Amsterdam cityscape, mid-31st century AD.


27 October 1275 AD[1]

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Oude Kerk[2]


Christianity (Roman Catholicism)[2]


"Amsterdam happens to be one of the four cities that fall under the watch of the four counts."
Caterina Sforza[src]

Amsterdam, a Terran city-state in Western Europe, as well as the historic capital of the Netherlands, is one of the four member states of the Four-City Alliance. Although the city is primarily composed of a human population, the Amsterdam underworld was dominated by the Methuselah clan of Carrel van der Verf, Count of Amsterdam, until the count's death in 3060 AD.


"I see… So Sword Dancer annihilated the vampires of Amsterdam."
"Yes. He informed me that he was moving on to Antwerp."
Caterina Sforza and Kate Scott[src]

In the Post-Armageddon era, the city-state of Amsterdam entered into a mutual alliance with three nearby commercial cities—Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels—forming the Four-City Alliance in the combined area of Belgium and the Netherlands.[3] In addition to the Alliance, Amsterdam had close ties with the Catholic Church. Due to the political and military power of the Vatican Papal State, the sovereign state of the Church, the Methuselah-controlled Amsterdam underworld maintained a policy of non-aggression against the Vatican.[2]

In 3060 AD, several members of the clergy were murdered by vampires in the Oude Kerk. The massacre of church workers on holy ground was regarded as a crisis by not only the Amsterdam clan, but also the vampire clans in the other three member city-states of the Alliance. Fearing the Vatican's retaliation would extend to all vampires living in the Alliance, the Count Four—a tetrarchy of the four counts who governed the secret Methuselah minority in the Alliance's territory—was determined to discover the identity of the vampire responsible for the attack on the Church. As the count of Amsterdam, Carrel van der Verf oversaw the investigation.[2]

Amsterdam 2

Amsterdam, one of the four member city-states of the Alliance.

Around the same time, the Vatican Ministry of Holy Affairs conducted its own inquiry into the incident in Amsterdam, dispatching AX agent Hugue de Watteau to conduct the Vatican investigation. Both investigations ultimately led Count Amsterdam and Watteau to discover the identity of the sole survivor of the massacre—Agnes de Watteau, a novice nun employed at the Oude Kerk.[4] Despite Hugue's attempt to protect Agnes, chiefly by sending her to Rome, the nun refused to leave Amsterdam. As a result of her recklessness and unwillingness to comply with Hugue's advice, both the priest and nun were captured and brought to the count's residence.[2]

The interrogation of Sister Agnes led to Count Amsterdam's discovery of the vampire responsible for the attack on Oude Kerk; Hans Memlink, Count of Antwerp and a member of the Count Four. Before Amsterdam could expose Antwerp's treachery, however, he was killed by Hugue in retaliation for attacking Agnes. Hugue ultimately saved Agnes' life, departing for Antwerp after exterminating the entire vampire clan of Amsterdam.[4]




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