Angelina "Shark" Jolie
Personal information
Aliases: "Shark"
Gender: Female
Species: Methuselah
Other information
Manga debut: Gate Way to Heaven

Angelina "Shark" Jolie is a vampire who can turn into a mermaid. She works on ships to sing and put the passengers to sleep, so she can steal their blood and turn it into aqua vitae (blood pills) for vampires. Abel Nightroad and Esther Blanchett met her on a ship while they were heading to Vatican.

Angelina Jolie is not her real name, but the manga author described her as a character modeled after the actress named Angelina Jolie. He gave her a generic name as he could not think of any unique Western names. This same goes with Kung Fu. These two characters do not have official names and only appear in the manga.



Angelina's tattoo

Angelina has long, black hair with pearls all around her. She wears a light dress while she performs on the ships. She also has a tattoo of a shark on her inner thigh.



The Star of SorrowEdit

The Trip to the VaticanEdit

Angelina tries to kill Tres

Angelina is first seen on a ship singing to the people with Abel Nightroad, Hercules Tres Iqus and Esther Blanchett in the crowd. The three talk with the Professor William Walter Wordsworth about a rumor of the Saint Siren: A mermaid that lures a ship into a certain doom with her song. The Professor comments how the mermaid's song could sound just like Angelina's before they all fall asleep. Esther manages to see pair of fangs poking from Angelina's lips. The only one who doesn't fall asleep is Tres, as he is a machine. She lashes Tres with her blade and damages his arm even more, making it fall off.


Angelina's mermaid form

While Tres is paying attention to his arm, Angelina disappears and Tres goes to find her. When he is suddenly pulled underwater and Angelina's true form is revealed as being a type of vampire known as "mermaids". Tres comments that he cannot drown and that he won't die, he will just break. Angelina then attempts to destroy Tres, when someone shoots her arm. Abel appears and pulls Tres to the surface while leaving Angelina in water.

Angelina Captured by "Poseidon WWW"

Angelina soon recovers and this time pulls Abel down with her into the depths, inviting him to go look for the bullet he had shoot right through her. Abel politely declines but Angelina does not take no for an answer. As she drowns him, Abel is left with no other choice but use Crusnik, but hesitates knowing Esther will see him. Before he has to make that decision, both the vampire and himself are pulled up by a giant robot.Esther realizes this was the Professor's "child", the "Poseidon WWW". The robot stops working and falls down while still holding onto Angelina, who the priests take with them to Vatican.

The IblisEdit

The Very Center of the Blue StormEdit

Abel is briefly reminded of Angelica at the mention of pirates.


  • "You all are lucky... to be set asleep by this beautiful lullaby. Because while you are having sweet dreams, Fresh blood be squeezed out of your bodies. Then everything... will end."
  • (To Tres Iqus) "How stupid. A chunk of metal... Under the water... Is no match for a shark."
  • (To Abel Nightroad) "I really like jewellery. But what a waste it just went through. Could you go down to look for it at the bottom of the sea with me?"
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