Cherubim is a man-made information dwarf and a close adviser of Alfonso d'Este, the former archbishop of Cologne and leader of the insurrection against the Vatican Papal State. During d'Este's rebellion against the Vatican, Cherubim committed to memory a record of everyone who was associated with the Neue Vatican.


Cherubim was a dwarf associated with the Neue Vatican, a group of heretical insurrectionists who plotted to overthrow and replace the Vatican Papal State. By 3060 AD, Cherubim served as chief adviser to Alfonso d'Este, the former archbishop of Cologne and self-proclaimed Pope of the Neue Vatican. When the combined forces of the Vatican and the Duchy of Bohemia repelled the Neue Vatican from Brno, Cherubim joined d'Este and the surviving traitors in Estonia where they secretly established a new base of operations in the city of Tallinn.[1]

Shortly after the incident in Brno, the Department of Inquisition intercepted a forged document containing the names of individuals associated with the "Neue Vatican" insurrection. One of the names on the list was Cardinal Caterina Sforza, the head of the Vatican Ministry of Holy Affairs. As a result, the cardinal was arrested by the Inquisition and placed under house arrest in the Lateran Palace of Rome. In order to prove Sforza's innocence and loyalty to the Vatican Papal State, the AX—a special division of the Ministry of Holy Affairs—resolved to capture Cherubim.[1]

As an adviser to d'Este, Cherubim memorized the names of every collaborator associated with the Neue Vatican. Therefore, the AX determined that only Cherubim could prove Sforza's innocence. During the conflict between the legitimate Vatican and the insurrectionists, Cherubim reported to d'Este that so far 929 members of their faith had been martyred. He then recited their names from memory.[1]



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