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Brother Andreas
Personal information
Residence: Vatican
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Inquisitor
Affiliation(s): Department of Inquisition
Other information
Manga debut: Act. 11 Child Play (mentioned)
Act. 49 Avalon
Japanese seiyū: Jun Fukuyama (drama CD)

Andreas, also referred to as Brother Andreas, is the youngest member of the Department of Inquisition. He holds doctoral degree in mechanical engineering.[1] His mobile armor is called 'St. Michael's Armor'.

Brother Andreas respects and is respected by Petros Orsini, the Chief of the Inquisition.



The Throne of Roses Arc[]

Pope Alessandro XVIII arrives in Albion some time after Esther Blanchett. The nun welcomes the Pope, who is quickly uttered away by Brother Petros Orsini. At that moment, Mary arrives to inform Esther she has new information regarding the disappearance of Abel Nightroad in the slums. Brother Petros is upset that the priest did not come to greet the Pope, while Alessandro expresses concern over his disappearance. Esther informs the Pope she hadn't seen Abel all morning, and Alessandro requests Petros to go look for him, assuming the two were friends. Shocked, the Knight turns to Esther and tells her to ask her own department for help, but she calmly replies the other people are occupied. The Knight accidentally lets it slip that he's on an important mission assigned by Cardunal Francesco di Medici, Sister Paula Souwauski interrupts him and simply tells Esther the Vatican was planning to build a new church in Londinium. Petros 'apologizes' to Esther for being unable to help, but the Pope apologizes in return for asking so much from such a busy person like himself.

Stung by the Pope's sad expression, Petros begins to panic. Paula interrupts once again and informs him to follow the Pope's Holy Decree while she takes care of the mission. A passionate Brother Andrew also appears and offers to do everything in his power to serve him in his absence. Moved by his words, a reenergized and swears to bring the "useless oaf" back, and shall he not return, he'll serve his head on a platter. Alessandro just stares in silent shock.[2] An outraged Andrew is later seen in with Mary Spencer and Sister Paula the Diogenes club. Andrew had recently discovered not only the existence of the Ghetto, but the Pope 'kidnapped' there as well.

Paula asks if Mary Spencer has made any preparations for the rescue operation for the Pope and Lady Saint, to which she replies she has: by flooding area B-VIII. Paula is satisfied with the plan, but Brother Andrew is still angered and wants to hold Albion responsible for secretly housing vampires. Mary calmly responds that The Vatican has no proof that they have been purposefully betrayed mankind by harboring vampires. Mary retorts that Albion is just a victim, and that the only accusation Brother Andrew can only accuse them of poor security at best. Andrew becomes even more outraged, and accuses Mary of feigning ignorance, as it was not possible to not know about a civilization beneath their feet. Paula sides with Mary and apologizes for Andrew's conduct, much to his shock and dismay. Paula delegates the rescue mission to Mary, to which she obliges. Andrew is surprised to see the arrival of Brother Petros, and learns with everyone else in the room that Esther Blanchett is the true heir to the throne.

The Crown of Thorns[]

Pope Alessandro XVIII and Brother Andrew are accompanied by a guide and several soldiers on a tour of the Tower of London. Brother Andrew cannot believe Sister Paula had allowed the Pope to "interrogate" the "vampires", but the Pope successfully lies to him, saying the nun granted the favor because he personally requested it.

The group walk up to a cell. Virgil is shown to be tied up in chains and injected with silver nitrate alongside Angelica in the tower. The Pope persuades a shocked Brother Andrew to leave him alone in his interrogation, and begins to apologize to a barely-conscious Virgil. Courteous as always, the Earl is embarrassed to be shown in such a state in front of such an important person who took such great efforts to see him, but Alessandro continues apologizing for the torture the Earl has endured. Virgil explains he knows it is all part of Colonel Spencer's plan and he bears no grudge toward Alessandro, but begs the Pope to leave as his presence will hurt his public image. Alessandro agrees but hands Virgil a paperclip and blueprints of the Tower, revealing he has an eidetic memory after seeing the blueprints six years ago. A stunned Virgil immediately recognizes Alessandro's rare "gift of God" while Alessandro begins to cry while apologizing. The Earl smiles and thanks the Pope for all he has done, assuring him that he will be able to escape - or at least free Angelica. The Pope leaves as he hears Brother Andrew sneeze, before leaving a message for Angelica that her rabbit, Perot, is alright. Virgil smiles and thanks him.

Outside the cell, the Pope pretends he couldn't interrogate anything useful from Virgil to Brother Andrew. Andrew prepares to leave when suddenly an unknown voice in the dark points out the Pope is in a very dangerous place. The owner of the voice slams Andrew onto the ground and murders the soldiers and their guide.


Brother Andreas' name is rendered as Brother Andrew in the manga.[3]

The name comes from "man" in Greek. Like the other members of the Inquisition, Andrew was named after Saint Andrew, one of the twelve Apostles.



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