Personal information
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Methuselah
Affiliation(s): Londinium
Other information
Manga debut: Act 49 Avalon
Japanese seiyū: Mai Nakahara
English V.A.: Luci Christian

Angelica is a young Methuselah who lives in the Ghetto of Londinium. There, she accidentally makes acquaintance with Pope Alessandro XVIII.

In the novels and the manga, she has a white rabbit named Perot. She uses a sketchbook to communicate as she cannot talk.



The Throne of Roses ArcEdit

Angelica first appears as one of the Methuselah children, singing with Vanessa Walsh where she watches as Abel Nightroad accidentally stumbles into the room and fall upon Vanessa, who then nearly kills him if not for the intervention of Virgil Walsh.[1]

Later when Father Nightroad wakes up after recuperating from his injuries, he mistakes Angelica for an enemy and nearly shoots her. Vanessa explains that Angelica is a good-natured Methuselah who has yet to awaken. Abel assumes she is shy as she had not spoken to him, but Vanessa explains she is mute, having not been able to talk since an incident three years ago, where her parents were murdered before her eyes.

Vanessa gives an account of how Angelica lived with her parents on the outskirts of Bohemia, got along well with the Terrans and she was harbored by a kind Bishop. However, after he died, a "fanatic" priest was sent as his replacement. The new priest incited the villagers to annihilate their entire clan, kill their livestock, and draw blood from those who died from illnesses. Vanessa blames this on their ignorance. Angelica's parents were killed with the house burnt down and stakes driven in their hearts, and Angelica would have suffered the same fate had Virgil not been there. Abel becomes upset after noticing that Angelica still wears a crucifix after all she had been through.


Alessandro blesses Perot.

Esther Blanchett and Pope Alessandro XVIII arrive in the Ghetto, Angelica approaches them and asks the Pope to bless her rabbit Perot, who is unwell. Esther introduces herself and knowing the Pope might be intimidated, and offers to pray for Perot instead. Angelica declines the offer, arguing she was taught the Pope is "the greatest person in the world, because he sits in the palace closest to God." Alessandro is surprised and embarrassed at the compliment, and confesses other people look down upon him. Angelica becomes upset and offers to fight those people on Alessandro's behalf. Surprised with a new sense of determination, Alessandro offers to bless the rabbit, much to the delight of Angelica. Virgil comments he will give the rabbit some antibiotics afterwards.

Vanessa soon arrives with the report of the artillery shell, and Virgil explains to Esther that the shell matches those used by the Germanicus infantry. Vanessa comments that it must mean someone from Germanicus wants Esther dead, and Virgil adds that it would be difficult for an ordinary hitman to procure the official military machines guns. Vanessa orders Angelica to go home, and shouts at her when she refuses. The Pope stands up for her, and Virgil tries to reason with Vanessa. But Vanessa grabs Virgil and knocks him out with a shot of silver and morphine. A confused Virgil questions her, to which she responds that she has grown impatient of his "lukewarm methods." Vanessa then explains to the group that her informants have told her that Mary has teamed up with The Inquisition and will destroy the Ghetto soon, and that she will use The Lady Saint and The Pope to buy more time.

Abel tries to convince Vanessa to stop, but Vanessa does not relent and threatens to kill him. Esther grips her gun and tries to rationalize that Vanessa will only make any Methuselah-Terran negotiations more difficult, as it is exactly the excuse the military on the surface is looking for. Vanessa simply shrugs it off, retorting that time for "her kind" has run out, as her informants have told her that Bloody Mary has joined forces with the Inquisition. Mary will destroy the Methuselah and campaign for the throne as she is an illegitimate daughter, Vanessa explains, much to Esther's surprise. The nun questions why Mary's illegitimacy would cause her to destroy the Ghetto, but before Vanessa could finish explaining that Mary intends to gather support from the Vatican by doing the Inquisition's bidding, Abel suddenly pulls out his gun and aims it directly at Alessandro and Angelica. The priest fires despite Vanessa and Esther's objections, but to their surprise, it is the wall that Abel fired at, which had a secret policeman hiding behind it.

An army of secret police suddenly arrive with guns ablaze. Vanessa attacks them and suspects Esther and Abel to be the ones who informed them of the Pope's location. The two deny it but Vanessa is not convinced. Suddenly, the ground beneath them begins to shake. Video screens reveal that the entire Ghetto is invaded by troops, armored motor suits, and the Albion military. Vanessa curses Bloody Mary as the scene unfolds and takes her leave as Angelica watches. Abel asks where she is going, but Vanessa cryptically answers that the Ghetto, her home, has been destroyed, and that "betrayal has opened [her] eyes". The Methuselah vanishes before Abel remarks to himself that Vanessa plans on "using that" and destroy the whole of Londinium, which does not go unnoticed by Esther. Esther asks Abel what "that" is, but Abel simply smiles at her and tells her to stay there, before running off after Vanessa. The nun stares as the priest leaves before desolately remarking to herself that Abel knows many things she does not know, and believes there are many things she should not know of. Alessandro's voice suddenly interrupts her train of thought. Angelica stays with the Pope after he convinces Esther to leave them so she could help Abel.

Alessandro watches Angelica as the Ghetto is invaded. The young girl clutches his hand and smiles at him. Later, Petros appears with Mary as the Albion Army invades the Ghetto. Captain Howard, armed with his robotic battle-suit, begins to attack Angelica and the Pope but is told to halt on the orders of Mary. Petros is astonished to find Alessandro and begins to cry uncontrollably. Mary and Howard decide to leave Petros to take care of the Pope, to which the Knight adds he will help the rest of the army later. Howard dismisses the idea and demonstrates his prowess by unrelentlessly attacking the young Methuselah Angelica. Howard rationalizes the Pope must be confused as the young man begs them to stop. Petros reveals the Army plans to destroy all the Ghetto vampires by unleashing the flood gates, and that he alone cannot change the Albion Army. Remembering Havel's words, the Pope defiantly jumps in front of Angelica and declares he will not leave until everyone else is also on the surface.

Petros watches in stunned silence as Alessandro stands his ground as he begs the army to change their minds, arguing the Methuselah were not criminals and simply want to live in peace. His speech is interrupted as Howard picks up Alessandro by the back of his blazer. The Pope screams for Howard to stop as he raises his axe to swing down on Angelica as Petros solemnly watches, but the Knight intervenes in the last second, simply stating the Captain is acting disrespectfully towards the Pope.

A shocked Captain Howard asks Petros if he has gone mad. The Knight denies this, before ordering the Howard to unhand his Holiness. The Inquisitor makes attempts to convince Mary and Howard to leave as they have found the Pope, while he continues alone to search for The Lady Saint. Mary is not persuaded by him and counters that the only way to ensure Alessandro's safety would be to exterminate the vampires, and that he himself would be in trouble if Cardinal di Medici heard of this. Petros retorts that it is his holy duty and top priority to protect the Pope, which cannot be accomplished while exterminating vampires, and comically adds that Alessandro has already been injured by pointing to a scrape on his forehead. A panicked Howard warns Petros that his excuses don't justify a retreat, and that he will not be exempt from punishment, even if he is the Chief of the Department of Inquisition. The Inquisitor admits he already knows, but here before him stands an honorable man who has entreated him, and that ignoring his pleas would make him no longer a Knight who walks the path of God.

The Knight announces will take responsibility for everything, moving Alessandro to tears. The Pope recalls Havel's words that as long as he has ambition, and as long as he had that, he was not powerless. The Inquisitor declares witnessing Alessandro's change has touched him, and that he regrets nothing, even if he were to be burned at the stake.

Outraged, Howard attacks Petros for his betrayal and attacks him against the orders of Mary. The smoke clears and it appears the Knight had vanished, only to suddenly reappear with his weapon drawn. The Inquisitor managed to attack Howard and rescue Alessandro from his clutches in one swing.

Relieved that Alessandro is saved, Petros turns to Mary and apologizes for what he has done to her subordinate. The Knight asks her to help him, but Mary smugly retorts that it would mean she would also share the responsibility of disobedience. The Inquisitor admits his shame but attempts to rationalize the situation with her, only for the Colonel to use his words against him, declaring that he understood the situation yet is still urging for the cease of the operation. She justifies that this leaves her no choice but to arrest him on the suspicion of desertion and espionage.

Petros protects the Pope as Mary attacks him using her robotic battle suit. Her sudden "haste mode" catches him off guard and he is knocked out. Mary orders the rest of the army to protect the Pope as she and continues her mission herself.

The Crown of Thorns ArcEdit

Angelica is shown next to Virgil, who was tied up in chains and injected with silver nitrate in the tower. The Pope, who lied about having permission from Sister Paula to "interrogate" the "vampires". The Pope persuades a shocked Brother Andrew to leave him alone in his interrogation, and begins to apologize to a barely-conscious Virgil. Courteous as always, the Earl is embarrassed to be shown in such a state in front of such an important person who took such great efforts to see him, but Alessandro continues apologizing for the torture the Earl has endured. Virgil explains he knows it is all part of Colonel Spencer's plan and he bears no grudge toward Alessandro, but begs the Pope to leave as his presence will hurt his public image. Alessandro agrees but hands Virgil a paperclip and blueprints of the Tower, revealing he has an eidetic memory after seeing the blueprints six years ago. A stunned Virgil immediately recognizes Alessandro's rare "gift of God" while Alessandro begins to cry while apologizing. The Earl smiles and thanks the Pope for all he has done, assuring him that he will be able to escape - or at least free Angelica. The Pope leaves as he hears Brother Andrew sneeze, before leaving a message for Angelica that her rabbit, Perot, is alright. Virgil smiles and thanks him.

Outside the cell, the Pope pretends he couldn't interrogate anything useful from Virgil to Brother Andrew. Andrew prepares to leave when suddenly an unknown voice in the dark points out the Pope is in a very dangerous place. The owner of the voice slams Andrew onto the ground and murders the soldiers and their guide. Imprints appear as Sweeney Todd's feet stand upon the soldiers, which Alessandro correctly identifies as an invisible field. Todd makes it clear he intends to kill the Pope and asks for a blessing for his Regiment, but just as he is about to make a killing, the soldier is suddenly he is kicked in the gut by Virgil. Todd identifies Virgil as the meddling "General of Monsters". The Earl admits he is of low birth, but takes pride in his status as a knight of the Queen, and rhetorically asks if he could watch as the Pope is killed.

Virgil fights Sweeney Todd. Todd doubts Virgil can fight now that his strength has been dampened to that of a human because of the silver nitrate injected, but Virgil counters that he has been training for centuries. Virgil appears to have the upper hand, but Todd manages to overpower him, revealing that his skin is both sword and bulletproof. The former Albion soldier reveals he has been brought back to life by the "Queen of the Dead" to kill people like Virgil. Todd explains to the confused Methuselah that he will not die there, but instead will be framed for the murder of the Lady Saint and the Queen. Just as it seemed like Virgil would be killed, Tres Iqus appears and shoots down Todd.


  • The name Angelica means "Angel; Like an angel" and/or "angelic" in Latin.
    • It can also mean "messenger of God" or "angel", which is descended from άγγελος (ángelos) in Greek.



  1. Trinity Blood Act. 49 Avalon.

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