In able for us to understand the story, we have to first understand what really happened 1000 years before the time in which Trinity Blood was set. The late author was able to leave scrapbooks and notes behind, which allowed us to see how the history of Trinity Blood started and how he would have wanted the story to end.

Red Mars ProjectEdit


It was around the year 2080, when the earth was experiencing a population boom. The earth already reached a population of 12 billion, and humans are finding it hard to allocate resources. Because of this, the United Nations decided to start a project that aimed to build colonies in Mars. They called this "The Red Mars Project" in which the whole world also participated. 100,000 people were sent to Mars, though their purpose is not to live there, but rather to prepare the Martian terrain for human inhabitants.

Test Tube BabiesEdit

The Test tube babies were created solely to be in charge of the Red Mars Project when the colonizers will be in Mars. They were genetically modified beings and age 1.5 times slower than a normal human being. Lilith Sahl was born in South Asia, Cain in Berlin, Abel in London and Seth in America.

The ArkEdit

The DiscoveryEdit

At one point, several colonizers did not like their leader, Abel Nightroad, for some reason. They plotted against him and they decided to lure him out of safe human grounds into the Martian wilderness. He was left alone and he was about to die as he was running out of oxygen, and only Lilith, came, in a car, to save him. However, Lilith's car broke down so they are both in danger. This is when they found a strange space ship and decided to explore it. The space ship saved them somehow from dying in the Martian terrains.

In the space ship, they found dead, preserved bodies of aliens. Some bodies seem to more preserved than others, in particular, the bodies of what seem to be the aliens with a high-ranking position. Their technology level seems to be extremely high as well, higher than that of Earth. This space craft came to be known as "The Ark".

Bacillus and CrusnikEdit

Martian people then took and examined the alien bodies. Seth was the one who discovered the Bacillus. This Bacillus is actually a nanomachine, in which can be integrated into the body. It allows that person's body to adapt to the harsher conditions of mars. The colonies decided to integrate this into their bodies, of course and gave them the ability to survive the Martian environment. In a sense, they became better than an ordinary human living in earth.

Seth also found another type of Bacillus, which has a cross-shape. She called this "Crusnik". It is so much harder to 'grow' these Crusniks, so much more difficult than growing the normal Bacillus. They failed many times trying to grow these things. After a terrible accident which involved Cain and another Colonizer, though, Seth came to a conclusion that the Crusnik nanomachines were only compatible with the genetically modified-humans (namely Seth, Lilith, Cain, and Abel).

Martian Civil WarEdit

Because the space ship discovery had such high technology, every other country wanted to gain possession of it. Among the colonizers were representatives of each country, and they all want to be the one in charge of the space ship. This started a Martian civil war, which eventually destroyed their space ship to return home, as well as their communication with earth.

Armageddon Edit

Meanwhile, because of the Bacillus, the world became very much interested in it. Everyone wanted to be able to integrate such things into their bodies as well. Thus, the Armageddon started. This left earth in a devastated state, wherein most of the world was destroyed by nuclear weapons. Only the continent of Europe was left, as it was mostly affected by biological weapons, hence even cathedrals were left standing. The human race was close to extinction. This happened around the year of 2100s.


After a while, the Martians decided to build another spacecraft to return home. This took well over 80 years. They modeled this spacecraft with "The Ark".

First ReturnersEdit

The first batch of human colonizers from Mars (they were referred to as "returners") looked for a relatively unpolluted place to park their spacecraft. They decide Europe and some surrounding area was the best. They parked their spacecraft above an African mountain (?) and created a lift/elevator from the Ark to the top of the mountain.

After that, they came out and try to see what has happened after the Armageddon. What they found out that time was the earth was a wreck, and all technology that civilization has achieved was lost to the war. Upon seeing this, the returners vowed to help their "fellow" human beings. They helped the humans rebuild what was left. Life returned to the old days, a reminiscent of the medieval ages.

However after a while, something occurred to the Bachilus/Bacillus. Because of the difference in the various conditions between earth and mars, the Bachilus/Bacillus has somehow mutated into something that consumes it's host's red blood cells. This brought about the need for blood of the host. Another effect was that they became very sensitive to the UV rays from the sun, hence they are unable to wander about during daytime. This, of course produced the symptoms of vampirism. The returners were killing earthlings, in as much as they don't want to. This created the rift between the earth inhabitants and the returners.

Second Returners ("Dark Ages") Edit

The second batch of returners came and they were very much against the human race, and this brought about a conflict, which almost left the humans crippled. The returners did initially have the advantage. A war broke out between the returners and the humans with the help of 'good' returners. This time came to be known as the "Dark ages".

Crusnik InvolvementEdit

At the point of second batch of returners came, Cain had already fused his mind 100% with the Crusnik and became Crusnik 01. Because of this, he started to want to destroy the world. All the Nightlord siblings were on the returner's side, apart from Lilith.

Seth, Abel, and Cain used their Crusnik power against the earth inhabitants. This literally killed millions and millions of people. Lilith got extremely upset because of this and she wanted to help the earth inhabitants. She then decided to fuse herself with the Crusnik and became Crusnik 04.

She went down and helped the earth inhabitants, she made contact with Grigori, the current Vatican pope at that time. She gave them technology and supplied electricity to Budapest, Istvan etc. She commanded an army, which encountered a battle with Seth, Cain and Abel's army in Paris, in which the three Nightlord siblings lost to her. At this point, Lilith and the earth people were winning.

The Murder of Crusnik 04Edit

Cain told Abel and Seth that he wanted to make peace and would like to talk to Lilith. In truth, he just really wanted to kill her. Lilith descended up the Ark to meet Cain, only to find out she was about to be killed. They battled for a while, Cain was heavily wounded during the incident, but Lillith was dead.

Abel found out about the lie that Cain did and that he had killed Lililth, and suddenly went berserk. He threw Cain out of the Ark and started destroying the Ark. Later, the remnants of the Ark could be seen at the night. People would refer the Ark as the "Vampire's Moon".

After making sure that Cain really thrown from the Ark, he descended with Lilith's body down to earth, and went to Rome. The body of Lilith was taken in by the Vatican, and buried in an underground cemetery. Abel guarded her tomb for 900 years from then on.

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