Alfonso d'Este
Alfonso d'Este.jpg
Personal information
Aliases: II Furioso
Il Ruinante
Status: Arrested by AX agents
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Leader of the cardinals (former)
Director of the Department of Inquisition (former)
Foreign Affairs Minister (former)
Archbishop of Cologne
Relative(s): Pope Alessandro XVIII (nephew)
Cardinal Francesco di Medici (nephew)
Cardinal Caterina Sforza (niece)
Team: Rosenkreuz Orden
Other information
Novel debut: RAMII: Silent Noise.
Japanese seiyū: Takashi Taniguchi
English V.A.: John Swasey
"Alfonso. Now where have I heard that name before? Ah, now I remember—that pitiful old man who lost to his nephew at the Conclave. Isn't he cowering somewhere out of the country?"
Leon Garcia de Asturias[src]

Alfonso d'Este, formerly the Archbishop of Cologne, is the Terran male leader of the Neue Vatican—an insurrectionist movement against the Catholic Church and the Vatican Papal State. As the younger brother of the late Pope Gregorio XXX, d'Este is the uncle of Pope Alessandro XVIII, Cardinal Francesco di Medici and Cardinal Caterina Sforza.

Prior to his rebellion against the Vatican, d'Este became one of the most influential members of the clergy through an array of powerful titles and positions. During his brother's Papacy, he was the leader of the College of Cardinals, the director of the Department of Inquisition, and the head of the Ministry of Holy Affairs. A strict man with zero tolerance for corruption and decadence, d'Este gained the nickname "Il Furioso as a result of his policies, which included burning corrupt church workers and establishing abysmal relations with the common lords. After revealing his treachery as the ringleader of the Neue Vatican uprising, the self-proclaimed "Pope Alfonso" gained the nickname "Il Ruinante."

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After losing the papal election of 3055 AD to his child nephew, his hatred and a desire for revenge caused him to hire the Rosenkreuz Orden to create an ultimate weapon which he could use to destroy Rome and kill his niece and nephews. Unsatisfied with the first test of the Silent Noise machine, he has Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer test on the city of Barcelona. Abel Nightroad and Sister Noélle Bor learn of the plot, but are unable stop it. The machine levels the city and Noélle is killed during the attack. Satisfied with the test, Alfonso d'Este delivers the machine to Rome under the guise of a goodwill reunion with his family. The AX agents, suspicious of his sudden about face in light of recent events, are able to stop the city from being completely destroyed and arrest Alfonso. In the novels, however, he is allowed to escape.

In the novels, it is revealed that his master plan was to purge the church of the unworthy, by destroying Rome. He planned to rebuild the Vatican in Cologne, with a newly appointed clergy chosen personally by him. He later resurfaces in the city of Borno, having convinced many church workers to join his new organization, named "New Vatican." Having taken Alessandro hostage, the Archbishop attempts to crown himself as Pope of his "New Vatican" but his plans are eventually thwarted by the AX.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Alfonso I d'Este (21 July 1476 – 31 October 1534), was the name of the Duke of Ferrara. He married Anna Sforza Anna Sforza, a relative of Caterina Sforza.

Il furioso translates to "The Madman", possibly a reference to "Il furioso all'isola di San Domingo", a "romantic melodramma" composed by Gaetano Donizetti.

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