Balthasar von Neumann
Minitokyo Male Scans Trinity Blo-3
Personal information
Aliases: Basilisk
Gender: Male
Species: Methuselah
Relative(s): Melchior von Neumann (Brother)

Kaspar von Neumann (Brother)

Affiliation(s): The Rosenkreuz Orden (Rank 7=4)
Other information

Balthasar von Neumann, also known as  Basilisk,  is a Methuselah whose father was apparently a human. Balthasar lives in a castle together with his brothers. He is known to hate unnecessary violence, possessing an artistic nature and is a great tactician. Balthasar has the ability to generate a petrifying venom from his palm which can crystallize the living target. He can also petrify his own bodily fluids and fire them in needle-like projectiles. Balthasar is one of the few people Isaak respects, however, when Batlhasar conspires with Helga, Isaak kills them both.


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