The new Ark.

The Ark can refer to two things: the original technogically-advanced alien spaceship where the Kudlak Bacillus and Krusnik Bacillus were discovered[1], or the new spaceship above Earth's atmosphere modelled after the original by the Mars colonizers (also known as The Vampire's Moon by the people on Earth).[2] Note that most people in the main events of the series do not know of the origins of this moon.[3]

The Original ArkEdit

During the Red Mars Project, several Mars colonizers, who did not like Abel Nightroad, lured him into the Martian wilderness. Just as Abel was about to die from oxygen deprivation, Lilith rescues him, however, Lilith’s vehicle broke down on the way back. It was during this time that the two found a highly technologically advanced space ship, later named as The Ark.[4]

"The Ark" housed many dead, but preserved alien bodies, though the bodies of higher-ranked aliens appear to have been more well-preserved than the others. These bodies were later taken back and examined.

Upon examination, Seth discovered the Kudlak Bacillus and Crusnik Bacillus (which was named after their cross-like shape). However, the Crusnik Bacillus proved to be difficult to grow, and attempts to reproduce more were unsuccessful.

After the discovery of the Kudlak Bacillus and Crusnik Bacilli, every country wanted to gain possession of it and the spaceship they were found in (the original Ark). Due to the fact that every country had a colonizer representative, war broke out on Mars. The spaceship that the colonizers had used to travel between Mars and Earth, as well as the equipment used to communicate to Earth, were all destroyed in the process. At this time on Earth, there was a global war, known as Armageddon.[5]

The New ArkEdit

After eighty years, the colonizers (now Methuselah) were able to rebuild a spaceship and return to earth, modeled after the original Ark. Although they found the Earth in a state of ruin from the war, they were still determined to help their fellow humans to restore the land, from the relatively less damaged Europe. The Ark was stationed at the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, and became a governance center and resource center.

However, not long afterwards, these colonizers (or "returners") started killing humans for blood because of the kudlak bacillus in their blood, even against their will. Conflict started to arise between the humans on Earth and the colonizers. Cain, Abel and Seth joined the war and took the side of the "returners," with Abel and Seth infusing themselves with the Crusnik nanomachines. The Ark was final battleground for Cain and Lilith, which resulted in Lilith's death and Cain being pushed into the atmosphere below.[6]

The Ark requires the four Crusniks to power it, but it isn't stated why. Its weapon system is unknown, but Seth has a code to activate a powerful cannon, which destroyed Rome when Rome attacked one of the Methuselah cities. Cain however, wants to crash the Ark on Earth to destroy it.


The Ark is a reference to the Biblical Noah's Ark. Noah uses his Ark to save himself, his family, and a remnant of all the world's animals when God decides to destroy the world because of humanity's evil deeds.


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