the kitchen, where Abel is eating. The priest informs her that the vampire fled when he tried to shoot him.

Esther is next shown praying with Bishop Laura Vitez at the funerals for the latest victims of a vampire attack while Dietrich and Abel watch. After she is done, Esther tells Abel and Dietrich that they are now heading to Gyula's mansion to finish this fight. Bishop Vitez hugs Esther, informing her that she had always known what Esther has been doing. She admits that although she doesn't want to let Esther go, since it was her mission, she encourages Esther to do her best. Bishop Vitez makes Esther promise to return home safely and entrusts Dietrich and Abel to look after her. As the trio head towards the mansion, the church with Bishop Vitez inside is set ablaze by the Star of Sorrow. Abel jumps in front of Esther, shielding her from the shards of glass, before handing her to Dietrich He tells the two to go to somewhere safe while he stays behind to take down the enemy forces.

Esther is next seen alone, mourning for the loss of Bishop Vitez, Abel in the middle of the forest. Abel finds her, relieved that she is safe. Esther tells to Abel, that Dietrich is putting out the fire on the church after the bombing. Esther continues to mourn, unable to comprehend why the Bishop had to die. She ponders upon her own insignificance as a single person as the Bishop's last words remind her of her mission. Abel puts her on the head, informs Esther that he will stand by her side, and apologizes for not being able to say anything more in this. Esther starts to cry, promising to Abel that she will not cry anymore.

The two are in front of Gyu;a's mansion, when a huge beam of light comes down from the sky and destroys the mountains near the town. The two barge into the mansion, where Gyula is already waiting for the two. Esther interrogates Gyula about the light beam, while Abel asks if Gyula has already started the Star of Sorrow. The satellite on the sky was made by Maria (Gyula's late Terran wife) with her intention of it originally being the "Star of Hope". Esther shoots Gyula with her bowgun, but the vampire easily catches the arrow. Looking down upon Esther, Gyula retorts whether such a violent race as terrans would get to heaven, before he throws the arrow back at her with blinding speed. Fortunately, Abel is able to catch it in time. Gyua recognizes Abel as one of the AX Agents. Abel pleads Gyula to stop the satellite, pointing out that the satellite was made to transport electricity, and not used as a weapon of destruction. Gyula reveals then that it was Vatican who murdered his wife on the basis that he was a vampire, and that the second shot is aimed at The Vatican. He asks Dietrich about the Star of Sorrow's alignment, who uses the opportunity to reveal that he has being lying to Esther the whole time. Shocked, Esther tries to shoot at Gyula, but instead finds her bullet has hit Abel. An amused Dietrich reveals he has used his "Marionette strings," making Esther a puppet and him the puppeteer, and demonstrates the ability further by making her shoot Abel several more times. Dietrich leaves soon after that, leaving Esther to die. Gyula is about to drain her of her blood when Abel manages shoot Gyula, to Esther's surprise. Elated, Esther runs and hugs Abel, questioning how it was possible that he is still alive. Abel replies that he is honoring his promise to be at her side, and then tells her to go after Dietrich, as he is the only one who can stop the Star of Sorrow.

Dietrich confesses everything

Esther finds Dietrich and asks him for the termination code for the Star of Sorrow. Which Dietrich tells the code as an apology for having tricked her, swearing that he still loves her. Esther runs back to Father Nightroad, who had just defeated of Gyula. Esther enters the code into the system and waits, but instead of the satellite to self-destruct, Dietrich appears and gleefully explains the target has changed to Istvan. Gyula then realizes that he has been played all along. Abel orders the satellite to self-destruct using his UN Code, saving everyone in the process. Without warning, Radcon bursts into the scene and attempts to shoot Esther, but Gyula uses the last of his strength to shield Esther. The Marquis apologizes for having stolen Esther's loved one and dies in Esther's arms.

In the novels, Bishop Laura is captured and then killed by Gyula. Dietrich poses as an injured victim, and attempts to frame Abel as a Vatican spy and encourages Esther to kill him. Esther, however, manages to figure out that Dietrich would not have possibly known this under normal circumstances, revealing he was helping Gyula all along.

The Iblis / Angel of the Burning Sands Arc[]

Dietrich tortures Radu Barvon

Dietrich appears and Radu Barvon affirms that he will follow the Rosenkreuz Orden's goal to start a war between the Vatican and the Empire by making it appear that the Empiral envoy and Caterina Sforza (the Vatican Cardinal) were killed by a Terran and Methuselah respectively. Dietrich plays on the Baron's guilt and jealousy for Ion, and teases how he must regret joining the Orden. Furious, the Methuselah builds a fire in his palm and threatens Dietrich, but his arm is sliced off by an autojäger. The puppeteer sadistically reveals that his autojägers are Methuselah with their frontal lobes removed, reducing them into mindless zombies. Dietrich impales a furious Radu and reminds him that he outranks him in the Orden, and forces him to apologize. The puppeteer gives Radu an ultimatum: kill his best friend, or witness the destruction of the whole city by the hands of The Iblis. With a younger Ion's face in his memories, Radu helplessly agrees. Dietrich leaves, mockingly questioning whether Radu will kill him like he plans to kill Ion. Radu reattaches his arm and sets out, affirming to himself that he is now "nothing but a filthy traitor."

Radu's body is taken by Dietrich

After Radu is defeated by Ion Fortuna, Tres Iqus and Petros Orsini, Radu's body falls into the sea. As Radu drowns, he has a vision of smiling Ion, and is relieved his friend is may have forgiven him. To his horror, his body is taken by Dietrich, who sadistically informs him that his agony "will not end with [his] death."

In the preview to "The Night Lords Arc," Radu's body is seen with Dietrich, plugged with cables.

To the Empire (novel only)[]

In Crete, Radu Barvon and Dietrich board his ship, disguised as Ion Fortuna and Abel Nightroad. After six of his crew members go missing, Agamemnon decides to check the storeroom, where "Ion"'s luggage is stored. It is the only place on the ship they haven't searched, because "Ion" has ordered them not to, and by Imperial decree, his order's have the same effect as the words of the Empress.

He orders Ibrahim (Dietrich's navigator) and Socorul (Dietrich's chief sailor) to accompany him, when he opens the storeroom, as is protocol. Inside, they find over forty small wooden boxes. Agamemnon notices a bloodstain and removes the floor boards. Below them are the mummified remains of the six missing crew.

Just when he wants to go talk to "Ion," "Abel" appears and wants to stop him. After autojäger jump out of the boxes and kills his men, Agamemnon is attacked and burned to death by "Ion."

Empress of the Night / The Night Lords Arc[]

Radu (Dietrich) reveals himself to the dewan.

Dietrich takes over Radu Barvon's body in this arc. The next day after their arrival, while Astharoshe Asran and Abel Nightroad are in the Dewan (court), they observe the accusations brought against Ion Fortuna by Baybars. Suleyman (the Duke of Tigris) defends the count, but Radu appears and confirms the accusations as a witness, much to the shock of Astharoshe and Abel.

Ion and Esther Blanchett visit the terran side of the Empire. However, when Ion wants to meet Mimal, they get lost on their way. At that moment, they run into a young girl named Seth, decides to help them out to find Mimal after they buy some tea from her. When they arrive, Ion lifts Esther onto his arms and jumps into Mimal's office is. To their surprise, Mimal is fatally wounded by an autojäger. Ion disposes of the autojäger and runs over to Mimal, who is confirmed to be still alive by Esther. Mimal apologizes to Ion and states he did not mean to betray him, but he had told the Baron of Luxor about his arrival. Ion is shocked as he had thought Radu was dead. The autojäger, apparently not yet dead yet, attacks the two. Esther jumps to shield Ion from the blow. Ion finally finishes the autojäger, and finds out that Esther had been badly injured. Seth suddenly shows up, asking if they need her help.

Later when Esther wakes up, she finds herself in Seth Nightlord's apartment with Ion and Seth. Seth brings some tea and food to Esther and asks her how she has been doing. Seth teases Ion by talking about how worried he was to Esther, before reminding him that Methuselah/ Terran marriages are forbidden in the Empire. Seth reveals that she is a medical student, and that Esther is not from the Empire as she had been speaking in Latin and Hungarian in her sleep. Ion tells Esther that Seth is now under the impression that Ion fell in love with Esther and brought her back to his home. Seth assures the two that their Esther's identity as a Terran from the ‘outside’ is safe with her, if they would promise not to tell anyone that she is really a student. Ion tells Seth to start focusing more on her studies as it is forbidden to work a side job as a student. Seth, not caring much about what Ion has said, asks the boy to go buy some groceries for Esther, or watch as she bandages Esther. Ion finally agrees to go, leaving the two girls alone.

Radu (Dietrich) captures Ion

Infuriated that he is doing errands on Seth's orders, Ion makes his way back when when he stops. He tells Abel, Seth's pet squirrel, to go ahead of him, and then he is suddenly attacked by someone. Ion dodges the attack and then retaliates his attacker is much faster than he is. The Count is caught by none other than Radu. Radu reveals his goal is to assassinate the Empress. Ion is shocked that someone would do this to their loving mother who has ruled the New Human Empire for eternity, to which Radu reminds him that if that were true, she is neither Methuselah nor Terran. The Orden is going to renew whole planet after killing Augusta Vradica. Radu notices how Ion was worried for Esther, and he reveals to Ion that her family was killed by vampires. Surprised to learn that she had not told this to him, Ion refuses to believe him. Radu is about to kill him when Astharoshe and Abel, with Seth’s squirrel, saves him. Radu escapes into the night while Ion tells to Astharoshe and Abel what Radu is planning.

Everyone returns back to Astharoshe’s mansion to plan their next move. Abel is out trying to find Radu while Esther, Ion and Astharoshe talk. Esther realizes that Radu is not allowing Ion to grieve for his grandmother. Both women notice Ion acting strange, and Ion keeps asking if they have found Radu. Esther is sceptical that Radu to appear tonight at  his grandmother’s funeral, as there were so many nobles present. Ion argues that this is the only chance for Radu, as now he is certain where the Empress will be. Astharoshe’s steward shows up, apologizing for being unable to find Radu. Astharoshe thinks he might be somewhere they haven’t searched, and so she decides to go and see Süleyman, who was in charge of arranging the funeral. Astharoshe takes Abel with her and orders Ion and Esther to stay behind, as Esther had not recovered and Ion is a wanted man. Esther tries to stop Ion as he is about to search for Radu, but he confronts her past. He asks her why she would care and why she hasn't told to him about Bishop Laura Vitez and he leaves before Esther can reply.

Ion arrives at The Island of Beloved Children, where all the funeral is being held, to look for Radu. Ion is shocked to see the Baron escorting the Empress. Ion tries to think of something, but Radu provokes him by mouthing that he will kill the Empress. Ion panics and attacks Radu. Baybars tries to intervene, but Ion quickly dodges and charges at Radu. Radu surprises him by stopping him with his own blow, revealing to Ion that he had planned for Ion to look like the culprit behind the Empress’ death. Radu is about to kill the boy when his body freezes, the voice of the real Radu come through and tells Ion to quickly escape and to save Empress from imminent death. Radu is soon taken back under control, however, and poised to kill Ion. The blade is suddenly shattered by Esther's bullet, but Baybars knocks her out. Radu resumes his task to Ion, but then he is interrupted by Empress Augusta Vradica herself, who says that she has many things she wants to ask Ion. Radu having no other choice but to allow Ion and Esther to be incarcerated.

Dietrich reveals that it was him all along

While the two are in prison, Ion apologizes for getting the them into this mess. He still thinks that Esther must hate him for it being Methuselah. Esther tells to the Earl, however, that she doesn't hate him, he wasn't the one who killed her family. Their discussion is interrupted by Radu, who Ion finally recognizes as someone else. Radu introduces himself as Dietrich, who Esther knows. Esther is shocked and she warns Ion about his wires, but it is too late. Dietrich cuts a vein from Ion's neck, sending him in the state of uncontrollable hunger. Ion grabs Esther's and is about to drain her dry. For his own amusement, Dietrich throws a silver knife towards Esther for her to use to kill him. He leaves the two of them with a sadistic smile.

Ion and Esther make their way to the meeting hall. Süleyman orders the Yenceri to capture them, but they are stopped by Augusta Vradica, who is alive and survived the explosion. It turns out the Empress used a double: Mirka Fortuna (Ion's grandmother). The Empress reveals it was all just a set up to root out the extremists inside the Empire. The real Empress reveals herself to be Seth, the tea seller Ion and Esther met earlier. Ion is speechless. Süleyman does not take this well and aims with the ring at Seth to kill her, but purpously misses her, and is quickly killed by Astharoshe. Seth asks where Abel is, Esther replies that he went after the Radu, possessed by Dietrich from the Rozenkreuz Orden. Seth realizes that the are in her room and knows what they are after.

Abel confronts Dietrich in Radu's body. Abel demands that Dietrich leave the console, a it will bring disaster. Dietrich slyly informs "Crusnik 02" that he knew he had used this device in the past, When Dietrich realizes he cannot leave with the reboot file, a fight ensues between the two.

Dietrich taunts Abel by reminding him he was once Contra Mundi.

Dietrich provokes Abel to attack him by mentioning he is suppose to be just like the enemy of the world. Furious at the mention of Cain and the reminder of Lilith's brutal murder, Abel cuts Radu's heart, but the possessed Baron stands back up. Dietrich explains that he had fine-tuned Radu to the point where he does not only secrete napalm fluid from his palms, but his blood is incendiary as well. Esther and Astharoshe arrive and try to save Abel, but Dietrich easily defeats Astharoshe. Abel attempts to activate his Crusnik power as Dietrich threatens Esther, but collapses due to lack of Methuselah blood in his system.

'As Abel is about to lose the battle with Dietrich, Seth shows up at the scene. Dietrich quickly realizes that she is the Empress Augusta Vradica and tries to kill her, but Seth transforms into her Krusnik form. Seth uses her highly focused ultrasound energy to turn Radu's body into salt. Seth tells Dietrich that she will let him go this time, but the next time they meet she, would deliver his end. She tells Dietrich to run to the furthest corner of the Earth as she will catch him and punish him for hurting Ion, Süleyman and Radu, her children.


Later, in the Orden headquarters, an angry Dietrich voices his distaste of the tobacco smoke at the presence of Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer. Isaak warns Dietrich to be more careful and not fail too many times, to which Dietrich responds that Isaak that he could be as easily removed as Radu. Isaak chuckles, admits he is very loyal servant is an ant compared to his master, but Dietrich himself is simply something the ant picked up. At that moment, Cain materializes behind Dietrich, holding him in place as Isaak brings his cigar into Dietrich's eyes. Horrified, Dietrich faints, but Isaak does not actually burn him.

Cain warns Dietrich not to make too many mistakes, or he will be drunk dry. Isaak apologizes for the failure, but Cain doesn't mind. Cain then asks how 02 is doing, Isaak replies Abel is doing fine, to which Cain responds with a gleeful smile.


  • "Igne Natura Renovatur Integra" -- By flames, nature shall be reborn whole.