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The Carabinieri, also referred to as the Special Police, is the law enforcement agency in charge of maintaining order and security in Rome, the capital of the Vatican Papal State. As a domestic security and anti-terrorist force, the Carabinieri is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Vatican Papal Doctrine and its elite division, the Department of Inquisition. Among their responsibilities, the Carabinieri special policemen are entrusted with the interrogation of suspected terrorists. In this regard, they are known to resort to enhanced interrogation techniques, including the use of torture, in order to secure their prisoners' confession to whatever crime they have been accused of. The Carabinieri's methods can also be applied to Vatican citizens or members of the clergy who are suspected of treason.


The Carabinieri, also called the Special Police, is the law enforcement agency in charge of maintaining peace and order in the Vatican capital city of Rome. It is primarily responsible for protecting the capital against foreign and domestic threats, interrogating suspected terrorists, and assisting the Department of Inquisition in providing security for key areas in Rome—including the Vatican headquarters. To defend Rome against acts of terrorism and other threats, the Carabinieri also function as a surveillance force for the capital, with many special policemen monitoring and patrolling areas of interest in the city.[1]

Episode 10 (Carabinieri)

The Carabinieri, Vatican Special Police of Rome.

Interrogation by the Carabinieri involves an array of various techniques, including intimidation and torture. A full interrogation procedure is performed in the Carabinieri Headquarters—located in the Triton neighborhood, near the center of the capital—although special policemen can also begin the interrogation of a criminal suspect before they reach their headquarters. The Carabinieri's process of an interrogation can involve the threat or use of torture, or even a combination of the two, as a device to procure a confession from the accused prisoner. This form of interrogation results in psychological and physical trauma sustained by the subject.[1]

In addition to their duties as a law enforcement agency and surveillance force, the Carabinieri also serve as guards in and around the Vatican headquarters of Rome. Access to the Vatican is guarded by a special policemen, who must confirm the validity of a Vatican staff member's identification card before allowing them to enter the holy capitol.[2] In times of heightened security, the number of Carabinieri guards is increased and reinforced with armored vehicles at the Vatican entrance checkpoints.[3]


The modern Carabinieri traces its origins to an ancient military police force of the same name; founded in 1814 AD, the Pre-Armageddon Carabinieri was originally a police corps in the Kingdom of Sardinia. The Carabinieri later became a garrison force in Rome after the ancient capital fell to the Kingdom of Italy in 1870 AD. It continued to exist under the Italian Kingdom's successor state, the Italian Republic, which came into existence in 1946 AD.[4] With the outbreak of Armageddon, the apocalyptic nuclear war of 2124 AD, Italy collapsed along with virtually every other sovereign state on Earth.[5]

Episode 10 (Carabinieri garrison)

Carabinieri special policemen standing guard in the Vatican.

Despite the destruction of the ancient civilization,[5] the Carabinieri was retained by the Catholic Church, which ultimately survived the Armageddon. By the mid-31st century AD, the Carabinieri continued in the role of its ancient precursor by providing for the defense and security of Rome—now the capital of the Vatican Papal State.[1] In early 3060 AD, the AX agent Abel Nightroad had lost his ID and was barred from entering the Vatican headquarters by a special policeman of the Carabinieri. He was allowed to enter the Vatican after Noélle Bor, who vouched for Nightroad after presenting her own ID to the guard.[2]

A few months later, Archbishop of Cologne Alfonso d'Este visited Rome for the first time in half of a decade. Sforza indirectly accused d'Este of possessing connections to a terrorist conspiracy against Rome. After initially failing to prove her theory, Sforza was placed under house arrest and the Carabinieri were ordered to monitor the activities of her AX agents. Nightroad was arrested by several special policemen for assisting Sforza during her confrontation with the archbishop. On the way to the Carabinieri Headquarters, he was interrogated by Lieutenant Jiroramo Montesecco; a vindictive officer of the Carabinieri who enjoyed the use of intimidation and torture more than his colleagues, Montesecco removed one of Nightroad's fingernails before threatening to remove the remaining nine nails unless the priest confessed to being a terrorist and traitor. Before the lieutenant could conduct a full interrogation, AX agents Leon Garcia de Asturias and Tres Iqus ambushed the Carabinieri and rescued Nightroad. None of the special policemen were killed, although Montesecco and a master sergeant sustained severe injuries.[1]




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