Agamemnon is the Count of Mycenae and the captain of the Nereiades, a warship entrusted to him by the Empress.

He has sailed the whole of the Imperial territory — from Carthage in the west to the Black Area of the Black Sea Coast to the east.


In Crete, Radu and Dietrich board his ship, disguised as Ion and Abel. After six of his crewmembers go missing, Agamemnon decides to check the storeroom, where "Ion"'s luggage is stored. It is the only place on the ship they haven't searched, because "Ion" has ordered them not to, and by Imperial decree, his order's have the same effect as the words of the Empress.

He orders his navigator and chief sailor to accompany him, when he opens the storeroom, as is protocol. Inside, they find over forty small wooden boxes. Agamemnon notices a bloodstain and removes the floor boards. Below them are the mummified remains of the six missing crewmembers.

Just when he wants to go talk to "Ion," "Abel" appears and wants to stop him. After Autojäger jump out of the boxes and kills his men, Agamemnon is attacked and burned to death by "Ion."


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