979 AD[1]


Brussels—also known as "Brouscella" ("fortress in the middle of the swamp")—a Terran city-state in Western Europe, as well as the historic capital of Belgium, is one of the four member states of the Four City-State Alliance. Although the city is primarily composed of a human population, the Brussels underworld is dominated by the Methuselah clan of Thierry Darsus, Count of Brussels.


In ancient times, Brussels was the capital of the sovereign state of Belgium.[1] Prior to the Armageddon of 2124 AD and the subsequent formation of the Four-City Alliance, Belgium became part of the territory of the Netherlands.[3][4] After the nuclear apocalypse, Brussels established a mutual alliance with three commercial cities—Amsterdam, Antwerp and Bruges—also located in the Netherlands. As a result, the four cities entered into a loose union known as the Four-City Alliance.[3] With its status as the center of economic activity, Brussels ultimately became the leading power in the Alliance. By the mid-31st century AD, Brussels was publicly known for its level of peace, prosperity and liberty. However, the city was also the site of a criminal underworld dominated by the Methuselah clan of Thierry Darsus, Count of Brussels.[2]




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