Beyond the Limit is the 3rd chapter of Trinity Blood Manga. The title is based on the 1983 British drama film of the same name.
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There is a bright flash on the sky, as something comes down from it. Esther, Dietrich and Abel head quickly to Gyula's mansion, whre they find Count Gyula waiting for them. Revealing to them that the flash that the just saw was from a satellite, called "Star of Sorrow". Esther shoots at Gyula, but he catches the arrow with ease while throwing it back at her. Abel steps between them and catches it with ease. Introducing himself to Gyula and asking him to stop the "Star of Sorrow". Gyula does not agree with Abel, being angry towards the vaticans, as they burned his wife alive, because she was married to a vampire.

Gyuka reveals that the next target for an attack is Vatican and asks from Dietrich if everything is ready. This suprises Abel and Esther, while Dietrich confirms that everything is ready for the second shot. As Esther drops her weapon, Dietrich gives Esther his pistol. Gyula taunts Esther more about Dietrich turning out to be a traitor, which angers poor Esther, who shoots. But hits Abel instead of Gyula, who falls onto the ground. Falling in despair, Esther sits on the ground, while Gyula orders Dietrich to return back to his work with the star. Dietrich

Abel recovering after being shot by Esther

leaves, but not before telling to Guyla, that in the state Esther is now, her blood should be rather tasty.

Gyula walks over to Esther, commenting how her despair is now beautiful even, before leaning closer to bite her neck. When suddenly Gyula is shot by Abel, who is not dead. Esther hugs Abel, saying how she thought that she had been left all alone. Abel assured to Esther that he is not going to anywhere, going to be by her side. Standing up, Abel gets serious. Telling to Esther that is the only one who can go after Dietrich now, while he would stay behind with Gyula. Esther understands and runs after Dietrich, while Gyula stands up from ground as well. Both agreeing that they need to end this fight right now. Gyula attacks Abel while using 'acceleration' ability, but misses. Abel being behind him now and turns into his Crusnik form. Suprising Gyula, who has heard rumors about creature like Abel. Attacking Abel again, Abel holds onto Gyula's hand, asking him to stop. Not wanting to hurt the vampire anymore than this already. When Gyula stabs Abel through his stomach with his ribbed off arm. Abel falling to the ground, while Gyula says that he has to keep on living by any means neccecary.



  • "Maria... This day has finally come. The day when idiotic terrans souls will be clensed of their sins." (Gyula)
  • "'God's judgement'... wouldn't that too be a fitting name, sister? (Gyula to Esther about the "Star of Sorow")
  • "Their mouths chant phrases of love and peace as they coldly hunt us down. My wife... Maria, was burned to death. The Vatican priests had gone mad." (Guyla to Abel)
  • "You are wrong, Esther. It was fun because you are such a simpelton." (Dietrich about betraying Esther)
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