Autojager's shown in the manga

Autojäger (自動化猟兵 / アオト・イエーガー) also known as ('Death Hunters', affectionately referred by Dietrich) are dead Methuselah, whose brains have been removed and have been turned into a living dead soldier. Because they are dead, they feel no hunger or fatigue. Autojägers wear dark armor and black military overcoats, and they use huge steel axes as weapons. They are very strong and immune to silver, which is poison to a normal vampire. Although they are dead, they can still bleed.

Under their gas masks they have stark white faces and their eyes are sewn shut with thick thread. Their mouths appear to be cut with a knife.[1]

In the anime, these puppets are vampire corpses that are controlled using a lost technology that utilizes Dietrich's thin string-like living fibers transplanted on the skin. Once fused into the nervous system, the fibers sends out electrical impulses which allows the "puppeteer" to control his victim's nervous system and senses.


An autojäger without it's mask.

the novels they are undead cyborgs resurrected using lost technology. However his living fibers' ability to be used on living beings as well is found in both versions; this power forces the person under his control to perform tasks against their will and feel sensations such as pain and sexual stimulation. The manga simply mentions they are Methuselah with their frontal lobes removed.



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