Abel Nightroad
Abel Nightroad.jpg
Personal information
Aliases: Crusnik (AX codename)
Crusnik 02
Father Abel Nightroad
Father Nightroad
Shinpu-sama (by Esther Blanchett)
Residence: Rome
Birth: 2088 AD (London, United Kingdom)
Age: 976 (3064 AD)
Gender: Male
Species: Crusnik
Occupation: - Lieutenant-Colonel, United Nations Aerospace Force; in charge of the Management Security Division (former)
- Catholic priest
- AX agent
UN ID#: UNASF94-8-RMOC-666-02-ak
Relative(s): - Cain Nightroad (elder brother)
- Seth Nightroad (younger sister)
- Lilith Sahl (former lover)†
Weapon(s): - Revolver
- Scythe
Affiliation(s): United Nations (former)
  • United Nations Aerospace Force (former)

Vatican Papal State

Other information
Novel debut: Flight Night
Manga debut: Act.1 The Man Who Fell to Earth
Anime debut: Flight Night
Japanese seiyū: Hiroki Tōchi
Satoshi Hino (youth)
Kazuya Ichijō (drama CD)
English V.A.: Troy Baker

Abel Nightroad, also known as Crusnik 02 and born Abel Knightlord, is the main protagonist in the series. He is a member of the AX division of the Vatican Ministry of Holy Affairs who is referred to by his codename, "Crusnik" as an agent of the AX.

Originally, he hated humans because of their role in the creation and experimentation of the four test tube babies for the Red Mars Project, but he ultimately changed his mind after the death of Lilith Sahl.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Abel is a handsome young man with long silvery hair that is tied up by a black ribbon, blue-gray eyes and he wears small, gray, round glasses with a double bridge (it is mentioned he has silver hair (sometimes blonde-silver), he appears to be thirty years old, he is six feet tall and he weighs one hundred forty-three pounds in the novels).

In his Krusnik form, Abel's eyes turn red and a pair of fangs poke between his lips which turn black. He also has a pair of black wings and a red scythe created from his blood: which is stronger than steel and harder than diamond. The wings allow him to fly in the sky and have the ability to generate bio-electric fields.

He wears a black priest robe with embroidered crosses, white gloves and he has two black belts around his hips under the coat.

In The Throne of Roses arc of the manga, he is depicted as a black-eared "The White Rabbit", as opposed to his white-eared brother. His arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Fool, a reference to his personality and status as the main character.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Abel appears most often as a clumsy and silly man who is completely unfit for his job. If he is in the company of others, his reactions tend to be comically exaggerated and ridiculous, which often leaves everyone around him exasperated or embarrassed. However, most of his day-to-day actions and reactions are a facade, when he is alone or caught off guard, his personality is typically fairly quiet and morose. This is mostly due to the fact that, in the distant past, he helped to wage a war of annihilation against the remaining humans on Earth, believing that coexistence between them and the returning Methuselah was impossible, and hating humanity in general for his creation and use. In private, he is also far more competent and thoughtful than he pretends to be. In battle, he usually attempts to disarm or subdue rather than kill. If the situation calls for killing however, he is not averse to doing so, though in the anime this is somewhat inconsistently portrayed. Activation of his Krusnik nanomachines adds a detached and ruthless quality to his personality so long as the activation was purposeful. If the nanomachines reach the forefront of his consciousness, as they did in one particular case of incidental 80% activation, he essentially loses his humanity and becomes little more than a sapient, bloodthirsty weapon of mass destruction. Despite being nearly unstoppable in his 80% fused form, Abel only uses his Krusnik abilities as a last resort, mostly out of shame. As such, he is far more likely to transform if nobody else is around. Due to his genetically enhanced nature, he is extremely intelligent, and this combined with his pre-Armageddon lifespan gives him exceptional skill at manipulating even the most advanced technological systems.

He displays many odd quirks throughout the series, such as putting thirteen sugars lumps in his tea, and is always short of money. He is noted as having terrible luck as well.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Preteen Abel from the anime

Abel was a short-tempered person in his youth, angry with humans for using himself and other genetically-enhanced humans as tools for colonizing Mars. He served as the Lieutenant-Colonel and in charge of the management of the security division in The Red Mars Project, a project created in response to an overpopulation crisis on Earth. His rank was below Cain's and above Seth Nightlord.

During this The Mars Colonization project, several colonizers who disliked Abel lured him into the Martian wilderness and ambushed him, damaging his environmental suit and leaving him to die. Just as Abel was about to die from oxygen deprivation, Lilith rescues him, however, Lilith’s vehicle broke down on the way back. It was during this time that the two found a highly technologically advanced space ship, later known as "The Ark". Inside the Ark, they found the Kudlak Bacillus and Krusnik Bacillus (nanomachines). The Krusnik Bacillus was found to be only compatible with the genetically-enhanced humans after it was used to save Cain Knightlord's life but killed a normal colonizer, and so the Kudlak Bacillus was given to the 100,000 colonizers of the Red Mars Project. Eventually, nuclear war broke out on Earth as they fought for the Kudlak Bacillus and the Ark, and the same occurred on Mars as they they had representatives from every country.

Eighty years later, the colonizers were finally able to rebuild a spaceship to travel back to Earth. Not long after however, due to the Earth's closer proximity to the sun, the colonizers started showing symptoms of vampirism. A rift started between the "returners" and the humans on Earth. The time period of this war that followed was known as "The Dark Ages".

During the Dark Ages, Abel, Cain and Seth sided with the colonizers. Using the power of the Krusnik nanomachines, Abel, Cain and Seth were responsible for the death of millions. As one of the Contra Mundi ("enemy of the world"), he had been called "a God of slaughter", "God of Carnage", and even a "God of Destruction", a name which Dietrich uses to provoke him .


Lilith Sahl (Abel's former lover) sided with the humans but was killed by Cain under the guise of a truce. Enraged, Abel and Seth forced Cain into an airlock and dropped him all the way from outer space into the Earth's atmosphere. Abel spent the next nine hundred years mourning Lilith's death, until Caterina Sforza ran into the the catacombs, fleeing from a vampire attack. Abel saves her and promises to continue Lilith's legacy.

Current Timeline[edit | edit source]


During the main events of Trinity Blood, Abel is a very different person. He is a priest under the AX Division of the Vatican's Department of Foreign Affairs both to protect and foster peace between the two races.

Although Abel usually maintains a childish, goofy demeanor, he is unable to forgive himself for his past atrocities. He refers to himself many times as a 'sinner' and a 'monster'. He does not argue with other character's accusations of himself as such, rather he is more likely to agree with them. Because he considers himself a sinner, he has made his life's goal to protect the humans, although his goal for destroying Cain is not completely for selfless reasons.

In the novels, Abel replies he does believe in God when asked by Vaclav Havel.[1] Trinity Blood Canon: Summa Theologica, however, it is stated that Abel does not really have a solid religion, however, he believes in the goodwill of fate.[2]

Manga[edit | edit source]

The Star of Sorrow Arc[edit | edit source]

Abel is first noticed by Esther Blanchett when she hears the sorrowful sound of wings. Abel crashes into as he was actually attacked by crows, destroying Esther's home-made bomb. Abel asks "the boy" is fine, when his head starts to bleed from the impact with the ground. Dietrich von Lohengrin lifts Abel up by his ponytail and threatens the man, that no one hits on Esther, until he realizes Abel is a priest.

Abel greets Bishop Laura Vitez when Esther is also called in. Where Abel comments that he'd mistaken Esther for a boy at first, but is quickly interrupted by a punch from Esther before he could finish. Later when Esther shows Abel to his run-down room, she asks Abel not to tell to Bishop Vitez about their earlier encounter. Abel changes subject, and then doubles over from pain. Esther starts to worried about him, but Abel just says that his stomach is growling, so Esther leaves to find him some food.

In the kitchen of the church Esther makes some sandwiches for Abel , when Dietrich shows up after cleaning the cathedral. Dietrich mentions that Abel is like the normal priests, and then informs Esther that his informants have notified him that Gyula Kádár is in town again, and that the rebellion forces ready were to fight against the vampire. The two suddenly hear something from the hall, and they rush to find a vampire, along with the people he had killed. The vampire proclaims he is seeking information about the new priest, and is interrupted as Dietrich shoots him with silver bullets. The vampire steals Dietrich's gun, before the two could even notice. The vampire knocks out Dietrich, with the intention of capturing the two to present to Gyula. Esther stands her ground and calls him a monster, infuriating him. The vampire grabs Esther by her throat and suffocates her, but at that moment, Abel suddenly falls through the ceiling, landing behind the vampire. Esther then passes out. Abel easily overpowers the vampire and drains him of his blood.*

Esther wakes up on a bed with Dietrich sitting next to her, crying and apologizing, but happy that she survived. Esther says it is fine, but then she remembers the vampire and Abel. Dietrich takes her to the kitchen, where Abel is eating. The priest informs her that the vampire fled when he tried to shoot him. Esther appears to be shocked.

Esther is next shown praying with Bishop Viez at the funerals for the latest victims of a vampire attack while Dietrich and Abel watch. After she is done, Esther tells Abel and Dietrich that they are now heading to Gyula's mansion to finish this fight. Bishop Vitez hugs Esther, informing her that she had always known what Esther has been doing. She admits that although she doesn't want to let Esther go, since it was her mission, she encourages Esther to do her best. Bishop Vitez makes Esther promise to return home safely and entrusts Dietrich and Abel to look after her. As the trio head towards the mansion, the church with Bishop Vitez inside is set ablaze by the Star of Sorrow. Abel jumps in front of Esther, shielding her from the shards of glass, before handing her to Dietrich He tells the two to go to somewhere safe while he stays behind to take down the enemy forces.

Esther is next seen alone, mourning for the loss of Bishop Vitez in the middle of the forest. Abel finds her, relieved that she is safe. Esther tells to Abel that Dietrich is has left her to put out the fire on the church. Esther continues to mourn, unable to comprehend why the Bishop had to die. She ponders upon her own insignificance as a single person as the Bishop's last words remind her of her mission. Abel puts her on the head, informs Esther that he will stand by her side, and apologizes for not being able to say anything more in this. Esther starts to cry, promising to Abel that she will not cry anymore.

The two are in front of Gyula's mansion, when a huge beam of light comes down from the sky and destroys the mountains near the town. The two barge into the mansion, where Gyula is already waiting for the two. Esther interrogates Gyula about the light beam, while Abel asks if Gyula has already started the Star of Sorrow. The satellite on the sky was made by Gyula's late wife, with her intention of it originally being the "Star of Hope". Esther shoots Gyua with her bow gun but the vampire easily catches the arrow. Looking down upon Esther, Gyula retorts whether such a violent race as terrains would get to heaven, before he throws the arrow back at her with blinding speed. Fortunately, Abel is able to catch it in time. Gyula recognizes Abel as one of the AX Agents. Abel pleads Gyula to stop the satellite, pointing out that the satellite was made to transport electricity, and not used as a weapon of destruction. Gyula reveals then that it was Vatican who murdered his terrain wife Maria, on the basis that he was a vampire, and that the second shot is aimed at The Vatican. He asks Dietrich about the Star of Sorrow's alignment, who uses the opportunity to reveal that he has being lying to Esther the whole time. Shocked, Esther tries to shoot at Gyula, but instead finds her bullet has hit Abel. An amused Dietrich reveals he has used his "Marionette strings," making Esther a puppet and him the puppeteer, and demonstrates the ability further by making her shoot Abel several more times. Dietrich leaves soon after that, leaving Esther to die. Gyula is about to drain her of her blood when Abel manages shoot Gyula, to Esther's surprise. Elated, Esther runs and hugs Abel, questioning how it was possible that he is still alive. Abel replies that he is honoring his promise to be at her side, and then tells her to go after Dietrich, as he is the only one who can stop the Star of Sorrow. After Esther leaves, Gyula attacks Abel again, but is astonished when Abel moves behind him so quickly that his movements were not perceivable. Abel then transforms and quickly defeats Gyula.

Esther finds Dietrich and asks him for the termination code for the Star of Sorrow. Which Dietrich tells the code as an apology for having tricked her, swearing that he still loves her. Esther runs back to Father Nightroad, who had just defeated of Gyula. Esther enters the code into the system and waits, but instead of the satellite to self-destruct, Dietrich appears and gleefully explains the target has changed to Istvan. Gyula then realizes that he has been played all along. Abel orders the satellite to self-destruct using his UN Code, saving everyone in the process. Without warning, Radcon bursts into the scene and attempts to shoot Esther, but Gyula uses the last of his strength to shield Esther. He apologizes for having stolen Esther's loved one and dies in Esther's arms.

Adrenaline Drive[edit | edit source]

Esther Blanchett is traveling with Tres Iqus and Abel Nightroad towards Vatican in a train, the two priests are talking while Esther starts to think about things. Suddenly a small boy smashes into Father Tres. The boy starts to admire Tres guns while Abel asks the boy's name. He introduces himself as Etoile Duchaussoy. The window breaks and a Methuselah flies inside. Etoile becomes enraged as one of the glass shards makes a small cut on Esther's cheek. Kung Fu lifts Etoile up by his head while praising the boy's courage. Esther hits the Methuselah with an ashtray and tells Etoile to run away while Tres and Abel raise their guns at the Methuselah. Esther runs away with Etoile, while Tres and Abel stay behind to fight with the vampire. Etoile manages to catch a glimpse of Abel in his Krusnik form, to which Abel gestures him to keep a secret. Esther jumps out the train with Tres and Abel, who had stayed behind to fight the vampire.

Their train tickets burned in the train accident, so now the trio has to go through a forest. Tres leads the way, while Abel and Esther seem a bit suspicious about this shortcut.

Sleeping Beauty[edit | edit source]

Abel and Esther are following after Tres, who is leading the way through a deep forest to get fast to Rome., but Esther feels a little reluctant to continue. Abel tries to assure Esther that it is all alright because Tres' navigation system is better than navigation phones. But soon they notice that there are actually walking in circles. Tres informs him he has made a mistake as the magnetic fields have changed places, so the trio decides to stay for the night in the forest. After lighting a fire, Abel and Esther talk while Tres is patrols around and spots a moving object. Esther asks from Abel what kind of place Rome is, when they are suddenly attacked by a vampire classified as a Dryad. The Dryad tries to capture Esther, but Tres saves her. Abel spots a lady on a tree branch that only he seems to have seen. Tres asks from Abel to explain what he is seeing, but their fight is getting nowhere. Tres covers for Esther and tells her to withdraw to somewhere safety, while it is decided that Abel goes after the Methusalah. Abel finds the girl deeper in the forest, recalling that here was no forest the begin with, but a single tree. The girl says that she has waited for 500 years for her lover to return, no longer being able to recall if he was a Methuselah or a terran. The girl looks at Abel, pondering if he is her lover, before realizing that she has the wrong person. The vines pierce through Abel as she requests for his blood.

Tres is fighting against the forest while Esther is hiding in the bushes. The vines overpower Tres and so Esther takes out her gun and leaps into action, shooting at the vines. Tres is freed, but Esther shot him as well. While Esther apologizes for her mistake, Tres shoots a vine with a gun on his wrists, revealing to Esther that he is not human. Tres tells Esther to back him up this time.

Abel enters his Crusnik form and kills the Methuselah, ending her long waiting. The girl thanks, reminding Abel of Lilith. The exit of the forest is revealed to the priest as he replies that he doesn't deserve a thanks for all that he has done.

Esther and Tres have stopped their struggle as the forest ceases it's attack. Tres suggests Esther to get some tutoring regarding her shooting skills when they go to Rome, but thanks her for backing him up. Abel shows up, informing them that he's found the way out of the forest. Tres asks about the enemy, to which Abel answers that the girl has returned back to dust. When Abel suddenly collapses on Esther. Tres heads towards the exit and Esther right behind him, leaving Abel behind to sew up his torn outfit.

Roselyne et les Lion[edit | edit source]

Esther is traveling with Father Tres and Father Nightroad when she sees Dietrich von Lohengrin in the crowd.*

Esther was chased by a group of criminals when she was saved by Leon. The two escape together. As they walk around the town, Leon asks why she ended up running into the trouble in the first place. Esther tells him that she was looking for someone, Leon disapproving it asks if it was her boyfriend, but Esther denies this, and explains it was the exact opposite. No matter how cruel he was to her, she couldn't stop thinking about him. Leon understands and likens love and hate as two side of the same coin, then asks if Esther had anyone she can rely on. The nun remembers that she does, to which Leon remarks that she is "too good for that airhead," much to her confusion.

All of a sudden, a bullet strikes Esther's new friend. Esther is shocked and shoots at the criminals with her concealed gun, but the leader catches the bullets easily and threatens her with death, prostitution or rape. Tres and Abel run to the rescue, shooting the guys and saving Esther. Esther runs over to the gravely injured Leon, who asks if the next time they could have a date that would last till dawn. He is about to introduce himself to her, when she is yanked away by the vampire, who threatens to kill Esther if Tres and Abel would not throw away their guns. Esther, realizing the situation tells Tres to shoot, but Leon tells them to stop. He uses his chakrams to slice off the boss vampire's hands, saving Esther. Leon then officially introduces himself as an AX Agent, to Esther's shock and surprise.

The next day, Leon holds Esther on his lap as he informs Abel that he was sent to help them after being informed of their poor performance on their recent missions. He sympathizes how she was around "two idiots" and Esther agrees, then asks if it was alright for her to go to Rome. Leon reminds her that she said she had something to do, and asks her if she had any regrets. The nun sternly replies she doesn't and thanks the priest. Touched by her determination, he hugs her, much to the comedic dismay of Abel and Tres.

Leon holds his hand out to Abel, but then pulls the priest down by his head and warns him not to keep his distance from Esther, who promised him a date that would last till dawn. Esther is shocked and embarrassed while Abel humorously looks on with horror.

Gate of Heaven[edit | edit source]

Tres, Abel and Esther are traveling on Adrian sea aboard the Ariel towards Vatican. Abel is confused why they are traveling on a such a fine cruiser, but rushes off to the bathroom due to seasickness. Esther is left with Tres, who assures her once again that her coming along is not a trouble. He leaves her as he goes on a patrol.

Esther starts to feel homesick, realizing finally that she is now really far away from home. She wipes her tears when an older gentleman offers her a handkerchief. Suddenly, the nun is hit by a small plane. The man reveals miniature plane belongs to him, and that he is testing it for the night's show. The man tells Esther that he has a child like her, with pale skin and blue eyes, but is currently sleeping. Abel shows up and is shocked to see the man and appears to scream vampire, but it turns out he meant "Professor."

The three talk with the Professor Wordsworth about a rumor of the Saint Siren: A mermaid that lures a ship into a certain doom with her song. The Professor comments how the mermaid's song could sound just like Angelina's before they all fall asleep. Esther manages to see pair of fangs poking from Angelina's lips. The only one who doesn't fall asleep is Tres, as he is a machine. Angelina lashes Tres with her blade and damages his arm even more, making it fall off.

While Tres is paying attention to his arm, Angelina disappears and Tres goes to find her. When he is suddenly pulled underwater and Angelina's true form is revealed as being a type of vampire known as "mermaids". Tres comments that he cannot drown and that he won't die, he will just break. Angelina then attempts to destroy Tres, when someone shoots her arm. Abel appears and pulls Tres to the surface while leaving Angelina in water.

The Iblis / Angel of the Burning Sands Arc[edit | edit source]

Esther and Abel capture a programmer who they take back to the Vatican. Esther mentions that she heard he was assisted by "a wizard".*

That night, Esther and Tres investigate the programmer but finds him burnt to death by a vampire.

Not long afterwards, a vampire sneaks up to an unsuspecting Lady Caterina, and becomes offended after he is called a "vampire" instead of a "Methuselah." His anger causes the Cardinal to panic, and just at this moment, Tres barges in and shoots the vampire, believing he was an assassin. The vampire escapes quickly screaming Terrans cannot be trusted, leaving the baffled Caterina to ponder if he was meant to be the messenger sent from The Empire.

The next day, Esther is going through documents with Abel. She becomes increasingly frustrated at his aloof attitude and secrecy after it slip that someone by the name of "Lieutenant Schleid" sealed off the Tomb of the Queen from the outside world. When Esther presses further, Abel feigns ignorance and runs off. The nun wants to go with him, but Abel tells her not to. The priest denies they plan to capture the vampire from the night before, but says he cannot say any more than that when Esther asks him. The nun accepts she cannot go with him on his mission because she is not an AX Agent, but decides to go on her own mission.

Esther ventures alone to confront the vampire assassin. To her surprise, it is a very effeminate young man. Ion quickly jumps from his bed and tackles her, demanding to know why she was here. Frightened for her life, Esther hits Ion's wounded shoulder with her gun, and manages to incapacitate him. Just at that moment, Radu then walks in on the scene and threatens Esther with a knife. Father Nightroad arrives just in time to save Esther, but reprimands her for disobeying his order to leave the vampires alone. He apologizes and explains that before Ion arrived to speak with Lady Caterina, another vampire attacked the embassy. Radu suspects that it is the work of extremists. There is a sudden explosion from a tank, which turns out to be the work of the Inquisition, determined to destroy the vampires. Ion and Esther escape to an underground waterway with a motorboat while Abel confronts the Inquisition.

Abel and Petros fight. During the battle, Petros accidentally hurts his own men, and believing Abel had done that, becomes enraged. Petros injects himself with serum that allowed him to use 'haste-mode' seen in vampires. The battle ends when Abel seemingly falls down a cliff to a certain death. The Knight prays and then heads out after Esther and the vampires.

Meanwhile in the waterways, Esther has managed to deduce that Radu was an extremist. Radu tries to control Esther to use her to kill Ion and therefore spark a war between the Vatican and the Empire, but Petros arrives just before that could happen. The surprised inquisitor starts a fight with Radu to avenge his men, while Esther uses this opportunity to escape with Ion, who is attacked by Radu again. Abel appears with a boat and the the three of them board the boat while Radu uses Petros as a stepping stone to follow them. Using his Ifrit powers, Radu ignites the boat but accidentally causes the sail to fall onto him, flinging him overboard. Ion screams his name as he falls, calling out to him and nearly grasping him. Abel stops the boy from going overboard as he weeps, devastated at his friend's betrayal, remember his last words to trust him.

Some time later in a hotel, Esther comforts Ion, as she too had a friend who betrayed her. Abel walks into the room and heads off into the bathroom. There, he vomits up a small amount of blood, and it becomes evident that he was significantly injured during his fight with Petros. It is also revealed that he has begun to lose control of his his Krusnik form, as the nanomachines attempt to automatically activate in order to heal his injuries. However, Abel manages to get them under control, and mutters to himself a command for "Krusnik" to "stay in there". He is suddenly surprised by Esther, who had followed him out of concern and overheard his comment about "Krusnik". She asks him who "Krusnik" is, but Abel dismisses it as unimportant. Unable to get an answer from him, the nun grabs him and asks if he knew what it was like to be protected by someone she knew nothing about. Their conversation is cut short when Ion interrupts them to bring news that the Inquisition has found them again.

Esther drives their car erratically, frightening Ion. The Inquisition closes in on them and commands them stop and surrender. Esther takes a sharp turn into a small alley and finally stops. Ion sighs from relief and asks if all the Terrans from outside world drive like this. Esther slows down and slips into her own worries about Abel' injuries and her confrontation with him about him hiding his secrets. Abel suddenly warns her of the obstacle before them. Brother Petros is there in the middle of the road and attacks them with his Screamer. Esther manages to dodge the attack, but the whole car flips to it's roof. Ion falls unconscious from the hit, while Esther who is caught by Petros. Abel tries to save her, but is quickly defeated due to his injuries sustained earlier from Petros and fatally wounded by a blow to the head. At that moment, Radu arrives with Goliath, a tank from The Inquisition, claiming he wants Ion's life. Petros is knocked out by a shot from the Goliath, but is still alive.

Abel freezes after being called a monster.

Radu is about to kill Esther, but is stopped when a lightning bolt strikes him. Elated that Abel has apparently survived, Esther calls out to him and glances over, only to find that Abel has transformed into his 80% Krusnik form. As the transformation occurred automatically while Abel was both unconscious and dying, Abel awakens with the nanomachines in the forefront of his consciousness, and he telekinetically draws Ion's blood to him. He then approaches a terrified Radu, and the nanomachines and Abel, speaking in tandem, announce they will eat the terrified Radu. Abel then raises his scythe to strike Radu down, but the Goliath tank fires a blast at Abel that destroys most of his torso and right side. However, Abel does not react to the injury, but merely glances over at his right side as his intestines and a large amount of blood slough out of him. Almost immediately, the blood that left his body begins to consume the chunks of flesh and organs on the ground, and then flow back into Abel's body, regenerating his missing side within seconds. Abel then turns his attention to the tank, and blasts it to pieces with a gigantic bolt of electricity. After doing so, he returns his attention back to Radu, but is snapped out of his deteched mental state by the screams of a horrified Esther, clutching Ion in her grasp. Abel tries explain himself, but Esther faints as he wipes a tear from her cheek. The transformation then begins to dissipate as Abel contemplates his monstrous nature.

40 40 40 007.jpg

Moments after Abel snaps back to reality, two Inquisition airships arrive and begin bombarding the battleground with their cannons. Abel immediately reengages his 80% form, but with full control, and uses his wings to shield Ion and Esther from the airship's attacks. As the airships power their cannons for another volley, Tres Iqus and the Iron Maiden battleship arrive and blast the two enemy airships out of the sky. The Iron Maiden picks the trio up, and they continue their journey back to the Empire in an airship. Kate reports to Abel that Ion is just a bit anemic, and is about to talk about Esther when she notices Abel appear seemingly distracted. Abel simply shrugs her concern off with his usual silly attitude, and is then quickly shooed away by Kate after seeing the state of his shredded cassock. Kate explains to Tres that Esther is sleeping on tranquilizers and kept saying that that wasn't Father Nightroad, it was a monster. Abel slowly walks down the hallway with that memory in his mind, before curling down on the ground in despair.[3]

Esther wakes up a while later. Outside in the main room, Abel asks Sister Kate how Esther is doing, to which she replies the girl was still in a state of shock after what had witnessed, however nothing physically wrong with her. Ion wants to go with Abel to see how Esther is doing, but  on their way they are stopped by an unknown man in bandages. It turns out to be Brother Petros, who is thrilled to find that he has finally uncovered evidence that Caterina Sforza has been conspiring with vampires. Ever protective of Caterina, Tres is about to engage a fight with Petros when the ship is jolted by a huge sandstorm, the Iblis. Abel notices the Iblis is heading northeast, meaning it will destroy the city of Carthage and Caterina Sforza.

Esther is seen lying in her bed, wishing she could sleep some more, but the moment she falls asleep, she sees nothing but the horrific sight of the Krusnik. She denies that is the Father Nightroad she knows, when she suddenly hears Abel's voice from the other side of the door. The frightened nun pulls her covers over herself and does not reply.

Abel apologizes for disturbing her, but proclaims he might not see her again, and he must speak his mind now or he may regret it later. While still on the other size of the door, the priest begins by apologizing for putting Esther in such a grave danger earlier on, and it is not surprised that she is scared, for even he himself is scared of himself.


The priest answers Esther's question from earlier on - why he has never given any thought about what it was like to be protected by someone who kept so many secrets to himself. With trepidation, Abel admits that what he was hiding - his hidden self - was the "mark of his sins". In that form, he feels he can no longer control himself, or them. He had hoped he would never have had to show that form to her, knowing it would sicken her.

Alerted by the rumbles caused by the Iblis, Abel realizes he has no more time. He presses his hand on the glass of the door and pleads for Esther to trust him on one thing: that he really wanted to be by her side, and that he wanted to protect her and Ion no matter the cost; even if it may be hard to believe. The priest leaves Esther, with nothing but sadness and the reminder that she asked him why he never told her anything.

Esther, who had been listening in stunned silence the whole time, is finally able to see Abel for himself and not the monster she thought he was. The nun becomes devastated knowing how much grief she has caused the priest to endure, and leaps from her bed and runs after Abel. Esther unintentionally slams into a heavily-armored Father Tres, who is preparing for battle against Radu in Carthage. Esther asks for the whereabouts of Father Nightroad, and sees him outside the window. The two see each other eye-to-eye as Esther recalls his ominous words that he may never see him again. Kate informs Esther that Abel is traveling towards the city by the underground Karez systems, and to her surprise, Esther asks her to turn back, determined to go with Abel. Tres denies her request, stating that she would be nothing but a hindrance. The nun becomes emotional and, arguing that even though she may be a burden, there was something she had to tell him. Tres appears to be unmoved at her words, but to her surprise, orders Kate to drop Esther at a nearby location, under the pretense that she would be a burden on their battleship as well. The cyborg then advises Esther to hide in the Karez systems, the very place Abel is currently in, and that whatever she does would be her own decision. Stunned with shock, the nun quickly prepares herself for her journey.

Abel sees a hologram of Lilith.

Abel enters the undergrounds of Carthage alone to shut down the Iblis to save the city. After destroying several autojagers, the priest laments his own existence as no different to these animated deceased vampires: he is still a monster. As he climbs the stairs, his past memories come to haunt him: Isaak declaring him he could not protect those close to him, Cain informing him he will make an enemy of the world, and Esther's fearful cry calling him a monster. The priest precedes to enter the system termination code, but to his horror, the the system does not recognize his shutdown command, and instead, Abel finds himself face-to-face with a pre-recorded hologram of Lilith Sahl.

Lilith sadly tells to Abel that she along with Elissa would've preferred to bury the town than handing it over to the Methuselah "returners". Along with Elissa Dal Schleid, Lilith created The Iblis, the Angel of Desert, sandstorm to protect Carthago from its enemies. Lilith then tells Abel that she made a bet with the Elissa, Queen of Carthago, that Abel had some humanity still left in him: If he could bringing back even a single human with him, he would be able to shut down Iblis and save himself.

Before she disappears, Lilith tells Abel that she knows that he only hated humanity and became Contra Mundi because he loved, believed, but was betrayed and could not endure the pain. But despite all this, he still loves this world and the people in it. She reminds him that it is never too late to start over. Realizing there were no humans left, Abel cries in despair, accepting it is too late for her and himself. An autojager attacks him from behind and drains his blood, but exhausted and riddled with grief, Abel is powerless to fight it off and prepares for death by Lilith's side. As he closes his eyes, the autojager is shot by Esther Blanchett, who scolds at him for running off alone.


As Abel is near death, he suddenly sees the red hair and is mistakes it for Lilith. The person who saved him turns out to be Esther, who angrily declares that she is not afraid of him. Abel, shocked at the memory of Lilith's gentle words as Esther chides him, and begins to comically cower in fear. Esther stops when she accidentally steps on his glasses. Abel thanks her, and fights off the rest of the autojagers, while Esther uses her human hand to deactivate The Iblis. As Abel helps Esther shut down The Iblis, he is reminded of Lilith's last words.

Abel and Esther deactivate the Iblis.

In the novels, Abel and Esther observe the townspeople who have evacuated. Abel questions whether the people will be alright, to which Esther replies they will be, as they have escaped with their lives. As long as they had their family, friends and companions, they could rebuild. The priest agrees and, when questioned why he was blushing, responds that it was because he was near someone who cares about him. Esther pretends that he is talking about Caterina, Tres or Kate, which causes Abel to humorlessly claim even his teammates bully him. The nun suppresses a laugh and thinks that people can start over and walk again, even if they are in the despair of their sins, as long as they have someone walking with them. The arc ends with Esther teasing she might change her mind if Abel behaves.

The Very Center of the Blue Storm[edit | edit source]

Ion, Esther and Abel continue their journey towards the Empire by boat. In the novels, it is only mentioned later that their boat was attacked by pirates. This was expanded the manga.

Ion, dressed into Terran's commoner clothes used in the Empire to conceal his identity, leans against a railing while speaking to Esther, when someone suddenly grabs his hand. Ion pulls the unconscious man onto the ship. Abel shows up and recognizes the man as Hugue de Watteau. Ion is hides behind a door when the priest wakes up, calling him Agnes. Hugue explains that he was out on the sea while pursuing pirates, reminding Abel that he had run into one of them too, Miss Mermaid. Father de Watteu tells them that the ship that the pirates sail is surrounded by a blue ball that repels sunlight, the same thing that surrounds The Empire, indicating that the crew is made up of Methuselah. Ion doesn't like the sound of this and wishes Father Hugue de Watteu good luck in catching them. Suddenly, someone knocks over a bomb, blowing the ship up.

The pirates kidnap Esther and Abel while Ion and Hugue fall into the ocean. Ion tries to go after them, but Hugue stops him, telling him that the Methuselah are not going to use Esther's blood after she had inhaled in so much of the smoke.

The Ion and Hugue make it to the pirate ship and take down the crew. Ion yells out loud for Abel to hear that he is to protect Esther and will not allow anything bad to happen to her, or he would kill him. Hugue is challenged by the ship's captain, who stabs Hugue, almost killing him until Ion rushes over to rescue him. Ion decapitates the Captain, calling Hugue his comrade. As he dies, the pirate admires the way Ion had worded it, but reminds him not all Methuselah agreed with him. Ion acknowledges this, and is about to collapse from exhaustion while muttering Radu's name, when Hugue catches him.

Esther and Abel are set free. Father Hugue de Watteu leaves soon without saying bye, and Abel remarks that he is always like that. Ion asks who this Agnes is, and Esther says that he called her that as well. Abel explains that it was is the name of his sister, and that he calls every girl he meets that. Ion is in shock. The three of them continue the rest of the way to the Empire on the pirate ship.

Empress of the Night/ The Night Lords Arc[edit | edit source]


As the trio arrive to the Empire on boat, Ion asks from Esther if she would like to stay at the Empire with him. He tells her to take her time in thinking about it, and in the manga, confesses that he likes her. Mimal, a Terran friend of his family, comes to welcome them. Ion thanks him and asks Mimal to look after Esther and Abel while he headed to see his grandmother. On the way, he becomes flustered that he confessed and then plans out how he would take care of Esther if she agrees.

Ion's joy is short-lived, however, when he returns home to be greeted with the horrific sight blood everywhere. Ions to upstairs where a scream rang though, and is greeted by the sight of an autojäger next to her body. Enraged, the boy attacks them, but is no match for the autojäger. The count is thrown against a wall and about to be killed when Esther and Abel show up. Esther shoots the autojäger, killing it. Abel soon realizes that this was all just a trap, grabs the two, and jumps out through the window. The whole mansion explodes. Ion watches his home burn down, confused at what happened. The three are suddenly surrounded by Yeniceri, the palace guards. Abel wonders why they were there, for the Yeniceri hardly ever leave the palace. The leader of the troops, Baybars announces that he is there to arrest Ion for killing his grandmother, the Duchess of Moldova. Ion does not understand how they can suspect him for killing his own grandmother, but Baybars is convinced. Abel uses the flashbombs he had taken from the autojäger and the three of them escape.

The three find shelter from the Countess of Kiev, Astharoshe Asran, who was ordered by the Empress to watch over for the messenger from the Vatican. Ion is depressed after what he had to witness back at his mansion. Esther and Astharoshe try to convince the boy to eat, but he rejects the offer. Astharoshe becomes frustrated by this and yells at him for being inconsiderate towards her hospitality. Astharoshe questions how he could show such weakness in front of Terrans, and how the Duchess of Moldova raised him. Infuriated that his at the insult of his grandmother, which causes an amused Astharoshe to comment that the boy should use that energy to reflect on himself, rather than directing it at her. She points out he had not been considerate of a worried Esther. Embarrassed, the Count resolves to stop sulking and starts to eat. Astharoshe tells them that she is going to report to the Empress tomorrow about their safe arrival.

The next day, while Astharoshe and Abel are in the Dewan (court). Astharoshe teases Abel about his protectiveness of Esther when she spots her distant relative and romantic interest, Sulayman. Sulayman apologizes for not being present at the funeral of Astharoshe's mother a year ago, much to her embarrassment. The Duke informs them about the rumor of two 'outside' Terrans, a man and a woman who had broken into the Empire. He also warns Astharoshe that they might interrogate her as well, expert on 'outside' matters. Süleyman leaves, but not before asking if Astharoshe would have some time for him as well to discuss politics of the 'outside' world.

While the boyar (noble) Methuselah discuss murder of the Duchess of Moldova. Baybars accuses Ion Fortuna, but Süleyman steps up and defends the young Earl. The Duke of Tigris intervenes and informs Baybars that it is a heavy accusation to blame Ion for the murder of his own grandmother, and reminds Baybars that wrong accusations can lead to bad results. He words earns him the admiration from Astharoshe, but it goes to waste when Radu Barvon shows up, accusing Ion as well.

Later on, Astharoshe and Abel fight off Radu, who was about to kill Ion. Radu escapes into the night while Ion tells to Astharoshe and Abel what Radu is planning.

Everyone returns back to Astharoshe’s mansion to plan their next move. Abel is out trying to find Radu while Esther, Ion and Astharoshe talk. Both women notice Ion acting strange, and Ion keeps asking if they have found Radu. Esther is skeptical that Radu to appear tonight at his grandmother’s funeral, as there were so many nobles present. Ion argues that this is the only chance for Radu, as now he is certain where the Empress will be. Astharoshe’s steward shows up, apologizing for being unable to find Radu. Asthe thinks he might be somewhere they haven’t searched, and so she decides to go and see Süleyman, who was in charge of arranging the funeral. Astharoshe takes Abel with her and orders Ion and Esther to stay behind.


Astharoshe and Abel visit Süleyman to find out if he knows of the location of Radu. Astharoshe tells to the Duke of Tigris about what she has learned about the planned bombs, not knowing he was the culprit. The Duchess asks from Süleyman where the Baron of Luxord is and Süleyman says that Radu is escorting the Empress on the Island of Beloved Children. Süleyman quickly moves his attention to Abel, asking from him if he saw Ion with anyone else - like the redheaded girl - revealing that he knows them to be the "traitors". Using the Ring of Solomon, he attacks both Abel and Astharoshe. Astharoshe demands an explanation from the Duke she respected to much, wanting to know what drove him to do such things, but Süleyman replies that she's too young to understand. He explains that the greatness of the Empress has driven him into this, and that he's discovered the Empress is something "that doesn't belong this world". Abel and Astharoshe escape by jumping through a window while Sulayman contemplates his hate and love for the Empress.

In the manga, Abel and Astharoshe discuss how they can rescue Esther and Ion. The Duchess is still shocked that someone like the Duke of Tigris who had worked for over three hundred years under the Empress could betray her, and wonders what the future boyar will become. Abel asks her stoically if she trusts the Empress, to which she easily replies that she does. The priest points out that the she knows nothing of the Empress' true face, true voice or who really is, but Astharoshe sees nothing wrong with it and questions what Abel is trying to say. Abel says Sulayman found out about the Empress' true identity, implying that she is something shocking, but the Duchess does not understand the implication and asks Abel if he knows who she was. The priest pretends he doesn't know and guesses she might be a normal Terran, which earns him a punch from Astharoshe. The Duchess proclaims it doesn't matter who the Empress was, as her ancestors lived like this, and the Empress herself was a person who promotes equality and peace. She downplays any insinuation that people revere Augusta Vradica as a god and insists she is just someone to be admired, and those who disrupt the peace will be stopped. Suddenly, Astharoshe's terran retainer bursts into the room with news that the Duchess of Moldova's tomb exploded while the Empress was paying her respects, killing her.

Astharoshe and Abel sneak into the palace through the underground catacombs. Just as they seem to be overwhelmed, the Duchess leaps forth and offers herself to fight the autojäger alone so that Abel can go to save Esther and Ion. Just as Astharoshe is about to be fatally attacked, however, Baybars and the Yenceri appear, saving them from Dietrich von Lohengrin's Autojägers, allowing the two to pass safely into the palace.

The whole Celestial Imperial Palace is in chaos, under the presumption that the Empress has died in the bombing of Mirka Fortuna's tomb the night before. Süleyman nominates himself as a ruler-candidate, but Astharoshe appears and accuses Süleyman of treason. Astharoshe tries to summon the captured Esther and Ion as witnesses, but the Duke tells The Duchess that it is too late as that Ion and Esther had killed each other. Astharoshe is shocked, but soon Ion and Esther stumble into the Starpalace, to the shock of Süleyman. Süleyman tells the security to capture the escaped prisoners, but Empress Augusta Vladica appears and stops this, revealing that she is alive and well. Everyone is shocked as the The Empress explains that she was not present on the bombing and introduces her double, the Duchess of Moldova. The Empress reveals her true face as Seth - the very girl Süleyman thought he killed. Seth tells Süleyman that she is disappointed and had high hopes for him. Süleyman becomes angry and shoots her with his ring, but misses on purpose in the last second and is killed by Astharoshe.

Seth asks him why he missed on purpose, to which he replies, "is there a place in the world for child who does not love his mother?" In his dying moments, Süleyman tells to Seth that he hates, her having served her for three-hundred years. The Empress had become an existence he couldn't understand. The Duke asks Seth where she came from and where they all are headed, who she is, but then corrects his himself and asks who they themselves are. Seth tells Süleyman that if she could answer that, she would be much happier. She closes Suleyman's eyes for him after he dies.

Abel confronts Dietrich in Radu's body. Abel demands that Dietrich leave the console, a it will bring disaster. Dietrich slyly informs "Crusnik 02" that he knew he had used this device in the past, When Dietrich realizes he cannot leave with the reboot file, a fight ensues between the two.

Abel remembering Lilith.

Dietrich provokes Abel to attack him by mentioning he is suppose to be just like the enemy of the world. Furious at the mention of Cain and the reminder of Lilith's brutal murder, Abel cuts Radu's heart, but the possessed baron stands back up. Dietrich explains that he had fine-tuned Radu to the point where he does not only secrete napalm fluid from his palms, but his blood is incendiary as well. Esther and Astharoshe arrive and try to save Abel, but Dietrich easily defeats Astharoshe. Abel attempts to activate his Crusnik power as Dietrich threatens Esther, but collapses due to lack of Methuselah blood in his system.

Seth hugging her brother, Abel.

As Abel is about to lose the battle with Dietrich, Seth shows up at the scene. Dietrich quickly realizes that she is the Empress Augusta Vradica and tries to kill her, but Seth transforms into her Krusnik form. Seth uses her highly focused ultrasound energy to turn Radu's body into dust. Seth tells Dietrich that she will let him off the hook this time, but the next time they meet she, would deliver his end. She tells Dietrich to run to the furthest corner of the Earth as she will catch him and punish him for hurting Ion, Süleyman and Radu, her children. After the fight, Seth asks Esther if she could have a word with with Abel, and tells him that Esther is "a good kid" and laughs at how Abel refers to her as "my dear Esther". She kneels down and holds her hand out for her squirrel, Abel, but having seen her true form, the animal snarls at her and runs away. Seth laments sadly that she is hated again. Abel reasoned that he figured out it was her, the "empress who has ruled for over 800 years."  Seth hugs her brother.

Abel, determined to kill Cain.

After the fight, Seth and Abel speak alone, and Seth asks Abel if he would like to stay at the Empire, where they could live again as siblings, surrounded by lots of their friends. But Abel comments that he is a sinner and that does not have that right. Seth gets angry and rhetorically asks Abel how many years have passed. Seth tells Abel that "she" has forgiven him by now, and that Esther reminds her of "that woman". But Abel stays true to his cause, saying to Seth that he hasn't forgiven himself. Seth finally kicks Abel, calling him an idiot.

The arc ends with Seth telling Abel that "he" is still alive, also, that he has used the centuries to regenerate himself, something that is not possible for Abel or her. Follwing Sulayman's question, Seth questions their existence, and asks Abel what they should do now. Abel says that they will kill him.

Mark of the Lady Saint/ Imitation Star Arc[edit | edit source]

Esther and Abel arrive immediately in Istvan after their departure from the Empire. Esther notes she is eighteen-years old now and warmly greets Abel, but because the two were summoned to Istvan out of the blue after they left the Empire by Caterina, the priest is too preoccupied with his own omnious feelings to hold a conversation. Abel and Esther are suddenly swarmed by the media who all wanted to interview "The Lady Saint". Tres arrives in a car and diverts the media away while Esther sneaks into an alleyway. The nun soon encounters a reporter named Clement, who has proof that Esther's father, "Edward Blanchett" was actually Edward White, the knight who murdered Prince Gilbert and his wife, Victoria.*

Esther and Abel greet the Pope and Lady Caterina. The Cardinal thanks Esther for helping her contact the Empire, and as the nun proceeds to inform Caterina of her story, Abel interrupts and gives his fictional account instead, wherein they never met the Empress but Astharoshe delivered the letter. The nun is shocked. and comedically grabs his face in anger.

Esther considers the tragedy on Gyula's death and that comes to the conclusion she is definitely not a saint. She turns to Abel for assurance, but he is too preoccupied admiring the chandelier with Tres. Annoyed, Esther humorously holds Abel over the railing. The nun remarks that the woman looks familiar, and Abel replies that the lady dressed in a nun's robes is the famous acress who will be playing Esther in the play. Esther says she was talking about the dark-skinned woman, but soon turns around after being addressed by Archbishop d'Annunzio after he tells her that she will be giving a speech. The woman notices this and glares at their direction while clutching her wrist.

Abel watches as a nervous Esther struggles to give her speech. The nun fumbles her script and ends up spilling the papers on the floor, but then manages improvise a speech of her own.

Determined to dispell the belief that she is a saint, Esther admits she initally came back to Istvan because of the invitation that was given to her, but has changed her mind and wants everyone to pray in memory of the blood that was spilt and the lives lost in Istvan. Not just for the allies, but also the enemies. Although they had no choice at the time to fight, Esther explains she no longer believes that is true. Everything started from a misunderstanding, both sides thought each other had to die, but both sides were also the same: they smiled, cried, hated and loved. Yet, it was all lost to a misunderstanding. Esther urgers people to question their own "righteousness", and the "righteousness" advocated in the world. The crowd is perplexed as the nun encourages people to think about whether their own sense of justice is their presumption or propaganda. Although this may mean God and righteousness are complete illusions, the nun tells people to keep questioning, because she believes people will find the truth they cannot deny: love. Love is what God left behind, and that is why she believes in him, and that he left it behind because he loves them. In memory of the people who have died, Esther ends her speech by encouraging people to pray for the departed.

Able smiles sadly at the speech, all the while telling Lilith in his mind that even in this time and age, there was someone who says the things she once did.

Esther's speech earns her a standing ovation from the crowd. Even Petros is moved by her words and "extraordinary" charisma, and for a moment considers that she could even change the world through her speech.

The woman Esther and Abel saw earlier approaches the stage to bring flowers. A guard tells her that is it not time yet, but she does not listen, using her abilities from her glove to flick soldiers out of her way. The Methuselah announces her name as Shahrazad, an assassin sent from the Methuselah Empire to kill "the murderer who calls herself 'Saint'". She destroys the wall behind her and makes her way over to Esther and whispers something, but is stopped by Brother Petros, who engages in a battle with her. Shahrazad defeats him with ease and kidnaps Esther and flees into the night. Abel calls out for Esther but is held back by the panicked crowd. As Shahrazad leaves, she bids farewell to the Archbishop before leaving, which does not go unnoticed by Petros.

A worried Abel is seen later requesting permission to search for Esther. Caterina guilts Abel into staying with her and the Pope, claiming vampire could attack her or the Pope at their residence. Abel is appalled and leaves.*

Some time later, Alessandro and Caterina arrive at the dinner the Archbishop prepared in time, just in time to see D'Annunzio stabbed in the shoulder - with Esther and Shahrazad in the room. Esther tackles Shahrazad out of the way just as Tres fires a bullet at her. Tres fires again but Shahrazad manages to deflect the bullet with her gloves. Abel and tries to apprehend Tres, but is pushed aside. The Gunslinger shoots again, but Alessandro seem to have ran into the bullet's path. Esther and Shahrazad quickly use this opportunity to escape while Abel examines Alessandro and confirms that he was simply suffering from a concussion. An infuriated Caterina orders people to go after the two, no matter what it takes.[4]

The next day, Tres reads the news report that claims Esther has died from a brain infection. Abel begins to panic and demands an answer from Caterina, who does not reply and simply sips her tea. The Gunslinger orders the priest to calm down but adds he would also like to know why the Vatican has proclaimed Esther has died, considering little is known about the circumstances surrounding her abduction.

Caterina explains it was the doing of the Department of Inquisition and Minister of Public Relations, who wanted to protect the Vatican's reputation - especially considering Esther's breakin last night and the subsequent injured archbiship made it undeniable that the nun has teamed up with the vampire. The Vatican would not allow that kind of scandal to happen, but Abel asserts the Vatican is essentially sending her to her death. The priest argues Esther only shielded the methuselah out of her own gentle nature, not because she had turned against her comrades. The cardinal simply replies that even if it were a misunderstanding, the Inquisition would "take strong countermeasures" against her because of what has happened last night, and they had no way of stopping them. Abel does not take this well and is determined to find Esther before they do and protect her before the Inquisition can, but Caterina orders him to halt. The Cardinal says she will plan to convince the Archbishop and local police to help them, but it will not work if someone goes on a rampage and makes an enemy of both the Inquisition and the police. Caterina pleads for Abel to wait and guarentees that she will sendhim to Esther once she discovers where she is. Reluctuantly, the priest agrees and leaves the room. Unknownst to him, the Cardinal never intended to speak to the Archbishop, and instead sends Tres and Monica to hunt Esther down instead.[5]

Abel is with Petros guarding the Pope with while listening the Archbishop D'annunzio holding a press conference about the kidnapping of Esther. The Knight states the Archbishop does not show any humility and would subjugate the young man to so much unwanted attention just for himself to take the spotlight. Petros voices his annoyance to Abel and the priest responds that Alessandro can't help who he is, although things may be different if Caterina was beside him. The Inquisitor deduces that Caterina must be shunning Abel and teases him about it, which earns a humorous comeback that at least he isn't like Petros, who himself is on guard duty because he "botched things up". The reporters tell the two to quiet down so they can hear the interview, only to witness Petros comically strangling Abel.

Petros defends himself and points out he was not on guard duty because of his failings, but because the Pope could still be a target. Abel is reminded that Esther is still missing and begins to worry, doubting that Caterina can do much, despite her word.

After D'annunzio allows the Pope to return so he can finish his own rhetoric about avenging the "deceased" Lady Saint, Petros allows the Pope to rest and asks if he was tired. Alessandro replies he wasn't, and that he had to do something as everyone else was working so hard. Petros is easily moved by the Pope's "commendable determination" and "unparalleled benevolence," then promises to serve him devoutly, with the "utmost admiration from the bottom of [his] heart." The Pope asks Abel if Esther had been found, to which the priest replies that she had not. The Pope asks if if Esther would really betray them, and asserts that he doubted it and believes she must have a good reason for her current actions. The Pope points out no one knows why Esther was kidnapped or why she was currently with the Methuselah. Petros argues they must have conspired together from the beginning, or the vampire would not have allowed her to live. Abel points out she was with him the entire time, and they were suddenly summoned to Istvan out of the blue.

The priest stops when he realizes that the only people who would've known about Esther's arrival was Caterina, Antonio and D'Annunzio. Abel asks Petros if he had noticed anything strange with the Methuselah, to which he reluctantly replies that she mentioned D'Annunzio's name and that she was taking Esther into her custody. The priest points out how odd this was, considering she had announced she was going to kill the Lady Saint. Abel asks Petros what the Methuselah would gain from this, the Knight struggles and answers she may have enjoyed making threats. The priest questions how she would have entered the highly-secured opera house, and Petros struggles again and makes an attempt at guessing. Abel finally points out that the assassin wouldn't have known the architecture, and after struggling again to come up with an adequate answer, the inquisitor becomes angry at the priest in a comedic fashion.

Abel and Petros join forces.

Abel comes to the conclusion that the Methuselah was led here deliberately by someone from the inside, because they wanted Esther dead. Petros becomes shocked at such a "preposterous" accusation against Archbiship D'Annunzio. An ominous figure approaches them, but to their luck, it is Antonio Borgia. The Cardinal gives Abel a letter for Abel. Although there was no name or address, Antonio identifies the envelope as property of the Csillag Hotel, which was famed for it's bagel salmon sandwiches. Abel reads the letter and suddenly feigns a stomach ache and runs, but is stopped when the Cardinal orders Petros to catch him. Antonio reads the letter to realizes that it alleged "Archbishop D" was planning a conspiracy, and it was from Esther. Antonio realizes no matter if the contents of the letter are true or not, the Csillag Hotel must be investigated, and allows Abel to investigate. Petros insists on going as well, but Antonio points out he is assigned to guard duty. Just at the moment, the Pope asks if he could them the permission to go, as he did not want Esther to die. Petros begins to comically cry and Abel remembers Antonio mentioned the hotel made delicious bagel sandwiches. Antonio comes up with a plan: the two have the perfect excuse to leave under the guise that they are buying a bagel sandwich on the sacred orders of the Pope.

Petros and Abel arrive at the hotel just as the police were about to kill her. Enraged after witnessing the policemen trying to murder the Lady Saint they were meant to protect, Petros orders them to surrender, or face punishment at his hands. The police try to fire their guns, but the Holy Knight decimates them with ease. The four escape after finding out reinforcements were about to arrive, but are suddenly stopped by Father Tres and Sister Monica. Monica introduces herself as Petros' "business rival" and stabs him in the neck, then proceeds to kill Esther. The nun is suddenly saved when Petros springs back up - just as Monica realizes she didn't slice his throat, but the hydraulic cable of his armor. Abel and Petros hold off Tres and Monica as Esther and Shahrazad head out to fight against the Archbishop D'annunzio. Petros manages to corner Monica, but just as he was about to deliver the finishing blow, his Screamer passes through Monica. Monica escapes from Petros, who curses and heads back to where Abel is. Abel tries to reason with Tres, but the cyborg does not listen until he realizes Caterina Sforza, who was in D'Annunzio's mansion, is in danger. The three of them join forces and defeat the rest of D'Annunzio's police force before going to the mansion.

The three show up just in time to save Esther, Shahrazad, Caterina and Alessandro from Archbishop D'annunzio. D'annunzio is surprised his large police force was taken down so easily, to which Petros replies it was not a contest of numbers. More police join the fray, but Petros remarks the Archbishop does not have the justice, faith, or fighting spirit to win.

The nun rushes over to the fallen Methuselah and reassures her that they will save her. Abel observes that the Methuselah will probably not survive, as she had been shot with so much silver, her "thirst" was not taking an effect. Esther asks Abel to try to take Shahra to safety, but he is stopped by a huge robot. Abel shoots it down quickly while Esther stops Archbishop himself before he can flee. Things become complicated, however, when Brother Matthew arrives on the scene with his troops. The Archbishop tries to lie his way out of it, but Matthew laughs at the 'scenario' he scripted, and informs him they have already captured Lieutenant Dobo who has confessed to everything.

Esther informs Shahrazad that d'Annunzio has been captured, and they must run or the Inquisition will kill her. The nun proclaims she is on Shahrazad's side, just as her friend had asked her earlier. Abel is shocked to hear his own words. The Methuselah smiles, stands up, hugs Esther and tells her she loves her. However, knowing there is no hope for her to survive from here, Shahrazad she takes the Pope hostage and declares she will kill him.

The methuselah dictates everyone to stand back except Esther, and orders the nun walk over to her. She places the nun's gun to her chest and orders her to kill her. Esther refuses and proclaims she would rather be killed as a witch by the Inquisition than to harm her friend. Touched by her words, Shahra cries and and thanks her tovarisch before pulling the trigger and killing herself. Shahra smiles and apologizes as she dies, knowing she was able to make Esther into a real lady saint in the eyes of the public so that she can change the world. Esther grieves for her lost friend who passes away in her arms and closes her eyes for her. Brother Matthew approaches her and asks of she was alright, to which she replies she was, and that she had killed "this vampire."

After the death of Shahrazad, Abel goes to Caterina and confronts her about why she did not tell him about Esther, despite her promise to do so. The Cardinal is lost for words until Tres interjects and covers Caterina by pretending that she had only just found out, and had not had the time to tell him. The priest leaves to find Esther.

The Throne of Roses Arc[edit | edit source]

Esther arrives in Albion as the Lady Saint, and puts on a happy face in front of the media. She is introduced to Colonel Mary Spencer, and is surprised to have such a high-ranked officer as her bodyguard. Mary walks Esther out from the press conference and informs her that it is alright for her to stop forcing herself to smile. Esther suddenly stops when she notices someone glaring at her, and Mary asks what was wrong. However, she is unable to answer as a carriage suddenly ploughs through a glass wall in front of them. Esther saves an innocent bystander while Mary fires at the carriage, shattering a wheel of the carriage. Mary asks from Esther if she knows the priest who was riding on the carriage, Esther explains that the said passed-out priest is Abel Nightroad, an AX Agent. Esther then asks the bystander she had just saved whether he was alright, but accidentally spills the contents of his bag, revealing a concealed bomb. The young man then grabs Clement the reporter, who she pretends not to recognize. The reporter begins to pressure her into an interview by producing proof that her father, "Edward Blanchett" was actually "Edward White," the man responsible for the death of Prince Gilbert and his wife, Victoria. Their discussion is cut short when suddenly a familiar looking blond-haired man interrupts them for directions. Clement is initially annoyed and grabs the man by the write, but then through a chain of small, seemingly unrelated accidental events, the reporter is chased off by an angry restaurant owner. The man then seeks out Esther's help for directions, to which she obliges, only to find the map he was carrying was a world map. The man follows an annoyed Esther as she tries to walk away. Eventually, they are found by Mr. Butler the man's butler who had helped Esther earlier on. Although initially reluctant, Esther accepts the ride back to Buckingham Palace. Esther asks for the man's name, and he tells her he is Cain.

After Esther is rescued and safely returned to the palace, Professor Wordsworth and Abel Nightroad assure Esther that she is who she is, no matter who her father was. *Professor Wordsworth mentions Jane Judith Jocelyn and Ludwig II as the two candidates for the next sovereign of Albion, although Mary could be considered one as well. However, all of them have their faults: Jane's life has been embroiled with scandal, Ludwig is known as The Tyrant King, and Mary is an illegitimate child, born out of wedlock. Mary introduces Esther to Jane Judith Jocelyn, who flusters Esther greatly by flirting with her. Esther changes the topic and tries to escape. While Esther and Abel are escorted to their respective bed chambers. Esther notes Mary has a lot of influence in both the navy and the court. On the way, until they meet an unknown man in a black cape. Mary demands to know why a trespasser would wander into the residence of the Queen, to which he replies he had rushed to the palace upon hearing the Queens ill health. Mary identifies the man as Virgil Walsh, Earl of Manchester, and denies his request. She insists he leaves, and to avoid dressing in ominous clothing when visiting the royal palace. As Mary leave them, Esther insists they must investigate in this matter. Abel persuades Esther to let him go on his own. Abel investigates the streets when he suddenly hears a woman pleading for her life. The priest tries to save her from Jack the Ripper, but Jack gains the upper hand and deals a blow to Abel, which causes him to lose consciousness. Virgil Walsh appears and saves him, bringing him to the underground Ghetto.

Abel wakes up after nightmare. He does not know where he is at first, and is surprised to see lost technology such as the electric lock. Abel remembers he had been there in his youth. Suddenly, Abel hears a group of children singing "Mother Goose". He tries investigate them discreetly through the door, but accidentally falls into the room. A shocked Vanessa orders him to tell her who he is, to which he replies cheerfully that he is a priest. Horrified, Vanessa attacks him and demands to know why a "Vatican dog" would be in the Ghetto, and mistaking her for her brother, Abel states it was her who brought him there. Unable to convince her to stop, Abel pulls out his gun and questions who she was, and why she was attacking him after saving him last night. Vanessa assumes he is feigning ignorance and is really a spy sent by Bloody Mary. Abel tries to explain that was not the case, Mary was just Esther's bodyguard and they had just been sent there to pay their respects to the ill Queen Bridget. Abel is confused and is about to ask Vanessa about "The Ministry of Doctrinal Affairs" when he trips and falls face first into Vanessa's chest, enraging her. She tries to strangle him with her hair, but is stopped by Virgil. Virgil introduces himself and explains that they are in Albion's secret underground Ghetto.

When Abel is recuperating from an attack in the underground Ghetto of Albion when he remembers a time when he had been locked up and shackled in his youth. A young Lilith questions why he would have tried to activate "that thing" in B-VI, and asserts that had he thought his actions might have destroyed London, he would not have done what he tried to do. Abel denies this, stating that was precisely why he wanted to activate it. Abel appears to be delighted at the idea of killing everyone there. Lilith tries to reason that those people were also human like them, but to no avail. A young Cain then reminds Abel that killing a few humans will do nothing, as it will only make them look like "defunct products" and make things worse for them in the future. Abel questions how people like them, who were created to be sent to "the ends of the Earth" could possibly have a future. Cain responds that he himself is very happy to be born into this world with a purpose, and that there is nothing more blissful than that. Abel struggles to understand how he can live a life dictated by others locate him, to which Cain responds that it is up to Abel to decide how to live his life. Cain elaborates that it doesn't matter where he lives, as long as Abel has a will, he can shape his own future. The flashback ends with Cain questioning Abel what kind of future he hopes for.

Cain questions what kind of future Abel desires.

Later when Abel Nightroad awakens, he mistakes Angelica for an enemy and nearly shoots her. Vanessa explains that Angelica is a good-natured methuselah who has yet to awaken. Abel assumes she is shy as she had not spoken to him, but Vanessa explains she is mute, having not been able to talk since an incident three years ago, where her parents were murdered before her eyes. Angelica's parents lived with her on the outskirts of Bohemia, got along well with the Terrans, and was harbored by a kind Bishop. After he died, however, a "fanatic" priest was sent as his replacement. The new priest incited the villagers to annihilate their entire clan, kill their lifestock, and draw blood from the died from illnesses. Vanessa blames this on their ignorance. Angelica's parents were killed with the house burnt down and stakes driven in their hearts, and Angelica would have suffered the same fate had Virgil Walsh not been there. Abel is upset after noting that Angelica still wears a crucifix after all she had been through. Vanessa mistakes Abel's reaction for pain from his injuries, gives him painkillers, and offers to change his bandages. Abel is embarrassed that Vanessa was the one who bandaged him, having thought she hated him. Vanessa clarifies that it was all a misunderstanding: she doesn't hate him, she hates all Terrans. As Abel cowers in fear, Vanessa assures him she will not kill him (for now) as it would only give an excuse for the people above to destroy the Ghetto.

Vanessa explains to Abel that even though she did not like Queen Bridget, the Queen kept her promises. However, "Bloody Mary" is different, and things will inevitably be worse for the Ghetto Methuselah as Mary tries to use rely on the Vatican, an anti-vampire organization, to gain support for the throne. Abel mentions The Lady Saint as a peaceful means who can help Vanessa Walsh in her quest to stop Mary. Vanessa says that was what Virgil Walsh thought as well, but she is skeptical, given Mary's cunningness, how The Lady Saint is affiliated with the Vatican, and was also responsible for the death of two Methuselah in Istvan. Vanessa insists they are better off fighting, especially now that she's found a 'trump card' in B-VI. Abel panics and tries to dissuade her, but realizing he knows what she is talking about, Vanessa accuses him of being a spy and threatens to choke him. Esther suddenly stops her by aiming her sawed-off shotgun at the back of Vanessa's head.

Virgil apologizes for Vanessa for her temper. Esther asks Abel why he was here, to which he explains that a lot had happened since last night. Esther sighs and replies she and the Pope were in a similar situation. Abel tries to hold back his panic and laughter at this. Virgil offers to take them to show them around the Ghetto and then his place where they can discuss things further, to which they agree. Unknown to them, Brother Andrew had been spying on them the whole time.

Virgil shows Esther and the group their Ghetto. When they arrive a pharmaceutical production plant, Virgil explains they produce goods for companies above. Esther is surprised how the production is being carried out by so few people, to which Virgil explains that they manage with the help of machines. Esther realizes that the generations of Albion Queens have harbored the Methuselah because they run the production system with lost technology. Virgil invites them for tea, and Esther asks Abel whether it was alright to be so relaxed, when she notices he appears to look saddened. Esther asks him whether his wound still hurts, to which he denies. Esther notes he had not been talking and wonders what was bothering him.

Esther notices that many Methuselah of the Ghetto were scared of them, just as Terrans were scared of the Methuselah, and it was the Queen who kept the delicate balance. The nun questions herself her role and what she can do, to which catches the attention of Virgil. Esther pretends she was just wondering how the Methuselah manage their 'thirst', to which Virgil explains they buy blood from the people of the East end under the pretense of medical supplies, as it is too expensive to manufacture synthetic blood for such a small population. Virgil also informs Esther that they would require the help of the people above if an emergency strikes, specifically, if the Vactican were to find out and try to exterminate them, they would have to flee to the Empire. But due to the long distance, it would be a blessing if one or two Methuselah will arrive. Esther is sympathetic, but believing Esther does not consider Methuselah as people, Virgil assures her he is not trying to persuade her view them as humans. Virgil admits that the Vatican acknowledging the humanity of Methuselah would mean destroying their own reason for their existence. But the Methuselah do not care for the shunning, hate or fear they receive, instead, they just hope for peace and quiet.

Angelica approaches them, and asks the Pope to bless her rabbit Perot, who is unwell. Esther introduces herself and knowing the Pope might be intimidated, offers to pray for Perot instead. Angelica declines the offer, arguing she was taught the Pope is "the greatest person in the world, because he sits in the palace closest to God." Alessandro is surprised and embarrassed at the compliment, and confesses other people look down upon him. Angelica becomes upset and offers to fight those people on Alessandro's behalf. Surprised with a new sense of determination, Alessandro offers to bless the rabbit, much to the delight of Angelica.

Vanessa soon arrives with the report of the artillery shell, and Virgil explains to Esther that the shell matches those used by the Germanicus infantry. Vanessa comments that it must mean someone from Germanicus wants Esther dead, and Virgil adds that it would be difficult for an ordinary hitman to procure the official military machines guns. Vanessa orders Angelica to go home, and shouts at her when she refuses. The Pope stands up for her, and Virgil tries to reason with Virgil. But Vanessa grabs Virgil and knocks him out with a shot of silver and morphine. A confused Virgil questions her, to which she responds that she has grown impatient of his "lukewarm methods." Vanessa then explains to the group that her informants have told her that Mary has teamed up with The Inquisition and will destroy the Ghetto soon, and that she will use The Lady Saint and The Pope to buy more time.

Abel tries to convince Vanessa to stop, but Vanessa does not relent and threatens to kill him. Esther grips her gun and tries to rationalize that Vanessa will only make any Methuselah-Terran negotiations more difficult, as it is exactly the excuse the military on the surface is looking for. Vanessa simply shrugs it off, retorting that time for "her kind" has run out, as her informants have told her that Bloody Mary has joined forces with the Inquisition. Mary will destroy the Methuselah and campaign for the throne as she is an illegitimate daughter, Vanessa explains, much to Esther's surprise. The nun questions why Mary's illegitimacy would cause her to destroy the Ghetto, but before Vanessa could finish explaining that Mary intends to gather support from the Vatican by doing the Inquisition's bidding, Abel suddenly pulls out his gun and aims it directly at Alessandro and Angelica. The priest fires despite Vanessa and Esther's objections, but to their surprise, it is the wall that Abel fired at, which had a secret policeman hiding behind it.

An army of secret police suddenly arrive with guns ablaze. Vanessa attacks them and suspects Esther and Abel to be the ones who informed them of the Pope's location. The two deny it but Vanessa is not convinced. Suddenly, the ground beneath them begins to shake. Video screens reveal that the entire Ghetto is invaded by troops, armored motor suits, and the Albion military. Vanessa curses Bloody Mary as the scene unfolds and takes her leave as Angelica watches. Abel asks where she is going, but Vanessa cryptically answers that the Ghetto, her home, has been destroyed, and that "betrayal has opened [her] eyes". The Methuselah vanishes before Abel remarks to himself that Vanessa plans on "using that" and destroy the whole of Londinium, which does not go unnoticed by Esther. Esther asks Abel what "that" is, but Abel simply smiles at her and tells her to stay there, before running off after Vanessa. The nun stares as the priest leaves before desolately remarking to herself that Abel knows many things she does not know, and believes there are many things she should not know of. Alessandro's voice suddenly interrupts her train of thought. The Pope convinces her to leave him and Esther runs after Abel.

Esther tries to follow Abel's path but stumbles upon two men dressed as soldiers. The two inform her that they have come to rescue her, but Esther suddenly snatches their guns and aims it at them. The nun explains she deduced they were not Albion soldiers based on the guns they were carrying. The shorter soldier takes off his helmet and reveals them both to be living corpses, then proceeds to kill Esther. Cain appears, throwing roses and injuring one of the assassins. Jack the Ripper throws knives at Cain and Esther, but all of his weapons are mysteriously reflected back at him. After both of them flee, Esther collapses into Cain's arms, insisting they find Abel, who had gone off to stop Vanessa from activating "the thing" in B-VI. Cain quietly agrees.

Vanessa arrives into the Ghetto computer system room, with Mr. Butler already there, quoting Shakespeare. Vanessa questions his real identity and his motives, to which Isaak reveals he has many identities, and is now after "The Blueprints of God." Vanessa concludes he must be insane, before being interrupted by Abel. Abel transforms into his Krusnik form, surprising Vanessa. Mr. Butler reveals his real identity to a horrified Abel: he is none other than Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer.


Vanessa attacks Abel, orders Isaak to escape, but is instead stabbed and left to dead by Isaak's Salamandra. Abel and Isaak fight, but just as Abel is about to win the battle, Cain appears calls out to him. Crying, Cain speaks of how glad he is to see his brother again, apologizes for leaving him for so long, and promises he would not leave him alone again. Enraged, Abel lunges at Cain, but is decapitated in the process. Cain holds Abel's decapitated body fondly while Esther watches, horrified.

The Crown of Thorns Arc[edit | edit source]

Abel is first mentioned to be in a casket in the chapel. Esther had locked herself in the chapel and refused to leave his side,

In Esther's flashback, it is shown she had fired several rounds into Isaak and Cain, but their bodies remains unscathed. Cain's clothes are damaged, however, revealing a large hole in his torso body, which he explains it was a burn sustained a long time ago. Disappointed that Isaak cannot recover the DNA blueprint, they key to restoring his body, Cain realizes he could just use Abel's body instead. Cain offers to buy food for Esther when they return to the surface and tries to grab Abel's body, but the Krusnik 02's body deflects back with a hold of lightning. Cain and Isaak leave as his body begins to crumble, but not before warning Esther that things will be difficult from then on, and makes her promise him that she will not cry or give up. Esther is in denial about Abel's demise, and assures herself that Abel will appear before her. Reality finally sinks in when The Professor arrives and confirms his death.

Isaak questions Abel's status while Cain is in his generation chamber, and Cain confirms he is dead. Isaak appears to be disappointed that Cain and Abel had not been able to talk, to which Cain argues it was Abel who lunged at him. Their new problem, however, was now transporting Abel's body to their location, considering the only two people who can approach the body would be their sister and Cain himself. Disappointed that he cannot leave the regeneration chamber for another twelve hours, Cain begins to worry that the Vatican will move his body away. Isaak suggests he will go to the city to buy them some time, and that he had stumbled upon something interesting the night before, which he can use to bring Abel's body next to Cain's.

Anime[edit | edit source]

His background as written in the anime DVD booklets states the following:

The second Nightroad son, born to be leader of the Mars colonists. He is the second "Crusnik." He is a Commander of the Alliance Aerospace Navy, and the General Security Supervior of the Mars Colonization Project's Administration; his ID is UNASF94-8-RMOC-666-02-ak. Hates himself for being "expendable goods" for the colonization project, is pessimistic about the future, and curses humanity. Inside the Ark, he caused all sorts of problems. Talking to Lilith calms his wild heart, but...

He despises humanity. He tries to burn the world, using the power of the "ark"...

Powers/Abilities[edit | edit source]

In Abel's typical human form, his strength and speed are superhuman, allowing him to outpace and outfight even Methuselah if he so chooses. His durability and regenerative capabilities are also superhuman, but not on the level of a Methuselah. However, he can survive injuries that would easily be fatal for a normal human, and even function relatively normally while bearing such injuries. He also possesses superhuman aim and hand-eye coordination, and has on numerous occasions performed such feats as shooting bladed weapons from the hands of superhuman combatants. Abel can activate his nano-machines by verbal command, "Nano-machine Krusnik 02 Power Output 40% activate"His 40% Krusnik form vastly augments all of his already superhuman characteristics and abilities, and give him regenerative powers far superior to those of a Methuselah. He also gains the ability to create an enormous scythe from his blood, which can be single or double bladed, has long, serrated whip-like protrusions, and is capable of cutting through virtually anything. His 80% form gives his physical capabilities and scythe further enhancements, causes him to sprout two large, black feathered wings from his upper back, and gives him the ability to manipulate electricity. This ability usually manifests as gigantic electrical discharges that he uses as attacks, but can be more subtly employed as well, as in one instance where he created a static electrical field. His regenerative abilities are also significantly enhanced in this form, and he has demonstrated the ability to regrow missing limbs and vital organs within seconds.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Esther Blanchett[edit | edit source]

In the anime, Abel's relationship with Esther is somewhat unclear. He cares about her and is willing to protect her at all costs, even to the point of letting go of his humanity. For instance, when he thought Esther was dead, he lost control and changed into his 80% Crusnik form out of revenge. He was only able to return to rationality when Esther pleaded for him to cease his rampage. His own friends and colleagues have noted on occasion that Abel may be oblivious to the deeper feelings he harbors for Esther. Esther seems to be more open about her romantic feelings for Abel. She wants to learn more about Abel and agrees to join him at the Ministry of Holy Affairs.

In the novels and manga his relationships with Esther seems to be fatherly, particularly in the manga. However, Abel has said Esther's mindset reminds him of Lilith Sahl, a woman he was romantically interested in the past. Both Astharose Asran and Caterina Sforza have said that Abel's affection towards Esther reminds them of a proud father, but both women have been at one point or another romantically interested in Abel, so the objectivity of their statements can be put up to question.

Lilith Sahl[edit | edit source]

Their relationship is not clear in the anime, however in the novels, it is explicitly stated they were lovers. This relationship was suggested in the manga. Cain "removed the negative element" by killing Lilith and then showing Abel her head, severely traumatizing him. Since then Abel, spent many centuries mourning Lilith, until he saves a young Caterina Sforza, promising to continue Lilith's legacy.

Cain Knightlord[edit | edit source]

Abel's current relationship with Cain is purely and homicidally antagonistic due to Cain's complete and omnicidal insanity, though in the past the two of them were very close. In his Canon profile, it is mentioned that although Abel hopes removing Cain from the hold of the Krusnik nanomachines in his body, Cain will once again become aware, he knows deep inside that Cain's brutal destruction comes from his own personality. Abel simply does not want to admit it.

Caterina Sforza[edit | edit source]

Abel seems to care about Caterina and wants to help her in her mission to protect the world in an effort to fulfill his own promise to Lilith. Caterina was also the first human Abel met after mourning for Lilith for 900 years. Caterina has been implied to know about Abel's past, but to what extent is unknown. However, it is clear that despite this, Abel does not completely trust her, as he lied to her about meeting with the empress during his and Esther's mission to the New Human Empire.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Abel comes from the biblical Abel, Adam's second son who was murdered by Cain (Abel's brother), as well as being the biblical King of Martyrs.
  • Like Seth Nightlord, the last two digits of Abel's UN ID number suggests that his surname by birth may have been "Knightlord", the same name that Cain Knightlord still uses.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Calpa Perrenis Aelito Ora Tuor Nominares
  • United Nation Aerospace Force Lt. Colonel Abel Nightroad attached to Red Mars Program management security division recognize by UNASF 94AR MOC 666 02ak
  • Who can say what stops one, what starts one. Is it simply that I do not wish to kill another person? Simply because I like people?
  • Were you... scared? ... Of course you were. Even I'm terrified of myself... So I would think you were even more appalled.
  • I've had enough!! Enough of this rocky smuggler's ship!! Lemmeofflemmeofflemmeoff!! Enough of my demon boss!!Ahh... I see London.. I see France. I think I see your underpa- (Receives a kick in the head from Esther)
  • Nothing has changed. Not in the past. Not even now. I am still a monster.
  • We've already reached the point of no return.
  • Hmmm. Maybe that's a serious problem rooted in your character development from childhood. Or a calcium deficiency?
  • Those napalm bombs I 'borrowed' from the zombies are pretty handy, no? Anyway, for now we should... 'FUGITE SALVATE ANIMAS VESTRAS'! ... That's what they say, you know!
  • Human beings eat cows and birds. Vampires suck the blood of those human beings. Then...There may be something that lives by sucking the blood of vampires out there somewhere......
  • This eternally cursed power. This extremely disgusting existence! May this wretched body help me protect the things most important to me now! This is the only power that makes atonement for my sins possible! Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Earth! Amen!
  • Dear me - how pitiful. A monster like me, lagging from such a small wound?
  • It's too late Lilith. All of it was too late, for both you and me.

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References[edit | edit source]

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