Trinity Blood Wiki
Personal information
Aliases: Brother Bartholomaios (Inquisitor title & name)
Duo Iqus ("name")
HC-IIX (designation)
Residence: Vatican, Rome
Status: Destroyed
Gender: Masculine programming
Species: HC Series
Occupation: Inquisitor
Relative(s): HC-IIIX (artificial brother)
Weapon(s): Gun
Affiliation(s): Gepetto Garibaldi's rebellion (former)
Catholic Church
Vatican Papal State
Other information
Novel debut: Gunmetal Hound
Manga debut: Act. 11 Child Play (Mentioned only)
Act. 34.1 GUNMETAL HOUND Side Red Hellhound Blues
Japanese seiyū: Otoya Kawano (drama CD)

Bartholomaios, formally known as Duo Iqus, is a "Killing Doll" like Tres Iqus whose designation is HC-IIX. He is Tres' "brother" as both were part of the ten "HC Series" (homo caedelius) made by Professor Gepetto Garibaldi. Unlike Tres, Bartholomaios' body parts have been replaced several times over the years, resulting in the complete loss of his combat memory in the process. He is now a member of the Department of Inquisition, through which he is referred to as Brother Bartholomaios.


Brother Bartholomew has short, spiky brown hair. He has brown eyes just like Tres Iqus, Duo Iqus has wires going around him. He is taller and more muscular than Tres is.

His manga portrait features him with a grape vine where vine and wheat-ear have been frequently used as symbol of the blood and flesh of Christ.



Gunmetal Hound: Side Red: Hellhound Blues [The Rumors Surrounding the Disappearance of the Rabid Dog][]

The HC Series (homo caedelius) or "Killing Dolls" were designed to replace the main infantry force of the Holy Knights. After ten prototypes were created, the project was terminated when voices within the Vatican accused it of being inhumane. In response, their creator, Professor Gepetto Garibaldi rebelled against the Vatican using his creations as his enforcers in the year 655. The Vatican's Department of Foreign Affairs was was given jurisdiction over the situation, and Abel Nightroad was sent to deal with Garibaldi.

Abel destroyed nine of the ten cyborgs, and satisfied he could prove his creations were works of art, the Professor took his own life rather than submit to the Vatican's judgement. Tres Iqus, the only remaining Killing Doll, was given a chance to surrender by Abel, but Tres decided to attack. The attack proved futile however, and Tres was cut down just as his brothers had been reluctantly by Abel, confused why their blood was red. The cyborg does not recognize his blood to be his own, proclaiming he is a machine. As Tres sees nothing but his red blood, the Cardinal Caterina Sforza walks over to Tres, asking him to make a decision.

The scene abruptly cuts to the year 660. In Basilica of San Francesco D'Assisi, a man by the name of Dr. Martini makes a confession to Tres. Martini knows Tres was one of Professor Garibald's Killing dolls, and adds he is a technical officer who admired the professor very much. Tres frankly states that Martini created not machinery, but cyanide gas. The doctor tries to argue that both are actually weapons, but changes the subject back to his true motives: the protection of the AX.  Confused, Tres replies that Martini is in the custody and protection of the Vatican Army and the Department of Inquisition. An enraged Martini replies that he is running from the Inquisition because he made the cyanide gas illegally at their request, but now they want him dead to remove evidence they were ever involved. Three of his colleagues have already died, yet Tres simply replies that is his own problem. Martini is not dissuaded, and pique's the cyborg's interest when he reveals that he has made a copy of the gas production log - a log which Caterina desperately wants for leverage over Francesco di Medici. Tres accepts Martini's request without much hesitation, but just as Martini remarks how ironic it was he was receiving protection from the AX, he is brutally shot and killed by an unknown assailant.

Alarmed, Tres tries to locate the killer, only to come with the conclusion that such accuracy can only be performed by one of the HC series. The priest wonders why he was not killed, but retreats after hearing the sound of people approaching the church.


Later at nighttime, Tres infiltrates a building under the guise of a normal soldier to search for all data associated with Rocca Maggiore. The cyborg sees rooms labeled 'poisoned water' and 'waste fluid', then begins to recite Jeremiah 8:14 in Latin. Tres approaches a suspiciously labled barrel of "Hierem" isobutanol, a compound not dangerous enough to warrant the label of Hierem. The cyborg discovers Martini's files inside, but is quickly apprehended by the Carabinieri (special police). He drops his gun, but when the Carabinier's guards were lowered, the Gunslinger reaches for the gun behind his back and manages to shoot them before they could react. Tres demands an answer for why the Carabinieri were sent to a place not under their jurisdiction, to which the sergeant responds they were sent to capture Caterina's "mutt", to smear the Cardinal's reputation. Angered, the Gunslinger stomps on the sergeant once again, and asks who the killer of Martini was. The sergeant manages to say it was someone from the Department of Inquisition before he was shot and killed by an gun nearing Inquisition insignia.

Tres dodges the bullets from above. The subject revleas himself to be none other than Duo Iqus. Duo denies this, telling Tres his new name is Brother Bartholomaios of the Department of Inquisition.

Gunmetal Hound: I Wanna be Your Dog [Wish Upon a Star][]

The inquisitor quickly overpowers a shocked Tres Iqus, explaining to him that his superior strength and speed is because of the precision level of their components are different. Duo implants a cord from his neck to Tres as he explains his body has been restored many times over the years ever since the rebellion. The Inquisitor plans on destroying Tres' body and absorb his combat memory to boost his own levels.

Tres tries to resist but Duo tells him he is nothing but a defective unit. The AX Agent argues he is a machine, but Duo counters a machine is something that destroys the enemy when asked, something that Tres has failed many times by now. In a moment of confusion over his self-identity, Tres remembers Caterina Sforza, and that he is her gun. The Gunslinger manages to pick up his gun and shoot Duo, much to his surprise. Duo argues it is futile to fight him, but Tres shoots the hydrochloric gas and, unknowns to him, hydrogen peroxide. A great explosion occurs.

Tres wakes up and checks that everything is functioning as normal. He assumes Duo has fled, but begins to worry when he realizes he has not managed to retrieve what he was looking for. The cyborg believes he is affected by the virus and quickly dismisses those thoughts as meaningless intellect is a human prerogative, whereas he is a machine. Thoughts of his own existential crisis begin to creep into his head again, but Tres quickly remembers Caterina would suffer if he is caught.

Duo appears and begins to fight Tres all by himself. Cautious of the liquid oxygen surrounding them, Tres concludes he must stall Duo and escape, or the place will explode. The Gunslinger is stunned when Duo voices the exact thought out loud from Tres' mind, before he is held down and implanted with Duo's neck cord again.

Tres remembers seeing Caterina for the first time.

''''Tres recalls back to the year 655 when Cardinal Sforza first found him. As Tres lay bleeding on the ground, he was approached by Cardinal Sforza, who informed him that the wounds that Abel had dealt him would be fatal without immediate treatment. She wants him to make a choice: die here alone, or return as a human and continue living. Tres is perplexed, being born from machinery, and requests to be disposed of as a machine. Caterina kneels down in the pool of blood with Tres' head in her hands: in accordance to his wish, she will treat him as a machine. Every fragment of his being belongs now to her, and she orders him to continue living as a machine. Therefore, he is not allowed to be destroyed without her permission.

Tres destroys Duo.

Tres is thrilled to remember Caterina's words, but Duo interrupts him and dismisses it as nothing but meaningless data. The Inquisitor concludes prioritizing something so meaningless must mean Tres is defunct. Outraged that Duo labeled his memory as "garbage", Tres attacks him without holding back. Duo observers Tres must have removed his limitor, greatly increasing his strength but limiting his duration to fight to about 38.1 seconds. Tres counters he did how own calculations, and that Duo cannot win over him, as his battle memories have all been wiped clean - which was why he was after Tres' memories in the first place. The Gunslinger fights Duo, keeping a record of exactly how long he has been Caterina's possession. Just as it seemed like Duo has Tres' hand behind his back, Tres fires his own gun though his own arm, wounding the Inquisitor. Duo is stunned Tres was able to perform a prohibited operation, to which Tres replies he has deleted that data a long time ago. Duo proclaims Tres is not a machine as Tres blows his head off, to which Tres corrects he is a machine - he is her machine.


"Duo" is Latin for "two".

Bartholomaios is the Biblical Greek form of Bartholomew. His name is spelled as Bartholomaios in English in the original Japanese promotional material for the novels, but was rendered as Bartholomew in some official English translations.

Bartholomew is an Aramic name meaning "son of Talmai" (furrows ie rich in land, or "son of Ptolemy"). Like the other members of the Inquisition, Bartholomaios is named after an Apostle of Jesus, specifically Bartholomew the Apostle.