Personal information
Residence: Byzantium of the New Human Empire
Gender: Male
Species: Methuselah
Occupation: Chief of the Yenceri
Weapon(s): He Who Breaks Spinal Cords
Affiliation(s): New Human Empire
Other information
Novel debut: Capital of the Night
Manga debut: Act. 23 Straight to Hell
Anime debut: The Night Lords I. The Return of Envoy
Japanese seiyū: Naoya Uchida
English V.A.: Bob Carter

Baybars, Duke of Khartoum is the Captain of the Yenceri, the royal guards of the New Human Empire. As the bodyguard of the Empress, he is an aggressive and skilled fighter.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Baybars has dark skin, black dreadlocks and a black beard.

He is seen wearing his red armor.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Baybars is loyal to the Empress: he acts for her and apparently tries to arrest Ion, although whether he truly intended to do this or not is unclear, as he states (in the manga) after refusing the soldiers permission to pursue the 'fugitives', to "Break a leg... Laddie". The stage term for wishing good luck seems to indicate an act. He also pretends that Mirka is the Empress and looks after her, as she is an important friend of the Empress, indicating deep knowledge of his Empress' plans. In the end he shows up to save Astharoshe Asran and Abel Nightroad so that they could make it to the palace, which saved the lives of at least Ion and possibly Esther as well.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

Empress of the Night / The Night Lords Arc[edit | edit source]

Baybars is first sent with other Yenceri, ostensibly to capture Ion Fortuna for murdering Mirka Fortuna (Ion's grandmother).

Later on, in the Dewan (court) with other Methuselah boyare (nobility) and Empress, Baybars formally brings the charges of Ion for murdering Mirka.

When Astheroshe Asran and Abel Nightroad sneak into the palace through the underground catacombs, Baybars saves them from Dietrich von Lohengrin's autojägers, allowing the two to pass safely into the palace.

Mirka gleefully explains to her grandson that they had known about the extremists for a long time, but had no evidence to trap them. Ion clarfies whether she meant she had used her own grandson as bait, to which the Duchess replies she did, and then asks if anything is wrong. Ion is comedically vexed at all of this, but instantly backs down when Mirka questions if he was unhappy about her plan. Mirka hugs him and says he just missed an opportunity to let her tease him. Baybars explains to Astharoshe that that was how the Duchess expresses her love, before commenting Astharoshe Asran's new short hair.

Mirka Fortuna enlists him to help at her household, which cause his hair to comedically turn white.

Mark of a Lady Saint / Imitation Star Arc[edit | edit source]

Side Story: Together with Grandmother[edit | edit source]

Baybars and Ion spar as the younger Lord thinks about the news of Shahrazad al-Rahman's death. The Count does a back flip and lands on his feet, which catches the attention of his grandmother, who thinks he looked like a cat. The story ends with Baybars and Ion forced to wear cat-eared headbands.

Anime[edit | edit source]


Baybars makes his first appearance after the explosion at the Duchess of Moldova's mansion. He states that he has come to arrest Ion for the crime of murder.  Ion's attempt to fight Baybars proves futile, at which point Abel creates a diversion which buys just enough time for him, Ion, and Esther to escape from Baybars. Later he would engage Dietrich's puppets in a secret entrance of the Imperial Palace.

After the death of the Duke of Tigris, Baybars makes a final appearance at the Duchess of Moldova's residence as part of the Empress's security team where he would see Father Abel Nightroad and Esther Blanchett off as they left for the Vatican.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Baybars or Baybars (Arabic: أبو الفتوح) (1223 – 1 July 1277) was the fourth Sultan of Egypt from the Mamluk Bahri dynasty. He was one of the commanders of the Egyptian forces that inflicted a devastating defeat on the Seventh Crusade of King Louis IX of France. He also led the vanguard of the Egyptian army at the Battle of Ain Jalut in 1260, which marked the first substantial defeat of the Mongol army, and is considered a turning point in history. Baibars' reign marked the start of an age of Mamluk dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean, and solidified the durability of their military system. He managed to pave the way for the end of the Crusader presence in the Levant, and reinforced the union of Egypt and Syria as the region's pre-eminent Arab and Muslim state, able to fend off threats from both Crusaders and Mongols. As Sultan, Baibars also engaged in a combination of diplomacy and military action, which allowed the Mamluks of Egypt to greatly expand their empire.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I expect no defiance from you!"
  • "As one of your fellow Boyare... I do not wish to air another noble's dirty linen."
  • "How regrettable. With another hundred years of training you would've become a rather formidable opponent!"

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