Trinity blood vol02 ch05
The 5th chapter of Trinity Blood Manga.


Kung Fu and Dietrich are talking about Gyula's death, Dietrich mentions that the man that killed Gyula was once called "The God of Slaughtering". While Kung Fu does not think much of the man who has killed his old friend.

Esther, Abel and Tres are travelling on a train towards Rome when Abel opens the window, making the whole private cabin a mess. Abel apologises this before starting an argument with Tres about making a mess and damaging the cabin. Meanwhile Esther ponders back on what had happened during the fight with Guyla, feeling that Abel's smile had a hint of lonelyness in it. When Abel pulls Esther back from her thoughts, Esther start to ask questions, when suddenly a small boy runs into Tres. The boy holds his head, wondering why he run into a steel wall after opening a door, while Esther and Abel ask if the boy is fine. Etoile, as the boy introduces himself as, states that he is running away from home, inside the train. Etoile thinks that Esther is a princess while Abel and Tres are her bodyguards, saying how he admires real men like Tres. When suddenly the window is broken and a metusalah jumps inside through it. The vampire tells everyone to calm down, the train being too narrow for them to fight. Asking them to step outside. A window shard made a small cut on Esther's cheek, which angried Etoile, who yells at the vampire, Kung Fu, not to hurt a lady's face. Kung Fu lifts Etoile up, commenting his courage in not begging for his life. About to kill the boy, when Esther hits Kung Fu with an ashtray. Abel and Tres point Kung Fu with their guns, Abel tells Esther to go and secure the passangers, so Esther leaves with Etoile. Abel and Tres step outside with Kung Fu. Abel decides to fight, while Tres reminds Abel, that
Trinity blood vol02 ch05 030
neighter of them killed Gyula. Tres separetas the train, leaving Kung Fu and Abel to fight behind.

Etoile runs back and bumbs into Tres again. Saying how much of a lousy guy he is and never being worthy of Esther, to which Tres replies that Etoile's actions were rather good. Etoile wonders where Abel is, opening a window and seeing a peek of Abel in his Crusnik form. Kung Fu fights against Abel, and almost defeats him. But Abel cuts off Kung Fu's legs, giving him too serious injuries to continue the fight anymore. Kung Fu asks from Abel, why he didn't kill him, Abel stating that he likes humans, and doesn't want to kill them. Kung Fu quietly realises that Abel probably wasn't the one who killed Gyula. Taking reposibility for his actions, he cuts his own throath, dying there. Esther and Tres make their way towards Abel as the morning sun is rising, Tres asks from Esther why she jumped from the train, as she could have continues on to Rome with the train. In the train Etoile opens the window, while his mother warns him to be careful. Commenting that Etoile seems to have grown. Etoile places a finger onto his lips, saying that he feels that he is now close to his father, but that is a secret.

Abel notices the two, greeting them. Telling to the two, that there is no safe journey ahead, as the tickets burned in the fire. Needing to continue towards Vatican now on another means.


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