Antwerp, a Terran city-state in Western Europe, as well as a historic and commercial port city in the Netherlands, is a member state of the Four-City Alliance. Although the city is primarily composed of a human population, the Antwerp underworld was dominated by the Methuselah clan of Hans Memlink, Count of Antwerp, until the count's death in 3060 AD.


Antwerp was an ancient commercial city[2] located in Belgium.[3] Prior to the Armageddon of 2124 AD, Belgium became part of the Netherlands.[2][4] Following the nuclear apocalypse, Antwerp joined three neighboring city-statesAmsterdam, Bruges, and Brussels—to establish the Four-City Alliance.[1] A loose union built on collective security,[2] the structure of the Alliance enabled Antwerp and its fellow member states to maintain most of their local autonomy as semi-independent districts.[5] Like the other city-states in the Alliance, Antwerp was one of the main sites of organized crime in the Alliance's territory. By the 31st century AD, the Antwerp branch of the criminal underworld was controlled by the Methuselah clan of Hans Memlink, Count of Antwerp and a member of the Count Four conglomerate.[1]




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