TyA TyA 23 March 2020

Your New Wiki Manager

Hello everyone, I'm TyA and I'm your wiki's new Wiki Manager. My job involves helping your community be its very best and to serve as a liaison between the wiki and full time fandom staff. If you all ever need any help, such as with wiki bots, templates, or just anything, feel free to leave a message on my wall or message me on Discord (@ty#0768) and I'll do my best to assist you.

Please note that I don't take the place of the admins of this wiki! I'm just another means of support. :)

I'm looking forward to working with you all! ~tya 10:59, March 23, 2020 (UTC)

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Smcandy10 Smcandy10 22 March 2018

More updates in manga Chapter/Act summaries.

If anyone free to help update more of the English translates summaries for the most of chapter/Acts that have been updated in English. The last translation was done for bloody Mary Act. Not all the manga chapters have been updated on the wikia in summaries. Is there anyone with the time to do so?

That is another topic I have seen that has not been updated in long time.

Excluding Lamy Steppenwolf has her hands full with other TB stuff that needs updating here unless she states it others is there anyone else on this wikia willing to do this task?

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BuffaloBorgine BuffaloBorgine 6 April 2015

Who is Mimal in Chapter 23 Straight to Hell?

Ok, I have just read through the manga again and at chapter 23, I found a very intriguing character - Mimal, a Terran merchant who helped Ion, Abel and Esther get back to the Empire. He doesn't have much role in the whole chapter but there is something about him that puzzled me. 

1. Ion said that he bumped into him, a Terran merchant with a ship who is, unclearly, said to have some kind of acquaintance relationship with the Duchess of Moldova, Mirka Fortuna. How could it possibly be some Terran that is so generous in the middle of the sea with a huge merchant ship in a so easy way like that?

2. When Ion said that he was going to check the mansion, Mimal was to tell him something, but perhaps, after thinking, he decides to just gave Ion a "Ta…

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BuffaloBorgine BuffaloBorgine 24 November 2014

Some very, very twisted connundrums...

I just have read Trinity Blood for three years and I'm still following it.

Upon reading the manga series, the novel and watching the anime, I found a lot of differences in those three versions. And one of the most puzzling question I have is that "What species is Isaak Fernand von Kampfer?". Neither versions of Trinity Blood gives me a clear answer. Isaak is described as a mysterious man with powerful ability, yet, it is unclear whether he is Methuselah or human. As I'm editing about him, I really want to have a clear answer about this.

The second question is about Guderian. He doesn't even have a single appearance in the anime version. His fate in the novel is also unclear. While in the manga version, arc Throne of Rose, chapter 52 Much Ado…

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